Klingon Monopoly Coming Late 2011 – You Can Pick The Box Top

In 2009 USAopoloy released the Monopoly: Star Trek Continuum Edition board game, and in late 2011 they return to the Trek universe with a "Klingon Collector’s Edition." Details below, plus find out how you can help design the game.


Klingon Monopoly Game Coming – You Can Help Design It

USAopoly are planning to release their second Star Trek Monopoly game, this time they are looking to the Klingon Empire for inspiration. Announced today at the official Star Trek site, the Monopoly: Klingon Collector’s Edition will be available in late 2011, and will feature a bi-lingual game board (presumably Klingon and English). Gameplay will be like traditional Monopoly (plus a 60-minute speed option), but the Empire has taken over the details. The 22 properties are now territories "ready to be conquered," including Kronos, Khitomer, Boreth, Ty’Gokor and Krios Prime. After conquering you can set up Outposts (Houses) and Capitals (Hotels). The Klingon version of Community Chest is "Combat" and Chance becomes "Honor."

There are still some game elements being finalized and so USAopoloy will be letting fans vote for various game elements to finalize the game. The first of these is the box top. Here are the two choices for the Monopoly Klingon Collector’s Edition box top.

Option A

Option B

You can vote for your preferred top at the Star Trek Facebook page.

Star Trek Monopoly Continuum Edition available now

In 2009 USAopoly released the "Star Trek: Continuum Edition" Monopoly game. Check out the TrekMovie review for more details.  You can pick the Continuum Edition up at Entertainment Earth for $33.99.

Monopoly Star Trek Continuum Edition
[Pre-Order from Entertainment Earth – $33.99]

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I want to be the Captains Chair

I really hope they hired a quality translator.
I would hate to see this released with bad Klingon text.

I’ll gladly assist with the tlhIngan Hol.

I prefer the first one. It’s more classy and doesn’t have Gowron’s crazy eyes staring at me. Either way I’ll definitely buy it. :D

Will they have to pay the actors royalties if they choose the 2nd one?

Option B gets the point across better, Option A looks more like a piece of “authentic” in-universe edition. Assuming Klingons played Monopoly.

One would assume that Option B would move more units because it gets the attention of the customer easier. but this would probably have a limited appeal as is, so would it matter all THAT much?

I would go with Option A, simply because it has a more Klingon-ish tone, but Option B *might* sell more. *Might*.

I’d totally vote, but then I’d have to register for a Facebook account, so no. So my vote on Trekmovie, which I would hope would be promptly passed on to USAopoly representatives, is Option A. Thank you for your consideration.

What? No Martok? DS9 slighted again!

THis looks cool. Gotta get this

The first one is a nice collector’s item but the second one has a great montage.

Why is this USAopoly and not International Monopoly? we all love Monopoly so why not spread the wealth!

Didn’t there used to be 4 versions of Monopoly for each “quadrant” of the galaxy and the 4 series at the time, and you could connect them together for a super-board? I seem to remember a friend having the TNG and Voyager ones…

So is “jail” going to be “Rura Pente?”

#10. They stopped after the TOS and TNG ones. They never made the other two.

SO, this Klingon one is actually the FOURTH Trek Monopoly game.

Kool Games. Now for the Terran Empire Edition.

Yawn!! I’ll wait for the Doctor Who version.

The version with the Bat’ leth is the better one I feel. Unless you have every single Klingon character in ST history, you will wind up upsetting some folks. Why not have Kor or Kang in the TOS makeup? Why not the Duras sisters? Some one will feel that they left off their favorite Klingon.

Some one pass out the Blood Wine or Warnog.

Seriously, the stuff tastes terrible.


This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I love Monopoly and NEED this. NEED IT!


Worf and Gowron are on the box. They were both TNG and DS9 characters. So DS9 is represented. Now, the question is why they left Kor, Kang and Koloth off? They should have at least included Kor!

Also, they forgot about the Negh’ Var, the Klingon flagship during the latter years of DS9.

I think Ferengi Monopoly would be a great game!


well – not to mention it would make much more sense. I guess, since in this edition it’s about “conquering” – there won’t be traditional notes to “buy”, but rather number of Klingon warriors – lives you’re spending. Is that right?

Nonetheless – good stuff ;)

I like the first one, myself.

A game of buying and selling property kind of flies in the face of the spirit of what Star Trek is all about doesn’t it?

A slight correction to the above article. USAopoloy actually has released three Star Trek Monopolies to date. The first was based entirely on Star Trek TNG and the second was based on Star Trek TOS. Then came The Continum Edition followed by Klingon Edition. The first two are highly sought after collectors items and are available on eBay for around $100 bucks.

i just hope they replace the four corner spaces as well. i can never understand why they leave go, free parking, jail, etc. the same and ever other space is different.

go should be warp speed, jail rura pente, free parking the shipyard, ….

Must. Have. Now.

#15 – You mean the vaguely racist makeup of the 60’s (Mongolian horde)?

Cool. I like the bat’leth version without the floating heads. I hate the “floating head” designs with licensed products and movie posters.

They should go with the first one, but they’ll end up with the second one. People recognize Klingons.

Seeing how much Kingons changed in appearance betweeen TOS and TNG, there’s no telling what the reboot version will look like. For all we know, they could be completely different from what we’ve seen before. Who knows?

Not only would they be safer going with the first, more generic cover, but I think the first one simply looks better. Cleaner.