FedCon Day 4: Sirtis & Wheaton Talk TNG, Nemesis & Star Trek 2009 + More Costume Pics

Sunday was the final day of FedCon here in Düsseldorf, Germany, and the con was winding down. Today, there was a combo Trek panel with Wil Wheaton & Marina Sirtis remembering their time working on TNG, and working with Gene and Majel Roddenberry. We also got more great pics of costumed Trekkies and sci-fi fans! Read on for highlights.


FEDCON XX – DAY 4 (Sunday)

TrekMovie’s coverage of FedCon XX from the Hotel Maritim Düsseldorf in Germany continues with a TNG star panel and more costume pics.

Wil Wheaton & Marina Sirtis share the stage, talk TNG and Gene & Majel Roddenberry

It was great to see Wil Wheaton and Marina Sirtis on the stage together. It was clear that the pair was happy to see each other again, and they both shared lots of fun memories of each other and of working with the rest of the TNG cast plus Gene & Majel Roddenberry. Years after the series, the two still showed great chemistry, like this exchange:

Marina: “I’ve never Googled myself. Sounds painful.”
Wil: “I’ve Googled you. It’s pretty awesome!”

Each spoke about how they changed throughout TNG’s seven-year run and how they’ve changed since the show went off the air. “[I was a] shy little English wallflower,” said Marina, speaking about how shy she was at the beginning of Star Trek. “I was nerdy to the point of annoying the people around me,” said Wil, to which Marina nodded emphatically in agreement. Marina also cracked up the crowd when she talked about one of her TNG costume, saying she "hated that green dress," and calling it her "cosmic cheerleader outfit."

Wil & Marina share the stage for the first time in a long time

One audience member asked a question about working with Gene & Majel Roddenberry, and, as Marina began to tell a story about Majel, she began to tear up, “Don’t make me cry!” Both Marina and Wil spoke highly of them and what amazing people they were.

Answering questions about Gene & Majel Roddenberry

The pair also talked about the last two Star Trek films. Regarding the final TNG movie, Star Trek Nemesis, both agreed that the original script (by Oscar-winner John Logan) was "great," but it was altered too much with "input from too many people." A question came from an audience member who said that the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie did not instill a sense of loyalty in them. Marina and Wil agreed that any “new” Star Trek is going to take some time to get used to by the fans.

“When [TNG] started, the fans were pissed!” said Marina, “if you don’t feel loyal to the new Star Trek yet, I’ll bet $100 that in a few years we won’t be having this conversation.”
“Give it time,” added Wil.

Best in show! Costumes at FedConXX

TrekMovie’s Andy with 2 Star Trek babes

Deanna Troi

Red gaurd and storm trooper man the entrances

Custom Starfleet uniforms

I see your Schwartz is as big as mine

Lookout, Hoth monster!

The Tardis

This girl dressed AS a Stargate! Brilliant!

More FedCon XX at TrekMovie

FedCon is over but there is more to come, with a wrap-up, plus some interviews.

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It took me a total of about 20 minutes to know i was going to be happy with Trek ’09. 24 years on and I still can’t say that I much like TNG. Goes to prove the ‘give it time theory’ is total bollox.

I love Wil’s recursive T-shirt.


And it’s just the opposite for me, Buzz. I’ve always loved TNG… but still haven’t gotten into Abrams’ Trek.

But hey, at least we can agree that Close Encounters is a great movie, eh?

The Dark Helmet costume was EPIC!

#3 the difference is i grew up on TOS and you grew up on TNG, Vults.
Its the old Connery/Moore thing. I can’t say that I much like Connery’s outings as 007, though they are ok. I’m a Roger man myself, cos thats who i grew up watching. I know that leaves me open to purist ridicule ( lol ) but i’m ok with that. Much as you are ok admitting that you like TNG :-D

(On a more serious note Way To Go USA on getting that evil s**t Bin Laden.
I was so happy when I woke up to that news this morning.)

Way to go Andy! I’m proud of ya’.

Re: Buzz Cagney I was a tng generation as I was 13 to late for tos but grew up with tos on VHS, ps completely agree with your happiness, great news for freedom!


Good points, Buzz. But it’s funny you brought up the Connery/Moore thing, because Connery is my favorite Bond… though I grew up with Pierce Brosnan’s version! But have to say I like all the Bonds and hope they make a few more with Daniel Craig (just not like Quantum of Solace).

And yes, cheers to the Navy Seals for sending that rat bastard Bin Laden on an express elevator to Hell! Ooo-rah! Can’t wait to hear from my cousin in the Marine Corps. He should be delighted to say the least.

I was talking as a generality and people do *seem* to prefer their ‘first’ Bond.
You know I recently took another look at Quantum and it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Some strange editing in places but not all bad. Give it another look some time- if you can face it!

Man, our breakfast news over here is wall to wall bin Laden. I’m loving it!
When will they learn that you don’t mess with the Yanks? You guys are relentless! Fantastic!

Marina still looks great!!


I may give Quantum another shot some day. Indeed, it was the editing that I found off-putting. Never a fan of that ultra quick, choppy, shaky-cam stuff, especially in quiet dialogue scenes!

