Details and Video Preview Of New ‘Star Trek: Expeditions’ Board Game

This summer HeroClix will release their new "Star Trek: Expeditions" board game, based on the 2009 Star Trek movie. We have lots of details, pictures and a demo video for this new "cooperative game" which has already been getting some buzz in the gaming world.


Star Trek Expeditions Preview

Star Trek: Expeditions from HeroClix is a new board game for one to four players, set in the Star Trek movie universe. In the game, players assume the roles of Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Uhura. Designed by the acclaimed Reiner Knizia, the new Trek game is built upon the cooperative board game model and the players will work together against the game itself.

Star Trek Expeditions has already been getting some pre-release buzz, being ranked #2 on the "Pick Hits for 2011" which catalogs most anticipated board games for 2011. The game was also dubbed "Game of the Show" this year at the annual GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Star Trek Expeditions – new Star Trek board game (click to enlarge)

Here is the official game description:

The premise is the Federation has received a petition for membership from a planet and the Enterprise is dispatched to assess their application. When the Enterprise arrives, they discover:

  • A Klingon Battle Cruiser is in orbit;
  • Civil War is threatening to break out on the planet;
  • And the planet is (coincidentally?) reconsidering its application for UFP membership.

Your mission is threefold; defuse the threat of Civil War, deal with the Klingon threat, and get the planet to join the UFP. And you only have 30 days (each day is a turn) to do it in, otherwise a Klingon battle fleet will warp in and you will be forced to withdraw (thus failing your mission).

Each objective is tracked on a scoresheet that monitors your progress. Decisions you make in the game as well as how you interact with the other players will affect the outcome of the mission.

Star Trek Expeditions game pieces (click to enlarge)

The four character figures are fully rendered, 3D versions of the four Bridge officers. Unlike other Heroclix, the character dials will turn based upon your needs in the game, and the decisions you make, not when you take damage.

This product is designed as a non-collectible, non-blind, all-in-one-and-done game, but is built upon the "expandable" board game model meaning that down the line, new missions and Crew Members will be made available for folk to play other "episodes".

Here is a demo video (Jeremy Salinas of

The game comes with:

  • six highly detailed, fully painted HeroClix miniatures
  • a game board
  • 14 Stardate cards
  • 42 Energize Cards
  • 21 Captain’s Log Cards
  • 25 Captain’s Log Supplemental Cards
  • 15 Regular and five Major Discovery Tokens
  • a Score Tracker
  • four away team cards
  • four turn order cards
  • three Custom dice

Star Trek: Expeditions comes out June 15th 2011 and will retail for $49.99. Go to to find a retailer.


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Interesting to see if there is a market for this!

Scary pieces, looks almost anime

Looks pretty cool. Cooperative gameplay fits well with Star Trek imo.

I want it. Now.

Don’t fire until you see the whites of their…..oh, my god, their eyes are white!!

There will probably be a whole new generation of ST fans asking,
“What’s a board game?”

$50 is WAY too pricey for this, even at $20 it would be a stretch. I don’t think this format is the way to go for Star Trek Heroclix.

But then again, WizKids and NECA haven’t ever done anything the way that a sane company would do…so who am I to question.

Don’t be surprised if this game gets cancelled at the last minute, following in the footsteps of the Playmates Wave 2 figures and ships, as well as the NuEnterprise model kit…

yea man i like all those STAR TRACK ENTERPRISES!


50 is reasonable.

tabletop games have been increasing in price and quality for a long time now.

compare the $50 price tag to the starcraft tabletop game, settlers of catan, or the civilization board game and ST:E fits right in there.

#8 Don’t forget the novels based on Trek XI as well, though I’m sort of glad about that since from what I remembered of the novels they didn’t seem any different than any regular TOS novels (which is why they were canceled).

That being said, this looks awesome actually. I’m not one normally for board games, but I bet I could convince my family to play this. Does it require four players, or can there be less than four? Also I hope Trekmovie posts when its released because knowing me I’ll forget, 2 months is a long time lol.

FIFTY BUCKS!?!?!?!?!?! You gotta be kidding. That’s what games cost these days? For a bunch of paper and a scant few plastic sculptures? I’m glad I gave up game playing decades ago.

i’m i gonna have 2 have this? yes,yes,i have 2 have this!!!!!!

I just haven’t got the sense that CBS Consumer Products really knows what they are doing.

