FedCon XX Videos: Star Trek Infinite Space Sneak Peek and Producers Interview + Canvas Warriors Artist Interview

FedConXX may be over, but we’ve got an in depth look at couple of the exciting new things we saw at this year’s convention. TrekMovie got a video interview and sneak peek of the new free-to-play browser based game, Star Trek: Infinite Space.  Plus we interviewed the artist behind Canvas Warriors, the company designing custom, hand-painted Star Trek & sci-fi themed Chuck Taylor shoes, hoodies, bags, and even jewelry.



Today TrekMovie shows off videos from the show floor at FedCon XX, from the Hotel Maritim Düsseldorf in Germany, taking a look at some of the vendors with Trek-theme stuff.

Star Trek: Infinite Space the new free-to-play browser game from GameForge
GameForge, makers of Star Trek: Infinite Space, the new free-to-play internet browser based game coming out this summer, was set up at FedConXX. TrekMovie got an exclusive interview with the game’s producer Saman Pakzad and executive producer Ralf Adam to talk about the details of gameplay, the graphics, the storyline, and more. We even got a chance to play a bit of the game ourselves. Currently, no version of the game is available for the public to play, but Sam and Ralf say that the full version should release this year after an open beta.

Last month, TrekMovie posted a Q&A session with Mike & Denise Okuda, the Star Trek consultants on the gameplay and storylines. The game will be set entirely in the Deep Space Nine era of Trek. Players will be the captain of their own starship, and, while most of the gameplay will take place in space, you will also be able to design a character to walk around in space stations and the like. The game, says Sam and Ralf, is designed for everyone at any level of gaming. Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to pick up a game at random times and only play for an hour or the kind of person who likes to play days-long marathons, the design of Infinite Space is suited for both.

Since the game is based inside of a web browser, there is nothing to buy. The game is 100% free to play. There will be an option to buy items in game that will help the player advance more quickly, but anything that can be done in the game can be done without paying one penny.

Coming Summer 2011

Canvas Warriors: Custom, hand-painted Star Trek & sci-fi jewelry, shoes, bags, hoodies, and more
Artist and science fiction geek Sandira Reddy of Canvas Warriors creates personalized works of art on shoes, bags, and hoodies plus Star Trek and sci-fi themed jewelry inlcuding earings, charm bracelets, and even cuff links! Her booth was definitely the most popular in the merch room here at FedConXX. Several celebreties stopped by for a look at her stuff, and Wil Wheaton even bought a pair of custom painted Chuck Taylors plus some sci-fi cuff links.

Sci-fi cuff links for sale

Custom Chuck Taylors start at $170US/£105/€123 per pair, and the quality and durability of the shoes is certainly top notch. As it says on the CanvasWarriors.co.uk website:

Each pair of Chucks from Canvas Warriors is 100% authentic Converse and is completely customised to your request. They are painted free hand by Sandira and are made to order. The designs will never be printed or ironed on which makes each pair a unique work of art! Designs are painted with the highest quality acrylic fabric paint and sealed with a protective top coat, to ensure the final product is completely waterproof and durable. These shoes are meant to be worn!

Sandira, who initally began painting shoes for fun before turning it into a business, was delighted to see her products selling fast. When we caught up with her on the last day of the con, several products had sold out. And, each day of the convention you could spot more and more people donning Star Trek insignia earrings, Stargate necklaces, and sci-fi charm bracelets. I even bought myself a pair of “Live Long and Prosper” shoes, which Sandira signed for me.

My LLAP shoes!

A pair of Sandira’s Stargate Chuck Taylors were even signed by Richard Dean Anderson, Paul McGillion (Stargate Atlantis), and head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Paul Watson. The shoes were auctioned and 100% of the proceeds went to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society charity.

Artist Sandiry Reddy with signed Stargate chucks for charity.

TrekMovie got an interview with Sandira where she shows off some of her latest products and talks about how she started this business. Plus, check out the time lapse video of the painting of a pair of custom Chuck Taylors! Ready to order your own? Go straight to http://www.canvaswarriors.co.uk or e-mail Sandira with questions at info@canvaswarriors.co.uk.

More FedCon XX at TrekMovie

Believe it or not, there is more FedCon coverage to come at TrekMovie with a couple of Star Trek celeb interviews – look for those later this week. 

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That girl who customises those trainers is HOT!!


There are girls who like Star Trek?
There are girls who play video games?
There are girls on the Internet?

Everything I’ve been told is a lie!


The game looks ok, but they are forgetting that away teams are just as much a part of Trek as ships shooting each other. Making a Star Trek MMO without having real away team missions is only making half of a Trek game.

Star Trek Infinite Space looks more like a cheap un-imaginative rip off of Star Trek Online for those that are too busy complaining about the way STO moves the timeline forward. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just if they are going to make a new TREK game it should appeal to all of the TREK fans not a select group of them.

I was hoping there was going to be more away-team based missions….

I thought Kayla (spelling) was a beautiful breath of fresh air to the face of Trek Movie. Com

That girl interviewing for the Infinate Space game is sexy! She’d look really hot as a Vulcan!

@2 You’ll be even more surprised, then, that there might be a Geek Girls panel at Star Trek Las Vegas this year!

the game looks like “Star Trek Encounters”, i like it.

Kayla Iacovino, uhu, you´re a pretty scientist!

Vad_Baxter, I was thinking the same thing. It is so similar to STO, that I don’t see any reason to play this other than the price difference between the games. Does anyone really think STO will stay pay-per-month for much longer? When it goes free-to-play, there will be absolutely no reason to play Infinite Space.

They should have set it in the original series timeline or in the JJverse to differentiate it from STO.

No good Star Trek games since ST: Judgment Rites for the PC back in ’92.

12. There´s STTNG:The Final Unity which arrived a couple of years later.

I am looking forward to trying Infinite Space. I have not played STO in months. (Currently I’m dreading the amount of my monthly bandwidth allowance the patch update would consume if I started playing again!)

Hopefully, Infinite Space will be more player-interactive than STO.

Klingon Academy was really good!

Can I just get a TOS game already?!? Come on, people…

Hmm… the game doesn’t look too bad. Hopefully in the near future or so, Interplay may once again acquire the rights to the Star Trek License, then they can re-release the classic games and make them playable on modern versions of Windows (or Mac)

Well, im looking forward to what essentially sounds like a free version of Star Trek Online – even though it might not be as in depth as that game is.

Personally though, I really want a rich, multi-tiered story driven Trek game like Mass Effect. In many ways ME has surpassed Trek games in being more the show, especially when it comes to diplomacy and exploration.

17. You can play play most of ancient Star Trek games using a support software called “VDM Sound V2.10”.

1st question.. is the interview chick still single? :D shes a fine lassy if you ask me :P

2 i cant wait the game :D

Cant wait. I hope its fun