Report: Star Trek Sequel To Wrap By January 2012 + Abrams Expected To Direct

Today brings more news on the Star Trek sequel production schedule. A report on Paramount’s planned reboot to the Jack Ryan franchise (which stars Chris Pine) includes an update on how Paramount sees the 2012 Star Trek sequel fitting into their production plans. Details below.


Report: Star Trek to wrap by January 2012 + Abrams expected to direct

A month ago news came out that Paramount had shuffled their production schedules around and switch places for the Star Trek sequel and their Jack Ryan reboot, both starring Chris Pine. The move was due to the studio not being happy with the script for the Ryan reboot. Today Deadline is reporting that Paramount has inked a "7-figures" deal with screenwriter David Koepp (Mission: Impossible, Spider-man, Jurassic Park) to handle the rewrite for the now untitled Jack Ryan reboot.

The Deadline report also includes an update on Paramount’s plans for the Star Trek sequel:

I’m told the hope is to start production on the Ryan film sometime in January. JJ Abrams is busy finishing and will be promoting Super 8, but then he’s expected to be back at the helm of the Star Trek sequel, which has Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof finishing the screenplay. That film has a June 29, 2012 release date. Pine would then move right into Jack Ryan.

There has been some concern on slippage for the Star Trek sequel shooting start date. Last summer producer Bryan Burk told TrekMovie he expected production to start in early summer 2011. Since that time estimates have migrated, first to late summer and more recently co-writer/producer Roberto Orci has pegged September as the target date for production.  JJ Abrams’ Star Trek took around 3 1/2 months to shoot, so if Paramount wants Chris Pine on the Jack Ryan set by January 2012, September may be as far as they can push it to start shooting the Star Trek sequel (not to mention the time required for post-production).

Regarding JJ Abrams directing the Star Trek sequel (in addition to producing), Deadline’s reporting is consistent with previous TrekMovie and other industry reporting that there is an expectation for Abrams to return. However, Abrams has said he will not announce any decision until after he sees the first script draft, which is currently being finalized.

Window for JJ Abrams (pictured above directing "Star Trek") to go into production on the sequel is tightening

POLL: Expecting Think Star Trek in Summer 2012?

What do you think? Do you have faith that they can meet that June 29, 2012 release date, or do you expect the Star Trek sequel to be delayed.



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No more lens flares, please.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

All good-especially if Abrams does direct!!!

Hypothetical: if Abrams passes on the script, the release date would be pushed back. But he won’t. So it won’t. But, for some reason, I would still like to see the flick in early Nov. ’12.

Also: I totally miss the old ST Sequel logo with the Ghostbusters two fingers. Nothing wrong with that, bring it back, yo!

Really…no lens flares and lock the camera down…. or use a steady cam at least. Most of all, I hope they stick with this schedule.

5. Except that it isn’t ST2.

@ 2: I will second that.

They better get going with the production now before it is too late for the movie to come out in summer 2012

I really don’t understand why everyone hates the lens flares. They accomplished exactly what they were designed to do. They made every scene seem bigger and bolder and made it feel like so much more was happening outside of the frame.

I absolutely hope Abrams’ keeps the same style. It worked perfectly.

They have just over a year and they’re barely into the writing stage at this point. I’m hardly an expert, but surely pre-production alone takes months, let alone the colossal amount of time needed for shooting, effects, other production elements AND post-production. If you ask me summer 2013 would be a generous estimate and they may well go for fall/winter 2013 just so they don’t have to rush.

@ 9: Sure they worked in that respect, but sometimes you just want to have a decent look at the bridge without getting blinded.

I remember in my graphic design classes years ago we would put lens flares all over a poster or logo in Photoshop—just for giggles, of course. Everyone knew they were in bad taste and, if used in a serious manner, suggested a certain lack of confidence in one’s design skills.

So, no-no, Mr. Abrams. The flares need to go… unless your ultimate goal is to sell aspirin with your movies.

oh my God! when i saw this on my Twitter i about fell outa my chair!!
this is awesome news! even though it don’t tell us much of what we don’t already know,its still exciteing!! i think J.J. will take the helm on this 1 too,he has us,and we won’t let him go! as far as the date,i back Bob and the team 100%,i don’t think they’d let us down like that.

Hey Orci ya es tiempo de ver a Uhura sentada en la silla del capitan como en TAS y mas oficiales con apellidos como Salinas,Gonzalez ,Rodriguez etc….Saludos

ALL I want is the title… please?

Still no Script wow guys this is as ridiculous as Revenge of the Sith almost starting shooting without a script.

Or that Transformers 2 script, which has to be blamed on Bay because no one hereabouts will take credit for its awfulness.

I have faith that premiere on June 29, 2012… LOL… I ‘m trusting it … Mr.Bob Orci wherever you are, right? … Please do not leave me bad, with the naysayers… +LOL

:-) :-)

Technically, if this is Star Trek 12, shouldn’t it be subtitled “So Very Tired”

“Again with the Klingons!”

And regarding Jack Ryan reboot … I have faith too… at least until Chris Pine is attached to this project! … How many writers have tried to rewrite this script? … LOL

:-) :-)

There were a couple of moments where the lens flares got ridiculous but I generally like the aesthetic of the film and hope that they mostly stick to it.

As to the scheduling business, if they’re wrapping in January it’s certainly going to be tight. Wouldn’t be surprised if this gets pushed back to November or December but I’m holding out hope.

I hope J.J Directs. Lens flares are not. He is a A List Director!!!!

I wouldn’t mind seeing another director take a crack at it.

Someone like… an analogue of Irvin Kirschner for the new Trek films.

As mentioned above I didn’t mind the lens flares. I really kinda liked them. If anything he could just decrease the amount of them. But if I remember correctly, during the commentary of ST:XI they were all joking about the amount of lens flares. So I’m sure it’ll be less.

