Chris Doohan Shares Family Photos From Star Trek IV & Star Trek VI

Today TrekMovie has a special guest blog from Chris Doohan, son of Star Trek’s original Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, James Doohan. Chris has found some family photos taken by himself and his sister at the premiere of Star Trek VI and on location for Star Trek IV.


Doohan Family Photos From Star Trek IV & Star Trek VI

This week my daughter had a school project involving family history so she and I started to dig around boxes of family photos and we found all sorts of great stuff, including a few that I thought would be of special interest to Star Trek fans and so Anthony suggested I share them here.

The first set are photos I took at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country on December 5th, 1991. I had attended premieres before, but this was the first time I brought a camera because my dad (and his Star Trek co-stars) were going to be writing their names into the cement at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

My dad James Doohan with Walter Koenig, signing names in cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theater – December 5th, 1991

James Doohan signs his name at Grauman’s

Walter finishes up his signature at Grauman’s

My dad James Doohan speaks to the crowd in Hollywood (with William Shatner and Walter Koenig behind him and George Takei in foreground left)

This second set of photos was actually taken by my sister Deirdre. She took these while visiting the set of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home in San Francisco in 1986.

My dad James Doohan with Deirdre, George Takei and DeForest Kelley in San Francisco on location during shooting of "Star Trek IV" in 1986

Leonard Nimoy directing "Star Trek IV"

Walter Koenig, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley and Nichelle Nichols taking a break during shooting of "Star Trek IV"

Star Trek crew during famous shooting famous "double dumb ass" scene on San Francisco street in "Star Trek IV"

Leonard Nimoy with tissues protecting his robe from makeup

Hope you enjoy these family photos and if I find any more, I will be sure to share them with you all. 

To keep up with Chris, follow @chrisdoohan on Twitter or visit his website at

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Hey Thank you Chris. These are some great Photos. We all miss your Dad. He was a Great Actor and a better Human. Thank you.

Great photos! Thank you Chris for sharing those with us!

Thanks, Chris! These are great!

Kinda surreal seeing Nimoy with the Spock haircut but without the pointed ears. Makes him look like the world’s oldest Monkees fan. ;)

Wow… thank you, Chris! Makes me feel like I was there. Miss these guys… especially your dad.



Glad you like them. I have a bunch of photo albums that I haven’t seen in a while, so if I find more trek pics, I will send them to Anthony.

Thanks for sharing Chris. Very very cool of you….

Thanks Chris, great to see these and we sure look forward to more, and to seeing you in the next Trek film :)

great pics!

Love the pictures Chris. Miss your dad. Thank you for sharing.

Yes it’s great … thanks Chris Doohan …loved it!

:-) :-)

Pretty cool stuff.

The thing that I can’t help but notice is how large DeForest Kelley’s signature is. Or really, how much larger it is than the rest. It looks like it was divided into six and he took two segments accidentally.



Cool picts! Thanks for sharing!

Loved your father’s work. Thank you for sharing those moments with us and look forward to seeing more. See you in the next flick.

My sister, Deirdre will be around if you have any questions about the San Fran shoot.

Thanks Chris!

It must have brought back very special memories to come across these. I know you must be so proud! It was so thoughtful of you to think of us and how we here at Trekmovie would enjoy seeing them too.

Chris … thanks for posting the pictures I took during the filming of Star Trek IV. My favorite is the last one of Nimoy (notice his Makeup tissue around his neck?). This was a fun experience to be there for the San Francisco section of the film. Do you remember when they walked across the street? That taxi cab had to go around the block so many times to get the scene perfect. I loved how the actors had their chairs on the sidewalk and interacted with people… well, most of them ..if you get my drift.
Enjoy – it was my favorite movie!
Live long and Prosper! Deirdre Doohan

THANK YOU, Chris! I love seeing and hearing about Trek history like this. I had the fortune of meeting your dad in Burbank after STIV came out, he came off a plane from a convention and it was my dad who spotted him and he was wearing a STIV jacket. “Isn’t that…James Doohan?!” I ran to meet him and didn’t ask for an autograph or anything, just wanted to say hello. He was great! Smiled big and shook my hand and said thank you. Such a gentleman.

Thanks again for sharing, hope to see and read more from you!

thank you so much for sharing these, Chris. they are wonderful!

Wow.. So cool.. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing. With all the back and forth that goes on on sites like this it’s a nice reminder that there are real, live people who work real hard on this so all of us can enjoy.

In the photo with my sister, you can see my dads hand with the missing finger (shot off in WW2). you don’t see many pictures with his right hand showing. I guess he tried to hide it most of the time.

That is a great Pic. I have never seen any pics of your Dad’s Hand with the missing finger. He was a very Brave man for serving during ww2. Oh and Chris. Any more pics you would like to share please do. Always great seeing them. Thank you.

Yes, I’d be happy to answer any questions!

Chris and Deirdre: Thank you!
Deirdre, so you’re bringing up the Conservation of Canadian Rule? For every Canadian who’s friendly, there’s often one who’s not. :)
Peace and long life to you!

Hi Deirdre, thank you for taking questions! I was 18 or so at the time STIV came out, and remembered reading about it in Starlog and wondering how they kept the plot under wraps during the San Fran shoot. I mean…time travel was obviously part of it as the locals saw the cast downtown…not to mention all of the naval extras on the Enterprise carrier. Did the public ask them what was going on for the film?

Chris and Deirdre,thank you,it was very kind of u 2 share these with us! :)

Thank you for this part of history of Star Trek .

I read somewhere that Deforest Kelly left the “S” out of his name accidentally in this signing and squeezed it in at the last moment. It might’ve been in Shatner’s Trek Memories book.

It does look a little squeezed in.

31. Interesting, I didn’t know that. It does look a bit squeezed.

Wow thanks for the cool pics Chris! Wow great memories for you there eh?

Thank you, Chris and Deirdre! Your family photo album is wonderful!

Thanks Chris! I had the chance to see and meet your Dad once at a convention in RI. He was quite a guy!

Thank You much for posting these pictures! Enjoyable, and a tad sad, but Thank You for sharing.

Awesome pics Chris, thanks for sharing. I remember reading somewhere that Shatner joked that he was pissed that Kelley signed his name so big.

Hi Deirdre and Welcome to our hang out!! Great hearing the story behind one of the photos. If you have anymore stories or photos and would like to share them, we would love to hear them!

Thanks again Chris and Deirdre! :D

Love Nimoy’s expression in the last pic. :)

Thanks man for sharing that. Super, super cool. I’ve always said your dad was the most underrated of the show. As Rip Torn used to say on “The Larry Sanders show, ” he was a talent…..a talent!”. I miss him.

Thanks they are great love this kinda stuff i drank scotch with mr doohan in chicago at a con many years ago great time he was a good man!!!!

Thank you Chris! Such wonderful memories you must have. It means a lot to us that you are sharing them here and I look forward to seeing more as you have time.

Wow, this is great stuff! Thanks guys!

Oh Man ! Good Old Memories !!!!

Thanks for sharing them !

Chris & Deirdre –

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing your dad for about 2 hours back in 1997 for a special project for Sci-Fi Channel when I worked there. A great guy, and I remember the warmth he shared with me and the entire crew there. It was a great experience that I’ll never forget. Thanks for sharing these pics.


How much have you followed Trek through the years and what do you think of the current direction?


Glad I was able to share these with you, I will have more in the future

Very interesting.

Great photos.

And great smiles in the group shot.