Watch Brent Spiner Deal With Star Trek Heckler In ‘Fresh Hell’ Episode 3

The third episode of Brent Spiner’s new webseries Fresh Hell went online today. This time Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Brent Spiner” has to deal with a Trek heckler while performing on stage trying to impress some Hollywood agents.


Brent Spiner deals with heckler in latest Fresh Hell (#3)

Poor "Brent Spiner" (played by Brent Spiner). The Next Generation actor can’t seem to escape Data, as seen in the latest episode of the comedy webseries Fresh Hell ("The Agent Showcase") where he deals with a heckler.

See previous two episodes CLICK HERE.

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Just another “sucks to be you” day in hell.

Funny stuff…

He is so great! I love the little things in his acting… the way he quietly says yes at the end… so perfectly played.

Somebody give this guy some primetime pronto. Great stuff. :)

Get a Soong in ST12!

I’m not even sure whether I’m being sarcastic or not…..

Check how he uses the imaginary table to push himself up to face the heckler. Subtle points like that make Spiner Spiner.

I’ve said this before…you wanna get a good laugh or otherwise, follow Brent on twitter. The way he response to fans or other folks’ comments..well, he has “a singular wit”.

(yeah, i know that’s from STVI..but it fits..get over it! LOL!! just kiddin’! No, seriously…)

Great… I was waiting for it!

:-) :-)

Data, speak some Borg!

“We’ve been dating for like six months, and he finally signed me!” Ah, it’s funny because it’s true.

WAIT. Is Bob Shuck in the credits related to John Schuck (the Klingon Ambassador) from STIII-IV?! Yes, the spelling’s 1-letter off, but…HMMMmmm.

Thanks for posting these! I love them. It’s very “Seinfeld/Larry David” style humor. Brent Spiner should really develop this for TV; they’re hysterical.

They really need to make some Direct to DVD movies with Star Trek: TNG. Spiner is looking really good!

There is perhaps no more forgiving an audience than one composed of Trekkies.

Spiner is a brilliant actor, but this wasn’t even mildly amusing.

I love these little skits. But is he trying to relaunch his carieer? Just do a reality show.

They are too short…lol They are good, and funny, but too short…He needs to make this a tv show. 30 minutes would be much better..As soon as it starts to get funny, it ends..
Either way though, he is a great actor :)

this happened to Patrick Stewart on stage once.

he looked at the audience and saw that the entire front raw of people were all wearing starfleet uniforms


Good actor…….

…..LOUSY material!!!

Don’t know what’s wrong with these people above, this is good stuff and I’m eager to see more.

Dayyta… Dayytta…. Engage Data.

Love it! Great stuff!

The Data heckling has triggered something i’d like to share with this amazing Trek community…

I would think, after a successful run of a show where you’re associated with a character so strongly, that it must be *so* difficult to deal with the fallout of typecasting. I know some actors have done it successfully (that is, broken the typecasting grip), but if you’re not a big ticket actor, it must be very hard to break new ground.

It’s been interesting to see how the ST’09 cast has not engaged fans like so many of the TV show actors have. The stepped in and stepped out. It was just a role; their careers are being defined by a broad base of work. Brent Spiner has done some cool things since TNG but he’s still so strongly associated with Data. I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be for an actor whose professional career is built on the idea of constantly trying on different characters and challenges in order to grow in his/her craft.

If I spent the seven years of my career doing Job A, then wanted to move on and try something new and expand my horizons, I’d find it terribly frustrating if people only saw me through the Job A filter. I know it’s one of the “job hazards” of acting, but it must be tough nonetheless.

I’m just saying…

Who is the brunette girl on stage w Brent, she is hotttttt!!

#5…He’s a wonderful actor, for sure, but table is very real ;)

Funny stuff. I like Brent Spiner’s work.