Anyway I’m beyond excited for them to start filming!!! :)

it will be finished on time but it will be a rush job because they assume the fans will see anything like they akways do.

I have a feeling it will meet the original release date, even if quality suffers for it. Paramount now knows these movies will make money, and may not feel they need to push back the date things aren’t going as planned.

1st post – long time time lookie-loo (sp?) and fan of the website
Trek fan since Generations (It got me) but Star Trek ’09 made me feel like a kid again….(I’m 30 sumthinish…..)….pretty thankful for that. It’s AMAZING that we have a writer/producer (thanks dude!) on these boards. Can’t wait for the next flick!!

I predict summer of 2013, since if the sequel gets delayed, Paramount is unlikely to release it in the fall of 2012. It’s a summer tentpole franchise now. Just as it should be.

By the way, isn’t there a joint actors’-writers’ strike coming up soon?

Thank you, Anthony! This news update is what this
website is all about.

I had very little faith that the first movie was going
to be any good, especially with Abrams’ schedule.
But it was out on time (the Summer time, anyway)
and was incredible, to say the least.

Abrams & his team can do it.
…and extra lens flares with that please!!

14. Hmmm. Tal vez.

16. I dont blame bay. I am just as guilty for making the 11th highest grossing movie of all time;)

Ok, I’ll break out the sunglasses to avoid burning out my corneas.

No lens flares in the next movie.Can you imagine the result if they kept the flares and added 3-D on top of that? You would go blind.

People are getting a bit panicky here – please remember that most of the standing Enterprise sets are done, and soft pre-production should be getting them back up. Sorry boys, it’s back to the brewery for engineering.

Of course it’s a brewery: the secret ingredient in making warp jumps is hops. That gives you warp hops… gets you there faster… hahah.

@30: I think ILM deserves some credit! I mean, the level of detail in their creations is fascinating. Amazing tools they’ve constructed. Imagine if you got them doing Doomsday machines or something….

Trek ’09 was originally scheduled for Xmas ’08,then the premiere was moved to the following May.I’m looking for history to repeat itself.Perhaps this time we’ll get some Yuletime Trek in ’12.

Just do what they used to do on Trek movies and use stock sfx footage!.
Do that and we can get it in the cinemas by this Christmas!
Hey, it never used to bother us! :-D

Just found this leaked photo from the new set. Seems like things are more advanced that we have been led to believe.

it has to release in the summer! If they wait for xmas it will be too late for those of us on west coast–the big mega quake will sink the west coast into the ocean on dec 21–armageddon anyone?

#30 LOL! I gotta love our Bob Orci. Yes, and you are quite right for taking some credit for that movie’s success. I am tired of ROTF naysayers. I thought there was a little much in the way of battle scenes, fighting etc, but it had a good amount of drama/comedy. I just keep thinking who and what the transformers were and their target audience. So they made it for older teens. So what? It is one of my young daughter’s favourite movies and I can enjoy it along with her. It is what it is.

Frankly, there seems to be some disrespect shown towards people who happen to like a “mainstream” movie that some here don’t like, as well as constant criticism being hurled at the writer(s) and director. Enough already. I am sure that Bob Orci is as aware as anybody of the various mistakes he thinks he made in the writing and production, even though I may not necessarily agree with him, if I knew what he considers to be mistakes.

Bob, when can we expect the announcement of the official Title for the sequel?? I’m very excited to find out what you guys come up with – hopefully something a little more interesting that just “Star Trek” – how about “Where No Man Has Gone Before?” or something. You guys will figure it out but let us know!

I am having a hard time trying to guess whether the sequel will make its due date or be released by December 2012. If it is released later, the Star Trek sequel will then be our summer blockbuster movie! OK? not really as it will mean another six months of tortuous waiting.

30. Always with the box office…

Now that James Cawley has corrected the messed up timeline they can just use the Phase2 sets.
There’s a big time saver (no pun intended!) right there. ;-)

Can’t wait to see the ‘classic’ bridge on the big screen. And as far as I know that bridge has a built-in LFSA or Lens Flare Suppression Array(certainly I don’t remember seeing any before!) so thats another problem sorted!

30 boborci

Look, it wasn’t a very good movie, but it’s pretty cool that you always have that in your pocket when people talk shit about it! Haha

#44 lazy though, settling for No11!!
:-p :-D


16th highest grossing movie? What, you couldn’t get the number 15 spot?! For shame…

Seriously though, not sure I’d be bragging about that particular movie in any shape or form. Lots of money spent on a product doesn’t always equal quality. Remember, there was a time when people were spending millions on… beanie babies [shudder] and the Macarena [double shudder].

Whoops. I meant 11th highest grossing, not 16th. One of these days I’m gonna learn my numbers. :-o

#43 Like the LFSA. It must be a part of a tech upgrade that happened when the bridge had to be repaired after its encounter with Nero and the Narada…The LFSA should make everything much easier for those working on the bridge and for those who watch the workers. Does it have the capacity to extend to all the interiors of the ship? Of course, occasionally, a genuine flare from a sun or other might slip through, but that’s OK.

No, Keachick, that particular ship has now gone.

Maybe you haven’t seen the news…

Its the original ship that has the LFSA, the Nero Universe 1701 never had the LFSA installed.

I will admit, all joking aside, i quite like the lens flares. To be honest i never even really noticed them as being a problem.

Lens flairs rule! Adds so much extra with such an easy effect! I say keep em! But what do I know I’m just a normal guy who loves star trek and loved the latest film big time! Keep it the way it was otherwise it will be downhill from there! Remember it’s not just for us trekkys now it has the ability to reach more people than us! And I think they will areciate flairs!! That’s my penny’s worth