Karl Urban: Star Trek Sequel Shooting Starting In September or November

Another day and another 2012 Star Trek sequel status tidbit. Today’s morsel comes from Karl Urban who is out promoting his latest movie Priest. Star Trek’s new Dr. Leonard McCoy says filming could start as late as November 2011.  


Urban: Star Trek sequel production maybe as late as November

Talking to Collider, Urban offered this update on the Star Trek sequel:

Do you know when you start filming [Star Trek sequel]?
I am hearing it’s going to be maybe September or November this year.

Do you think JJ [Abrams] will be back?
I certainly hope so. He’s a phenomenal director and we had such a great time working with him on the first one so I really hope so.

Recent reports have been talking about a September start date, but Urban’s November comment may be of concern. Starting that late certainly raises questions as to whether or not the Star Trek sequel could meet a June 29, 2012 release date, and it also would run afoul of Paramount’s reported plans to starting shooting the next Jack Ryan movie (starring Chris Pine) in January 2012.

We will probably learn more within a few weeks as JJ Abrams will be doing publicity for Super 8, opening June 10. 

Urban talks to Abrams on the set of "Star Trek" – actor hopes Abrams will direct sequel but not sure when shooting will start later this year

Priest, featuring Karl Urban as the vampire villain, opens May 13th. Here is the latest trailer (via official site).

Fore more from Urban on The Hobbit, Dredd and Karaoke, see the full video interview at Collider.


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JJ has not said if he will be dirceting the new movie yet. Everyone is so set on JJ. Why??

no reason to believe otherwise as of yet

@2 because we need more lens flares (or is it cowbell)!

Bring back Bones, he isn’t a side character.

Because Abrams did a fantastic job with the first Star Trek movie

Anyone ever considerd that they are close to filming and having a little joke with us.

Remove the drunk, and the film should be great!

Karl Urban may be talking about his part in the film only. It could be that he does not have to be there until November at the latest. Another factor for Karl could be the Rugby World Cup which takes place here in NZ in October this year. (For some reason, I had heard that the rugby was to happen in April, which I thought did not seem right. It turns out I was right.) I know that Karl is a big rugby fan (he said he wanted to be an All-Black when he was younger) and I believe he has had that time booked for quite a while now. October is also a time when school holidays take place. Karl is dad to two young boys. October this year in NZ is about the game of rugby and FAMILY TIME!

I have no idea what goes on at Paramount or any of these US based film makers, but Star Trek has an international cast, as it should, given that it is Star Trek! This apparent inability of some to maintain some sort of schedule can have the effect of throwing other people’s plans out, like maybe Karl Urban’s for instance.

Sometimes I get the impression that many Americans seem to think that the world begins and ends with its borders. Well, the world doesn’t. It never has.

Development really does seem rather leisurely. I wonder if the next official announcement will be a release date change.

“Damnit, JJ!! I’m an actor, not a doctor!”

@9 – Could you imagine STAR TREK being filmed in NZ, in that same breath-taking land we saw in the LOTR films, and the new HOBBIT films?

Maybe one day…

Would be nice to see Bones wooing whatever Dax host Jadzia referenced in the DS9 tribble episode.


Yes, because one of our movies is behind schedule America thinks it’s the master of the world. Wonderful logic there. Do all New Zealanders paint with such a broad brush?

I’ve been considering the same thing myself.

One thing the next movie needs. MORE BONES!!!!! :)

#16,i agree,MORE BONES!! but late Sep. or Nov.?!?! Oh My God i am so stressed!!!! *AHHHHHHHHH*!!!!!!!

i would also like to add , ‘My God man!!”


(just kidding)

@19. Mr shatner has been booked to write, direct, star, edit, and sing the theme tune as well as take the 1st 3d camera to the centre of the galaxy to find god

They better not rush this thing dammit!

x men first class was shot in a similar space of time and it looks brill

September or November??? … I suspect he is not the slightest idea…
or … just trying to get away to answer something he should not … LOL

September or November?? … 2011?? or 2012?? … +LOL

:-) :-)

#14 No, I don’t think that all New Zealanders paint with such a broad brush. Some use an even broader brush…;) but, hang on, isn’t America master of the world? You know, it is hard to tell sometimes…

#11 Yes, I have imagined a Star Trek where some of it gets filmed in NZ, with Peter Jackson doing the directing here, while JJ Abrams or someone like Steven Spielberg works on the US side, and where there is good co-operation between directors, ILM and Weta.

