May 2011

PHXCC AUDIO: Sherry Jackson On Being Android (& Shatner’s Toupee) + Morgan Gendel on Inner Light (& Sequel)

There were a couple of interesting panels at Phoenix Comicon that focused on specific Star Trek episodes. Writer Morgan Gendel did a panel all about the TNG episode "The Inner Light" and actress Sherry Jackson did a panel where she focused her talk on playing Andrea the android in the Star Trek episode "Are Little Girls Made Of." Highlights, plus full audio and pictures below.

PHXCC: Watch Wil Wheaton’s Hilarious A/V Recap Of Star Trek TNG’s “Justice”

Phoenix Comic Con kicked off in earnest on Friday and a highlight of the day was "story time with Wil Wheaton." Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton read some of his recent stories, and TrekMovie has video of Wheaton’s hilarious A/V presentation of his recap of the TNG episode "Justice." 

Syfy Memorial Day Weekend Star Trek Movie Marathon + Watch Fans Hold Their Own “Trekathon”

Have you ever considered watching all of the Star Trek movies in one extended marathon viewing session? This weekend you can do just that watching Syfy (almost) with a marathon of nine Star Trek films. Detailed schedule below plus we have a fun time-lapsed video of a grooup of fans who just held their own "Trekathon."

Watch: Leonard Nimoy Gets “Lazy” In Bruno Mars Music Video [UPDATED]

Leonard Nimoy’s non-retirement continues with a surprising new addition. Today Electra Records released an "official alternative" music video from Bruno Mars hit "The Lazy Song," starring Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy having a very lazy day. It will definately be the coolest thing you see all day (all week?, all year?). [UPDATE: Nimoy explains how he got involved with Mars]

NY Times Mag Profile Of JJ Abrams Provides Insights Into His Focus & Relationship With Paramount

This weekend the New York Times Magazine has an extensive feature on Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams. While there isn’t anything new about the Star Trek sequel in the article, there are some interesting insights into his life, his process, and why Paramount Pictures is willing to change schedules around to accommodate him. It also offers a glimpse into the mysterious new offices for Abrams’ Bad Robot production company.

Watch: Garrett Wang Explains Why He Wants To Get In Holodeck With Christina Hendricks

Syfy Germany has released a few brief video interviews with Star Trek stars from FedCon XX, including Garrett Wang explaining how he would use a holodeck to change his chances of dating Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and Robbie McNeill casting doubt that we will achieve Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek future.

Larry Nemecek Producing New “Con Of Wrath” Documentary About Infamous Star Trek Con

Back in 1982 the "Ultimate Fantasy" convention in Houston was going to bring together all the original Star Trek stars into one place for a historic event, but it turned into a disaster that took the stars themselves to save the show. Star Trek historian Larry Nemecek has just announced a new documentary about the event called "The Con of Wrath" and you can help out too. Find out more below.

EXCLUSIVE – Orci: Star Trek Sequel Being Prepped Off 70-Page Outline + Abrams Giving Writers Script Input

Today, exclusively with, Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci explained that while they are waiting for JJ Abrams to wrap Super 8, he is still working with the writers on the script, and their “detailed” outline has been enough for prepping the film. Plus today JJ Abrams expressed that he "hoped" he will return to direct. We also have a new poll on the sequel release date.

Great Links: Seth MacFarlane Does Kirk + Dilbert Treknobabble + Star Trek Sermon + Trek Lists & more

It is time again to bring back The Great Links, TrekMovie’s collection of the latest bits of Star Trek in the zeitgeist. This week we have video of Seth MacFarlane doing his impressive Kirk impression, Dilbert getting Treknobabble, a Star Trek sermon, some TOS sidewalk art, a Pony/First Contact mashup, and the lists of the week. Check it all out below. 

VIDEO: John Cho Talks About Star Trek Experience + Says No Sequel Schedule Yet

Star Trek’s John Cho was the guest on the latest Kevin Pollak Chat Show web-series. The actor talks for two hours with Pollak about a wide range of issues, including about half an hour on the subject of becoming the new Sulu for JJ Abrams Star Trek. (And yes, Pollack shows off his inner Trekkie by breaking into his Shatner impression at one point). Watch it below