Yeah, the coverage over here is wall to wall Bin Laden, too. Wonderful day to be American! Heck, it’s a wonderful day to be a sane, freedom-loving person anywhere in the world. We’ve got one less enemy. But the fight will go on, sadly…. :(

The one thing I still hate on this site is the TNG bashing.

Still seems ok forsome fans to say its cool to hate TNG but disrespectful to dislike the new movie.

I happen to enjoy both but I prefer TNG and I agree with Wil and Marina, the new movie will take time for us to love as we have the other shows.

Ten years ago I was skeptical about Enterprise because it was a prequel and I did not care for the title song, nearly a decade later I think Enterprise grew into a great show and I like the titles now, not as much as the others but I enjoy it.

All I am saying is I think they are right, the new movie is a diff universe and a diff take on our fav show.

Where has anybody said its disrespectful one way or the other, Neill? I’ve stated my preference and Vultan has stated his and we’ve done so amicably. Only you in your now oh so tiresome way see’s any disrespect. Its you with the problem. Feel free to hate the fact that people have their own preferences. Its a pointless waste of your time though because I just don’t give a monkeys fart whether you like my preferences or not. I am aggrieved that you would attempt to deny me the freedom to choose though.

Its a lovely Spring Bank holiday so i’m off to enjoy the sun and enjoy the fact that bin Laden no longer walks our planet, so i have no intention of getting into another pointless which is best discussion with you.


Your right

I am really sorry

I did not mean to sound disrespectful. Just I am a huge TNG fan.

And although I like the new movie, its just not the way I totally like my Star Trek. I can still enjoy it but it is done for a different audience now.

good job andy, good job

Hells bells… Has it REALLY been 10 years since Broken Bow was made?!?

And I hope you got their numbers Andy, lad ;-)

Oh and is Marina smuggling peanuts again?!? Naughty girl…

Kid in the “Custom Starfleet Uniforms” pic looks a bit reluctant.
“Every year my Trekkie Mom, Dad, and Aunt Miri drag me off to one of these stupid cons! I just want to go to the Lady Gaga concert!”

Great Kayla Iacovino … thanks for this … loved it! … :-) :-)

Dunno where this “Star Trek ’09 not instilling a sense of loyalty in fans. 95% of the Trek fans I see, whether on the internet or offline, LOVED the new movie, and only those die-hard 5% or so are the fans who hate it, and will most likely never like it because you can’t please them.

That being said, time will tell if they can continue to earn our trust, but I have faith in these guys in pulling it off a second time!

I love TNG, but it definitely had its weaknesses. It was strongest in seasons 3-5, and coasted by in seasons 6 & 7. Season 1 was just…oh man. I’m amazed it survived, to be honest. As Marina pointed out, her cheerleader outfit! Major eye rolls.

But as with anything else, you have to give these things time to work the kinks out. TNG worked out its kinks and was telling great stories by season 3. In some ways, it exceeded its predecessor. My hope is Trek12 will iron out the rough spots in Trek09 just like many Treks gone by.

The shame about today’s television is that most shows aren’t really allowed to work out the kinks. Think about it; can any of us honestly say TNG would last beyond its first season if it debuted today? Or what about Seinfeld? It had a devil of a time finding an audience. Or Cheers? Dead last in the ratings during its first season—would be canceled after a couple of episodes if today’s network execs were in charge.

Anyway, thank goodness someone at Paramount was willing to give TNG some room to grow.

The Girl dressed as the Tardis and the Stargate is the same Girl.

I like the Lookalike of Deanna.

It was a great Convention, but in the wrong Town. ^^
And for my Taste a bit too long…

greets from Cologne

I for one loved it all. Yes, each of the spinoffs took about a year or so to really catch on for me, but I learned to love the uniqueness of each show. Ditto for the new movie. I though it did it’s job of regenerating Star Trek.

Vultan and Buzz, believe it or not, my favorite Bond film was “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” with George Lazenby. I always felt he got the short end of the stick because he was the first to play Bond who wasn’t Connery. Anyway, looking forward to Bond 23 (hope they bring John Cleese back as Q).

I always liked TOS more than TNG, so I was happy, when the new movie was again about Kirk, Spock and so on. By the way I started watching TOS and TNG at the same time.


I agree with you, I love it all as well.

Can I marry the gal who dressed up like Troi? She’s obviously way into Trek and she’s hot? Also she looks to be in late 20’s early 30’s so she maybe only has 5-10 years on me

The new movie sucked.

They see me trollin

They hate’n

quoting thebiggfrogg
“Every year my Trekkie Mom, Dad, and Aunt Miri drag me off to one of these stupid cons! I just want to go to the Lady Gaga concert!”

Hehe. Nice observation, I’m glad that my facial expression on that pic is somewhat “OK”
But let me assure you, the look is more: “I want to get back to the main hall for talks and autographs instead of posing for photos.”

In Draft 1 of Nemesis, Shinzon was Picard’s son. In Draft 2, he was a clone and Patrick Stewart would play both. In the final draft, Shinzon was a younger clone of Picard.

“it was altered too much with “input from too many people.” – Not really. Nemesis was a failure and that’s it.