Watch William Shatner’s Charity Horse Show Live Saturday 6:30 Pacific + More ShatWatch News

Time once again to check in with Star Trek’s first captain, William Shatner. First up watch live video of Bill’s Horse Show Charity event for Saturday Night (6:30 PM Pacific). Plus we have news on Bill injecting himself into Canadian politics and video of Bill discussing a "Charlie Sheen secret." Finally, find out how you can see Bill with big celebrities reading Shakespeare in LA next week.  


LIVE VIDEO: Watch Shatner’s Charity Horse Show LIVE Sat 6:30 PM

Watch Bill Shatner LIVE with Sheryl Crow live in concert on Saturday, April 30 (6:30 PM Pacific ), at the 21st annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show broadcast live on Stickam (see below). Singer-songwriter Jessica Sokolove will also perform. Viewers will have the opportunity to make donations throughout the webcast to help support the organization’s charitable programs.

(More viewing options at


SHATWATCH: All The Latest Bill News

Shatner fights for Canadian seals

Canadian-born William Shatner stepped into Canadian politics this week. On Monday Canada holds federal elections with prime minister Stephen Harper’s conservative party trying to hold on to power. And in the height of the campaign season, Shatner (on behalf of PETA) wrote a letter to Harper calling for the end the government’s financial support for seal hunting. Shatner argues that not only is the seal hunting "cruel," but the government support of the hunters is wasteful. The letter concludes:

At a time of massive budget cuts in Canada, when many Canadians are struggling just to pay their bills, the government continues to defend this dying industry because both the Conservative and Liberal parties crave the region’s seven swing seats in Parliament.

Shatner tries to inject seal hunting funding into Canadian election politics

Shatner joins big celebs for UCLA Shakespeare reading May 9

William Shatner is part of an all-star cast for the "Simply Shakespeare" reading of The Merry Wives of Windsor at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Monday May 9th. Bill will be joined by Reba McEntire, Christina Applegate, Kenneth Branagh, Faith Hill, Eric Idle, Arte Johnson, Eugene Levy, Tim McGraw, Martin Short, Tracey Ullman, Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks.

Tickets for the performance costs $95 and $175. Details at

VIDEO: William Shatner Shares Charlie Sheen Secret

Does William Shatner reveal the secret to Charlie Sheen’s next career move to his Australian audience at his recent appearance in Melbourne?

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I don’t like seal hunting either, but come on Shat, we all know how you’ve eaten thousands of Double Cheeseburgers during your lifetime. You can’t fool me, Shat!

Long Live the Shat!!!!!!!

80 and still rockin. As for the seal hunting, glad to hear that he’s taken it up, though too bad PETA’s involved. Wonder how much attention they’ll try and soak up from it.

They were giving out tickets to this on the radio a couple days ago. Couldn’t call, though.

I find that picture of the seal hunter strangely hilarious. Is there something wrong with me…?

#1 I was not aware that burger meat was seal meat. I thought it was actually beef, with a lot of soy. Unfortunately, one of my family members has a similar figure to Shatners and he has NOT indulged in the consumption of fast food with its generally high concentrations of salt, sugar and fats. Leave off the Fat Shat stuff as well. It is offensive towards William Shatner and to all those other people who battle the “bulge” and who are not lazy, self-indulgent gluttons. Enough of the negative stereotyping.

could this man become any more great?

Know this first: I’m an avid angler (catch-and-release as of late, unless a trout finds my hook, then it’s Katy-bar-the-door sauteed in butter and slivered almonds). I’m also a gun-owner, a carnivore, and while I only rarely do so myself (but me, wild turkeys, and a 12 gauge are an interesting scene to witness), I support the rights of hunters.

Having said that, where the hell is the sport – or even the logic – of CLUBBING A DEFENSELESS SEAL?!? I can’t fathom that mentality in this age. It’s the same a fox hunting – there is no purpose, recreationally, socially, or culturally. These ‘hunters’ (and I use that term in the most loosely of associations) are in the same league as those who stage cock and dog fights.

Actually, let me amend that: pit bulls can tear your throat out, and roosters have some nasty spurs. All seals can do is wallow in front of you and bark. Makes no sense to me at all. Leave ’em alone, for crying out loud. If you want sport, go try to tag a black bear when you’re five miles into his forest, and he and his 400 lb. butt have home field advantage. And the mama sow and her cubs are nearby. Down here in the south, we have feral pigs overrunning everything, and there are 800 lb. Hogzillas that will not only kill the hunting dogs, they’ll gore the hunters with 8-inch tusks. I’ve seen them in the woods – and crossing the road – and they could kill a Klingon targ by accident. Mean beasts who don’t take kindly to confrontation. Seals they ain’t, by a long shot.

We’ve been predators since we developed opposable thumbs, but let’s keep it fair here. Or at least sporting. Besides, knocking a seal on the noggin would be like be taking a hickory stick to one of my dogs.

He must really want to be in ST12. Went back to the Kirk toup and everything.

