CelebWatch: Jeri Ryan Talks Star Trek Mafia, Park’s New Play, Mulgrew’s New Movie, Picardo Planetary Roast, Fedcon Preview + more

It is time once again to catch up on some more Star Trek celebrity news. Linda Park is in a new play, Kate Mulgrew is in a new movie, Bob Picardo is doing a Planetary roast, Jeri Ryan talks Star Trek mafia, and a bunch of celebs are headed to Fedcon this weekend. Details below.


Ryan: Star Trek is like the Mafia

Jeri Ryan (Voyager: Seven of Nine) is the subject of a new TV Guide 5 Things To Know feature, and number one is of particular interest:

1. She hearts her geeks.
"Once you’re in the sci-fi community, especially Star Trek, you’re always in — sort of like the Mafia," she says.

By the way the second episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy featuring Ryan was released last week.

New Mulgrew Movie screenings

Kate Mulgrew (Voyager: Capt. Janeway) has a supporting role in the new comedy The Best and the Brightest, starring Neil Patrick Harris. The film has announced a schedule of screenings across the US while they try and get a distribution deal. Here is a trailer.

Park in new San Jose play

Linda Park (Star Trek: Enterprise – Hoshi Sato) will star in the play Love in American Times, which has its world premiere at the San Jose Repertory Theater on May 12th. Here is the description:

"The age-old tradition of matchmaking takes a contemporary twist when wealthy businessman Jack Heller has a pre-arranged meeting with sharp and accomplished Scarlett Mori-Yang. Sparks aren’t the only things flying when these two driven individuals with intractable egos try to one-up each other on what could scarcely be called a ‘first date.’ With single-minded practicality and a pre-nuptial that looks more like articles of incorporation, it isn’t long before dysfunctional chaos breaks out. Is there room for love when there’s no shortage of money or power?"

The play about will run through June 5th. More details at www.SJRep.com  and Playbill.

Linda Park stars in new San Jose play

Picardo To Roast Planetary Society Founder

Robert Picardo (Voyager: The Doctor) is one of the "luminaries" who will be attending the Roast and Toast of the Planetary Society’s co-founder Louis. D. Friedman in Los Angeles, Saturday April 30th. More details at planetary.org (and in the promo video below).

Bakula, Wheaton & more Trek stars at Germany’s FedCon this weekend

This weekend the 20th FedCon will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The biggest con in Europe includes a ton of guests, including Star Trek’s Wil Wheaton, Scott Bakula, Robert Duncan McNeill, Garrett Wang, Arlene Martel, Marina Sirtis, Nicole, deBoer, Carel Srtuycken and more.

TrekMovie’s Kayla Iocovino will be at FedCon and bringing you all the news and interviews from the big event.


  • Patrick Stewart (TNG: Jean Luc Picard) is supporting the right to die, by joining the UK’s Dignity in Dying campaign, and talking to the London Times about it.

  • John Bettis (who wrote fandance song in Star Trek V) is being inducted into the Songwriter Hall of Fame.

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Best and the brightest actually looks good.
Forgot to mention that Richard Castillo from “Yesterdays Enterprise” (Christopher McDonald) was in it…

Jeri Ryan is also appearing in new tv show ‘Body of Proof’ on ABC, Tuesday night 10:00 PM.

Why on earth is Peter Serafanowicz in that Best and Brightest garbage???

The Best and Brightest is a farce — wickedly funny and highly irreverent. I attended one of the screenings, and it is truly laugh out loud funny!!

I saw Jeri Ryan at a recent Trek con in Vegas, and she was even more beautiful than when she was on Voyager.

She’s one of those great men and women of Trek — a great many — who I think “get” what Star Trek is all about, and I think we’re all the better for it.

You toucha Star Trek, we toucha you!

Good for Kate, well done!

Why isn’t Linda’s name on the poster along with her lovely face?
C’mon! producers!!!!

Love the AtAt at FedCon, though I wouldn’t want to be the back end.

Nice to see everyone keeping busy.

Kayla!! Will you be in a Princess Leia slavegirl costume, an Orion slavegirl costume… or just a slavegirl?


The Best And the Brightest is the best movie I’ve seen in quite a while! Don’t judge it just by the trailer, the movie itself is so much better! (To be honest, if I’d seen the trailer before I saw the movie I probably wouldn’t have watched it…)

Sounds like a great line up at Fed Con… would love to spend time there with my German cousins: Viel spass meine freundin!

I hope Bakula will be at the Vegas Con in August, Kate will be there as will Sir Patrick…. but to be at Fed Con….One day, we will be there, we have to be there.

I miss Linda Park and her character Hoshi Sato, somewhat underused in ENTERPRISE. Plus she’s hella cute ;-)

Glad she’s finding work (and it’s wide ranging material).

Linda Park was also in “Jurassic Park III”, albeit in a split-second cameo.
She played a babysitter looking after Ellie’s (Laura Dern) kids. It was at the beginning of the movie.