Video Of The Day: Captain Sisko Yelling Compilation

Star Trek’s 3rd series Deep Space Nine was led by the very serious Captain Benjamin Sisko. Avery Brooks brought an intensity to his Sisko that fit the shows tone, but often involved raising his voice. Now a new video has compiled some great moments in Sisko yelling. Watch it below


Captain Sisko yells at people

This compilation was just uploaded to YouTube by KickintheHeadComic.

TrekMovie loves The Sisko, WHAT ABOUT YOU!?!

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I honestly believe Avery Brooks was the closest Captain on Trek who had the same tone to Shatner. And it works for Star Trek, because it all goes back to Shatner. I think Brooks ended up yelling even more as the series went on. But you can pull that off on Trek anyway.

It is not real, It’s a FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

He doesn’t just yell, he yells in like 12 different of ways. He has a presence that can turn a Tholian’s crystalline skin into jelly. Please, don’t hurt me!




Yes, *haha* closest to the Shat. He even has the pauses….and fantastic enunciation.

The best scene in DS9 was when Sisko met Capt Kirk. Seeing those to together was just amazing. Avery Brooks was pretty close to Kirk in a lot of ways. That is why Ds9 was such hit. But the real reason is because.
He is the Sisko.

Sisko/Brooks = obercool. So was von.

#1 (bucky): absolutely agree.

@5 – Imagine if they’d gotten into a shouting match in that episode. There’s be no Star Trek after that episode because the studio would have melted from the awesome.

Hmm. He missed the scene at the climax of “Sacrifice of Angels” when Sisko yelled “You’re damned right I’m adversarial! You have no right to interfere with my life!!!” then a few lines later “I need a miracle! Bajor needs a miracle! Stop! Those! Ships!!!”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – the finest *character* based STAR TREK series.

I could watch Sisko tear strips of mother-effers all day. Dude was badass.

Closest to Kirk.
Ergo, second only to the man himself.

Deep Space Nine >>>> The rest of Star trek.

Sisko is awesome but when Picard yells, he projects even more dominance then Sisko does and really puts people in their place!

Love Sisko. DS9 had some heavy stuff going on, and Avery Brooks portrayed Sisko with great dramatic weight to counter.

Sisko yelled at his staff in almost every episode. He’s great.

The best one is to Bashir in “Cardassians”. “Don’t apologize, Doctor. It was the highlight of my day. Don’t do it again.”

*claps* Awesome!

What a great actor! I knew the character of Sisko was passionate but I never realized he was this passionate! Laughed quite a few times – what an awesome show!


I’ll go one further:

DS9>>>>>>All of television.

Avery Brooks is such a limited actor. In practically everything he does, he either screams his lines in feigned anger or speaks them in a soft voice. Gawd, I hate it when limited talent is allowed to perform in front of the camera!


Unlike that cardboard cut-out Picard. He brought the full range of the emotional spectrum every week.


His awesomeness knows no bounds, and neither does Brooks’ talent as an actor. His work in “Far Beyond the Stars” and “The Visitor” alone rank as perhaps the greatest performances ever in any incarnation of Star Trek.

You mean third LIVE-ACTION series. Let’s not forget the Animated Series.


Sorry, Harry. You’re in the minority, though you’re definitely entitled to your own opinions!


Agreed! I will add “In The Pale Moonlight”, “The Seige Of AR-558” and “Tears Of The Prophets” too.


“Deep Space Nine” is my favorite of the Trek series. It did it all, from light Ferengi episodes to stories about war and its consequences. It blended the best aspects of TOS and TNG while adding it’s own ingredients, such as religion, a long war, and political intrigue. Plus, the Defiant rocks!


Harry, you are out of your ever-lovin’ mind! Avery Brooks can turn crap into gold. Dude is an *amazing* actor. Probably the most talented Trek actor next to Stewart.

Look, to each their own, but face it, Brooks hasn’t done anything since Deep Space Nine. People aren’t stupid. they realize the man brings NOTHING to the screen. That’s why he isn’t getting any jobs. A few reasonable bits of “acting” on screen do not an actor make! Anybody can pull off a performance if you do enough takes! Just look at Tom Cruise. Hopeless.