Personally, I am opposed to all blood sports. Life is special, even sacred. I realise that most humans are omnivores and so need to eat meat as part of a healthy diet. However, hunting and killing for recreation, something to do to pass the time or whatever, is an anathema to me. I can’t see how slaughtering another living being could ever be recreational. I know that people do hunt and fish to put food on the table and in the freezer, but I suspect that is not the only reason they do this. Just don’t like it, can’t abide it.

Anyway, that’s just me.

I hope that the seal hunt ends. The Inuit (Canada’s aboriginal people of the arctic) should be allowed to continue, since it’s their way of life and they tend to eat the meat and use the fur for their own clothing. Everyone else should lay off. Same goes for bears, large cats, and wolves.

Unfortunately, the moratorium on wolf hunting is going to end soon in Montana. Wolf hunters are urging the state government to let it expire or else they will take it to court.

The way I see it is hunters should only be allowed to hunt herbivores such as deer, elk, moose etc. because they are much more plentiful and are a legitimate food source, unlike predators such as big cats, bears, and wolves, many of which are endangered. Most people (excluding the Inuit) don’t eat seal meat, but sell the furs for profits.

At-ta boy Shat.

Here is my take on Seal Clubbing…


Actually the shat is well known to be a lover of fast food.

I thought William Shatner is a vegetarian now? I know Leonard Nimoy is. Didn’t Shatner recently mention something about no longer eating meat?

#7 thanks for the well reasoned, experienced point-of-view there.

no, i don’t understand the hunter-lifestyle. and, in my opinion, it is unnecessary and cruel. that said, if there is a sufficient (even overabundant) stock of said animal – and if it can be murdered quickly – why would i want to impose my sensibilities on others?

besides, i always figure we all benefit from living in our technological society, relying on the various skills each of us have to offer. yet we never know if/when our technology might fail us for a time and then we’ll be glad we still had, among us, those individuals who’d maintained their skills in the art of hunting.

#14 I agree with you. The reality is that my brother-in-law hunts deer and pig and runs a dairy farm. My cousins also like to hunt and fish. I don’t know how often they do it though. I suspect it is a rare event. I agree, that should there be a major technological breakdown, having some reasonably skilled hunters and fishermen in the family could make a difference to the family’s overall welfare. There are pros and cons with this issue. Right now, I am more against it than in favour.

Another cousin, a marine biologist, was responsible for setting up the first commercial mussel farming operation in the Marlborough Sounds at the top of the South Island.

#13 I heard that William Shatner became a vegetarian while he was married to his second wife, Marcy Lafferty, but I don’t know if he is still a vegetarian. It is not well known here that the shat is a lover of fast food. However, I am also a lover of fast food, one of those naughty pleasures, but that does not mean I am always eating fast food. It would very likely stop being a naughty pleasure if I was eating it all the time…

All, the Shat is far from a Vegetarian; in fact, he loves turkey fried in a vat of peanut oil…yuck:

While I back Shatner’s push for getting rid of this inhumane and violent act perpetrated on the seals, I found his letter lacking in accurate facts in regards to the Canadian budget realities. Canada is one of the few countries who came out of the financial crisis pretty much unscathed. Our economy had a stimulus package too, not one bank failed and our housing sector is intact. Canada hasn’t had budget cuts and our budget is stable with lower budget dificits than most countries in the western world and our dollar is trading 5 cents above the U.S. counterpart. Canada once outlawed the seal hunts and I will be voting for the NDP because for the first time they look like they have a chance to influence the countries direction, including banning the seal hunt. All Canadian should vote tomorrow regardless of party affiliation.

I always thought seal clubbing was the punchline in a sick joke. I’m sorry to discover it’s not and a practice that actually goes on.

“Canada is one of the few countries who came out of the financial crisis pretty much unscathed. Our economy had a stimulus package too, not one bank failed and our housing sector is intact. Canada hasn’t had budget cuts and our budget is stable with lower budget dificits than most countries in the western world and our dollar is trading 5 cents above the U.S. counterpart.”


I had not seen it yet… is very interesting… Mr. Bob Orci looks great… as a star not as a ” sharp tooth alien might “… LOL

THR: Do you guys ever write scenes into the script that you know aren’t going to be in the movie?

Orci: We wrote a scene for William Shatner at the end of the movie where Spock, played by Leonard, gives his young self, played by Zach Quinto, something he’d kept with him. And it was basically a recording of Kirk singing “Happy Birthday” to him for the last time before he went off to die in Star Trek VI. J.J. had determined early on that he felt it might seem like it was, a) too small, and b) pandering to the fans a bit. But we wrote it anyway because as a fan you’re always trying to protect that thing where you want to be able to look fans in the eye and say, “We were ready.”

:-) :-)


Thanks, MJ!

Now if we could only ban seal hunting, and give our troops proper equipment and vehicles…….

Shatner and Sheen were both in Loaded Weapon 1 (not in the same scene).