LISTEN TO ME: Marketing Star Trek has to be done on a global scale. Here’s a quick lesson in…. The George Lucas School of Marketing… Porduct based on the 2012/2009 movie HAS to be the priority over the original Star Trek’s…

Hasbro: (Action figures, playsets, ships, toys and board games)
Mattel: (Scene It, Barbies and RC’s)
LEGO: (Construction kits, video games)
Diamond Select Toys: (Star Trek Select action figures)
QMx: (High end replicas, novelties)
Funko: (Bobbleheads)
Adidas: (Apparel, shoes)

As time goes on and CURRENT Star Trek establishes itself with a new, younger generation of fan, we then wheel out the merchandise once again for the original franchise.

This game is just another example of CBS not properly thinking about the marketing for Star Trek and giving a license to anyone and everyone without targeting the companies with the bigger profiles and the larger markets at their disposal.

I hope very much by Toy Fair next year we see a consise marketing strategy taking place with Star Trek and that the big global companies such as Lego and Hasbro are revealing Star Trek product related to the JJ Abrams movies.

Looks like Uhera has put on some weight, look at those chunky legs!

Oh God, he actually said the “Star Trek Enterprise” instead of “Starship Enterprise”. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks cool, but I’ll say this much – it’ll never beat “A Klingon Challenge”, the VHS game from the mid-90’s. I’m still waiting for another one of those!

that make be good marketing sense for JJ and crew, but the simple fact is that the old stuff looks better.

The movie itself dind’t give us a very close look at the refurbished TOS Klingon vessel, so this particular piece is quite cool.

Looks cool, but I doubt it will sell much at $50. I will wait until it gets put on sale for 50% off.

may the Star Trek corporate machine continue….

Hmm…since I like Klingons, I guess I’ll have to ‘lose’ at this game all the time in order to actually ‘win’. Qapla’ !

Mindless Trek-zombies will pay anything for shiny new Trek themed merchandise. (Have you priced Blu Rays lately) Especially if they feature the famous Star Trek Enterprise!

“Star Trek: Expeditions from HeroClix is a new board game for one to four players”

ONE to four players? Wow! That actually hurts…….

wow, it took me a second glance to realise this was a board game!
Can you get a PC version? ;)

Once again the token minority character is thrown in while the Chief Engineer (and 3rd in command) is left off.

Here’s to political correctness (paper mache kazoo sound)

Fail. This could have been a very kewl game.

@12 “FIFTY BUCKS!?!?!?!?!?! You gotta be kidding. That’s what games cost these days? For a bunch of paper and a scant few plastic sculptures? I’m glad I gave up game playing decades ago.”

No offense, but you really have no clue into what goes into building a complex game like this. This is the cost of two people going to 3D movies, and getting drinks and popcorn. BFD.

@26. What a shock you are from Cincy…NOT!

Wow. This looks like the first Trek game in any medium in years to grasp what Star Trek is actually about. Missions! Diplomacy! Exploration! YES!

I just played my first game of Arkham Horror a few weeks ago, and I think my Arkham friends will go for this, too. Looks like great fun. A lot better than all that pointy-and-shooty nonsense we’ve had in the PC market since the early 1990s, at any rate!

Bones is a bridge officer??

Oh my god… those figurines are frightening! Their eyes are all screaming at you! And, the redesigned Klingon Battle Cruiser is even more ugly than I’d imagined.

Overall I’m intrigued, but doubtful that this will be a commercial success.

Get 3 friends, all four of you pay together for one board, and that’s it.
There is no logical reason one person should own this. Or buy it for one other person.

more refugees looking for a free ride at the expense of federation taxpayers!


Anyone else just thinking about how cool that music from the first movie trailer was? I know it wasn’t part of the soundtrack, so now I’ll have to track it down.

OK now this is WAAAY to Nerdy for me…

if this would be an iPhone app with an online multiplayer component… or an Xbox Live game… MAYBE.

There was a discussion on one of these threads a while back about the merchindising to SW vs. ST, and I seem to recall commenting that while there were all kinds of adventure toys for the kids in the SW isle, what would you have for a ST toy, besides action figures – a first contact kit? Little did I know someone was working on a diplomatic Federation admission mission for a board game. Yep, in this era where you can’t walk five feet into the video game store with out seeing a SW title, what do we get for Trek – a diplomacy game.

I had a blast with this game at the GAMA 2011 trade show, as it is really well done. The designer (Reiner Knizia) is the most prolific board game designer in the world. He did, for example, the quite successful _Lord of the Rings_ cooperative boardgame, now a Fantasy Flight Games product. My copy is on preorder!