Tyler Perry Expects JJ Abrams To Call For Star Trek 2012

Tyler Perry as a Starfleet Admiral was a surprise cameo in the 2009 Star Trek movie. It was his first time acting in a film he wasn’t directing. Now Perry seems appears to be expecting a phone call for JJ Abrams to return for the 2012 Star Trek sequel. Details below.


Perry waiting for JJ to call

Tyler Perry is out promoting his new film Madea’s Big Happy Family, his latest project as a writer, producer, director and star. JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek movie was Perry’s first time acting in someone else’s film. As a fan of his work, Abrams invited Perry to join Trek to play Admiral Richard Barnett. In a new interview Perry appears to expect a call for Abrams for the 2012 Star Trek sequel. Replying to a question on his return to Star Trek (from IAmRogue), Perry stated:

I don’t know. JJ Abrams has not called me yet. But I don’t think they have a script yet. They are probably trying to get it perfect before they call me.

Last we heard from Perry, he said he would return to Star Trek depending on the "the role is and what it means to the script."

Tyler Perry as Admiral Richard Barnett in "Star Trek"

Admiral Barnett vs Admiral Pike

It sounds like Perry expects to be asked to return to Star Trek, but also seems to have some demands of his his own. His role in Star Trek was as the head of Starfleet Academy, so it isn’t clear (now that the crew are all off on their mission) that there would be a reason to include Admiral Barnett in the film in a significant way. Many Star Trek films include roles for a Starfleet Admiral issuing orders and interacting with the crew, so he could be transitioned to handle that. However, Bruce Grenwood’s newly promoted Admiral Pike could also fulfill that role. So Perry may never get that phone JJ Abrams phone call.

Bruce Greenwood as Admiral Christopher Pike in "Star Trek"

What do you think? Vote in the new poll and sound off on the return of Tyler Perry below.




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Admiral Pike all the way! and please bring back the Motion Picture-ish grey and white admiral’s uniform for another go-around!

I was first to make the vote but not to comment lol oh well. I think most fans are going to vote for Pike. Hope they make it work!

Admiral Pike FTW

if your only having one admiral the pike however i cant see why we cant have more than one and it would be nice to see adniral barnett again

Some days I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t mind Tyler Perry in the film. Yes, I think Admiral Pike would be great, but I’m good with Barnett, too.

A cameo character with around half a minute of screen time x a established character with a personal connection to one of the protagonists (and to TOS).

Hard poll.

Though to be honest, I don’t mind having both in the film, though Perry more a cameo, and Pike maybe a mentor/connection that can help them with the brass (and occasionally kick Kirk’s butt when he needs it).

@ 5. Clinton – April 21, 2011

“Some days I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t mind Tyler Perry in the film. Yes, I think Admiral Pike would be great, but I’m good with Barnett, too.”


There’s room for more than one admiral in Star Trek, and Perry did a great job with the small amount of screen time he was afforded. I’d love to see him back if the story permits.

I’m happy with both, but if it comes down to one or the other, I have to go with Pike…I mean, after all he is Pike.

Pike no Perry. Bruce greenwood more screen time please

The last few poles have been no-brainers.

Simple. Bruce Greenwood as Admiral Pike. Tyler Perry only if it would not take away time from Bruce Greenwood.

I want both. But if I have to choose between the two I choose Pike considering his relationship with the rest of the characters.

But both because there is room for more than one admiral.

I demand this poll add a both option.

Admiral Pike! C’mon, really? This is an obvious choice.

Who cares? Tyler was cardboard! Just like the Voyager crew really!

hmmmm … I prefer Bruce Greenwood … if I have to choose … but nothing against Tyler Perry … :-) :-)

Still not sure why Pike was relieved after the events of ST 09. What was the extent of his injuries? Was he expected to recover? Was Kirk being officially promoted as acting Captain? Please don’t tell me in the 23rd century someone with a disability can’t be the captain of a Starship. Was he simply promoted? His facial expression and body language led me to believe he wasn’t exactly keen on being relieved. Maybe he was forced to take a “desk job” because of his new disability. I’d be peeved too.

Tyler was really bad- I mean embarrassingly bad in a semi pivotal plot point cameo. Why on Earth would JJ call him for anything?

Where’s the option for BOTH Admiral Pike and Admiral Barnett? I might not be a military expert, but I’m fairly certain multiple admirals exist at one time. They could both be admirals with Barnett outranking Pike.

A part of me though can’t stand the thought of Pike as a desk jockey! This was the one consequence of Kirk’s rapid advancement I didn’t like. Pike should have a rank that allows him to sit in the center seat on another ship.

Um. Pike!!! Pike all the way!!! He is such a bad ass!!!

If it’s just one of the two. – Pike all the way.
But why not both?
We could have a scene where a bunch of admirals discuss Kirk’s rapid promotion, maybe similar to the discussions the fans have led over the last few years. Maybe to decide if he (as an inexperienced captain) needs somebody with experience aboard for a while? Maybe Pike’s Number One?

Like everybody, I picked Pike (ba dum dum ching) but I think the poll should be revised for both. There are many Admirals in Trek, and Kirk usually pisses them all off.