^ On the whole, performances in Star Trek are not meant, nor are they ever, really very subtle. The most subtle performance we got on the show were probably Marc Alimo and Andrew Robinoson and even they had their giant “KKAAAAHHHNNNN!!!” screaming moments. Star Trek is not a series that, on the actors side, is not meant to be quiet. It’s loud, it’s rowdy, even Patrick Stewart who everyone brings up as being restrained at least store a strip off of SOMEBODY once every five episodes or so. Which is why Brooks was probably the closest to Shatner. He even had some random pauses worked in there too.

When doing a sci-fi allegory, you generally play to the cheap seats so people get the point.

Can someone please make mashups of all the other captains yelling? Maybe we can all vote on the angriest?

Worf does not count, even though he made captain eventually. It would be over before it started.

Just seeing clips of Avery Brooks’ performances strung together like that, stirs me. What an actor! What a character! He could be a friendly, amiable man when it suited the situation, and other times, he could blow you away. Fantastic.

@3:09: ‘… EVIDENCE!!!’

Brilliant. I miss DS9…

And they let him sing, too.


DS9 is still my favorite of the post-TOS shows….

LOVED him singing “The Best Is Yet To Come”

Loved Capt Sisko. He was close to Kirk. He could be a Diplomat like Kirk. Or go in Phasers Firing like Kirk. He could fight like Kirk and be a Lover Like Kirk. But. Kirk was the master of all. Sisko was a good Student.

So friggin’ awesome :)
Best Captain, best series.


Eh Harry, hate to break it to you dude but he’s a tenured Professor of theatre at Rutgers for over 30 years; has been critically acclaimed for his theatre work in Death Of a Salesman, Paul Robeson and several of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s productions; directed in Londons west end and gigged and released several jazz albums. Not bad for a man of 62 in semi retirement wouldn’t you think? Kind of contradicting your own point with the Tom Cruise example really!

avery brooks as benjamin lafayette sisko is simply put, my favorite character in all of star trek. before i saw “the visitor,” i had never been moved to tears by a television episode. his impact on me was equalled in “far beyond the stars.” brooks is such a cool cat! he’s even a tenured professor at rutgers. love him!

Love it!!!!

After seeeing that im going to watch DS9 from beginning to end over the next few months! LOVE ME SOME SISCO!! I call for Deep Space 9 movie!!

Love the Sisko. And Brooks shows excellent range, from the intense compilation here, to the emotive connectivity of “The Visitor” episode. A wonderful talented man and we are better for having him around. Also check him out opposite Ed Norton in American History X.

Just a flash of his teeth would’ve sent me scramblin’ for the nearest airlock.

Odo as ump was a nice way to wrap it up!

@24. Active in theater, music and teaching. Tons of recognition for his work. Are we talking about the same Avery Brooks here?

Now that I think about it, Avery Brooks would be a wonderful addition to the next movie in some form or another.

That’s some bad opinion, Harry.

That was awesome, I miss DS9.

Yes, I think that the character Sisko had it all…Manners when he needed them, as well as being a badass!!! The actor who portrayed him was marvelous!!! You need both a well developed character and an awesome actor to make an unforgettable Captain like Sisko. He is my favorite Captain out of all Trek incarnations. I haven’t read any of the ongoing DS9 based novels but I would love to see some kind of continuation of the series, either as a movie or something else…

DS9 definitly took the most risks of all the spin-offs. Also, of all the spin-offs, this is the one that has the most unique fans (meaning, there are many who are fans of just DS9 and not necessarily other Star Trek shows). I think part of that was the fact that they had a number of different writers. Sure, Ronald Moore and Ira Steven Behr (among a few others) exercised a lot of their own vision in DS9, but it had a huge amount of writers compared to the other spin-offs.

I thought Avery Brooks was great. He had a deadly seriousness about him and a dry wit. From the first episode when he conned Quark into staying on the station and Odo saying “You know at first, I didn’t think I was going to like him.”

It took about a year for it to catch on for me. But I stuck with it and was glad I did. I thought of all the villains, the Dominion was one of the best. Just their desire to impose their order on the galaxy, the Jem’Hadar, the Vorta. All great stuff.

46–If you get a chance, the DS9 relaunch novels have some great stories. Unfortunately DS9 will never reappear on TV again, but the novels help fill that void.


since when did worf make captain? in nemesis he was lt. cmmdr. that was the last we saw him.

sisko is a rageaholic. he would probably be sued today by feminists because he makes them feel ‘uncomfrotable’ in the workplace. he has a mustache and goatee so he looks intimidating and therefore women feel harassed. no joke i have actually heard these things.