Happy Birthday, Kate Mulgrew + Bid To Win A Date With Kate

Today is the birthday for the captain of the USS Voyager, Kate Mulgrew. Star Trek’s Janeway turns 56 today and TrekMovie wants to wish her a very happy birthday. We also catch up on her latest projects, plus let you know how you can bid to win a date with Kate.  


Happy Birthday, Kate Mulgrew

In 1995 Paramount broke the mold and brought in a female captain for their fourth Star Trek series, Star Trek Voyager. Famously Mulgrew didn’t get the part initially, but she came in to save the day after Genevieve Bujold couldn’t handle the rigors of series television, and the rest is history. Here is Mulgrew talking about Janeway from the Voyager DVD set.

(Part 2)

Mulgrew in new TV and Film comedies

Lately Kate Mulgrew is turning to her funnybone. The actress is a series regular in the upcoming Cartoon Network live-action show NTSF:SD:SUV (or National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sports Utility Vehicle. The police procedural parody was created by comedian Paul Scheer who got a 12 episode commitment after he created a fake trailer for the show last year (see below – not Kate doesn’t appear as this was made before the show got a green light). Mulgrew has already wrapped on the first season, but a release date has not yet been set

Also, as reported in our recent Celeb Watch, Kate has a supporting role in the new comedy The Best and the Brightest, starring Neil Patrick Harris. The film has announced a schedule of screenings across the US while they try and get a distribution deal. Here is a trailer (which does feature Kate).

Bid to Win Dinner and A Show Date With Kate In NYC

Kate is one of the celebrities who are participating in Playwrights Horizons 5th Annual Auction. You can bid to win dinner and a show with Kate (and Reid Birney), here are the details:

You may know Kate Mulgrew by the name Captain Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager, the stereotype-defying captain of the USS Voyager. Reed Birney pops up all over town in roles that are as diverse as the planets in the solar system – most recently seen in PH’s A Small Fire. You and a guest will join these two Obie Award Winning actors for dinner at Chez Josephine and then see The Shaggs at Playwrights Horizons. Both Ms. Mulgrew and Mr. Birney have enjoyed successful and varied careers onstage and on screen, and you will have the unique opportunity to hear their stories in person. The fascinating story of The Shaggs will provide plenty of fodder for discussion, but we doubt you’ll need help keeping the conversation flowing with company that is so out-of-this-world!

Current top bid is $520, you can bid at www.biddingforgood.com.

If you want to keep up with all things Mulgrew, visit www.totallykate.com.

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FIRST! I’d love to win a date with Kate, one of the best ST captains!

I’ve always thought Kate Mulgrew did a very good job in what became a thankless role: last minute replacement, the 7 of 9 hype and the costant feeling that Voyager wasn’t quite the series it could have been. I’d certainly bid for a date with Kate, but my better half reads my emails ! (kidding) :-)

I thought it was a mistake to “not” case Jonathan Frakes in the role (at the time), however, Kate Mulgrew took the role and made Katheryn Janeway a real person. I love “Star Trek Voyager” as I do TNG and TOS. Awesome show that’s often under rated. Kate Mulgrew was absolutely stunning and outstanding in the role. Thanks Kate!!!

Happy Bday Kate! :]

Happy Birthday, Kate! (Did someone kiss her on a balcony, or no — that was the other Kate.)

Now, blow out the candles, or just make them go out with a big whoooosh of air from one of Captain Janeway’s hand-gestures.

Happy birthday, Kate Mulgrew. You were a good captain.

Yes, about the other Kate – I watched the Royal Wedding from start to finish. Kate Middleton (now HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) looked fabulous. The couple looked great. I hope everything works out for them and that William has better luck than his parents in the relationship and life areas. Wonderful to watch the entire marriage ceremony without any advertising breaks on free-to-air television here. (I see no reason for NZ to ever become a republic. I like having a GG).

Happy Birthday …

:-) :-)

Happy birthday to Kate Mulgrew.

Happy Birthday Kate!
Now have to go…Must count my savings…A date with her would awesome…She was a wonderful captain! And actress!

She wouldn’t like a dinner date with me. I am a Republican.

A date with Kate would be worth a lot more if she were single.

Happy birthday Kate! Best regards for a super lady!

@11. Harry Ballz – April 29, 2011
“A date with Kate would be worth a lot more if she were single.” Awwwwwwww, yeah! ;-D

@13. Kate Mulgrew – April 30, 2011
“Leave me alone, you creepy stalker nerds!” Lol XD


Kate, the restraining order says I must stay 100 yards away.

The internet doesn’t count! So, what time is dinner?