Pike, please. :)

Both are fine, but I’d rather see Pike again…And hopefully, still a badass in the chair.

Tyler Perry was the very definition of “ehh” in his cameo.

I haven’t heard of Tyler Perry before Star Trek. I thought the actor was just a nobody, who got a small role in the movie. So I don’t care about that actor and would prefer Pike. Pike is the more interesting Admiral.

Pretentious hump. Who cares about Tyler Perry whatsoever. Anyone could have played his part in 09′.

Bruce Greenwood, all the way.

If there was one person who should be brought back for the sequel, it is Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood, of course). I’m not fussed either way about whether Tyler Perry, William Shatner or anyone else (other than the seven new cast members) gets a part in the sequel, but Pike is VERY good and should not be ignored. He is the *silent” eighth member (7 being Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu and Chekov).

In this universe, keep Pike out of the wheelchair, and certainly not in the black chair with the orange light. We’ve lost Vulcan and Amanda – that’s enough heavy stuff for one universe.

Pike shouldn’t have to go to Talos IV – he deserves a long happy life in this universe.

Pike duh! Bruce was awesome in Trek 09!! i want him back!!!


Tyler Perry brings in a segment of the audience that otherwise might not pay any attention to trek

They could bring both back…

Christen Slater has been asked to be in this next movie

If we see more of Pike I’d much rather have him have a more active role rather than playing the role that Janeway played in Nemesis.

Tyler Perry is NOT needed in the next movie.

Give all of his lines and screen time to Bruce Greenwood as Pike!


Who’s say it has to be heavy?

Has Murderball taught you nothing?


“Tyler Perry brings in a segment of the audience that otherwise might not pay any attention to trek”

And what proof to you have to back this claim up?


“Tyler Perry is NOT needed in the next movie.

Give all of his lines and screen time to Bruce Greenwood as Pike!”

I totally agree with this sentiment. Tyler Perry only appeared in the first movie as a favor to J.J Abrams. He brought nothing to the film except for a couple of lines, which could have been given to someone else.

This guy seems to have a pretty big ego for him to be making demands about being in the sequel. Nobody cares about him or Admiral Barnett. Barnett was just another in a long line of nondescript Starfleet bereaucrats.

Christopher Pike, on the other hand, has a connection with not just prior Trek (TOS), but to Captain Kirk as well. He’s a mentor and a father figure.
Plus Bruce Greenwood is a talented actor, unlike Tyler Perry.

Seems like someone whose opinion of himself is out of sync with that of others

I’m pretty indifferent to Perry. He was fine in Trek 09, but it’s not like he stood out or couldn’t easily be replaced by someone else.

I’m sorry, but he’s just another bit parter to me. Why would he expect a call?
Bruce, on the other hand, is a racing certainty. Just don’t kill Pike off.

Perry should stick to playing an old woman in his own movies, its what he’s good at.
he was the one weak link in trek 09

I’m agreed with seeing both Admirals. Pike is more central to the going ons of the crew. This came up before when Perry was discussed in a previous news post as returning and I’ll say it again: It’s important to see non-white people in positions of power and authority in the future – and not just Uhura on the bridge. That’s the segment he’s bringing in. It’s statements like this (as I said before) that speak to white privilege. I’m pleased this time around that there are more people than not who liked Perry being in the film and would like to see him return – as would I.

Of course it should be PIKE (Bruce Greenwood)!! He’s fantastic!

I’d absolutely LOVE for Pike to have a nice role in the sequel–at least as much screentime as in the 2009 movie and preferably MORE!!!

What an asset Bruce Greenwood would be in this movie and if TPTB are smart (and they are—right?) they’ll get him in there!!

MORE PIKE!! MORE PIKE!! I don’t really want to see any other Admiral there unless it’s very minor role. I’d want the screentime to go to PIKE.

#28 Keachick

Absolutely agree—-Pike is the” silent ” eighth cast member and SHOULD BE THERE!

#29 bugs nixon

Agree—-NO Talos IV and NO wheelchair!

i would like to see tyler perry in the new flick. i actually like films with large casts. just because he was head of the academy in the first film, it doesn’t mean he can’t have a new job the second time around. of course, i want more of pike! i’m an old school fan. but more barnett interests me, too.

As I recall, in one of the first interviews Tyler Perry gave about his part in the Star Trek movie he mentioned that he didn’t know much about Star Trek and wasn’t really a fan of the franchise.

And now he has “demands” that he wishes to be met regarding his as-yet-to-be-determined part in the sequel? I agree with the above posters that there are probably many Admirals in Starfleet. Let’s see a different one than Barnett. And keep Greenwood as Pike, for he is the awesome.


Dump them both, and bring in Avery Brooks as a new character.

Most established, famous and respectable performers have expectations or “demands” of a material that they are asked to be a part of. No big deal. Don’t make an issue of it all. I voted for Pike because he was an incredible character in the last movie. I’m sure, though, given the opportunity that Tyler Perry would also kick butt in a larger role.

Tyler Perry only stars in movies because he produces them himself. That’s not much of a recommendation.