My planet, Menosia, is not unlike NZ, but not exactly like it either. After all, it is its own planet in a far flung corner of our quadrant, galaxy, whatever…


no, because every single planet they beam onto MUST look like some desert in California (well, excluding Delta Vega, of course).

How are they going to film the entire movie, edit it, and release it by June 29?

#24 – Keachick (rose pinenut) … If you have not seen it yet… I suspect you ‘ll love it!


:-) :-)

7 Yeah I’m wonderin’, ladies and gents, if this isn’t a ruse. As we grow more insistent they respond in kind.

Karl Urban is my favorite of the new trek actors. I thought he was the best out of them, to tell you the truth.

Bring back more of the Kirk/Spock/Bones trio!!

#26 No, Dee, I have not seen these pictures. Thank you. It must be getting warmer and sunnier there in Los Angeles now. What happened to his hair – the just risen from bed look? Not bad actually. He looks happy and relaxed. So where, what is the Chateau Marmont? (I assume it is somewhere in LA).


Hmm. Do you wake up every day singing “I am the World”?

I hope they really develop the kirk, spock, bones dynamic and not just the relationship between kerk and spock.

More Bones is fine but I REALLY want to see MORE PIKE!!

PIKE will make the sequel for me!!

# 29 – Keachick … as far as I know “Chateau Marmont” is a luxury hotel in LA … celebrities are always there! :-) :-)

Keachick–coupl of points for you:

#1–If the production crew wasn’t going to build an engine room for NuTrek 1, they sure weren’t going to do a lacation shoot in NZ.

#2–Lighten up on the U.S. bashing. It’s easy to shoot for and hit a big target. Try refining your aim. I haven’t found any examples here where anyone bragged about the U.S. as the center of all things.

ugh, boring, four yawns out of five. My trekmovie.com visits are down to once a week now while my visits to IGN.com are up after all these rumor and leaks of a new HD Nintendo console. My inner video game nerd is out nerding my inner trek nerd, its a fierce battle.

#34 THX-1138 – Mate, you need to lighten up, seriously. Why all this defensiveness? It was kind of a joke, not a very good one, I’ll admit. No, nobody has made comments here.

However, the world is inundated with your military forces, air and sea, wandering every corner of the globe. Your country was more than a little pissed when NZ refused to allow US nuclear powered and weaponed sea vessels into our waters and that was in 1984/85. Your government is still a bit pissed off about that. As far as I am concerned, the US broke the ANZUS alliance, not us.

Having said that, I would prefer the US military wandering the globe doing whatever? than a Chinese military presence. Such a criminal waste, this whole damned industrial-military complex business.

Anyway, I am not getting into politics, other than what I have written above. The US and NZ have learned to agree to disagree about some things, which is fine.

Couple of more points for you, Keachick:

#1–I wasn’t aware I had any military forces. If you’re speaking of the U.S. forces installed around the globe then I believe that you’re problem is with the U.S. government. There are lot’s of American citizens who want the troops home; perhaps the majority of the U.S. citizens.

#2– Not to belittle Australia or NZ, I would wager that you could poll as many Americans possible and not find one of them that is or was pissed that NZ disallowed nuclear wessles to be stationed there. As for the ANZUS alliance, I doubt that it’s as big an issue in the U.S, as it seems to be with you.

#3–Bear in mind it was you that lobbed the first volley. I tire of U.S. bashing and it has nothing to do with any kind of nationalistic jingoism. This is where I live and I am proud of the great things my country has contributed to the people of the world. One can bemoan the industrial-military complex of the United States but go and ask those folks in Japan that were devastated by the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunamis that have been aided by the same complex. Or those in Kuwait who did as well. How about finding a real enemy to be pissed at? Like communism or other dictatorships oppressing their citizens around the globe, or taking a long hard look at your own government and that of Australia? I won’t come on to the Trekmovie site and piss on your kiwis if you promise to not do the same to my cheeseburger.

Another thing occured to me. you do know that the U.S. isn’t the only country with a military presence around the world. Or that is suffering troop casualties. Besides the US, in just the last two months the following countries have lost service men/women in Afghanistan: France, Poland, UK, Norway, Canada, Georgia, and Italy. I find it encouraging that such diverse cultures can agree on the importance of opposing evil. There is reason for hope in our world.

NZ has also lost servicemen in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are part of the UN and are part of peacekeeping forces in many countries.

I was not talking about the American people. I was talking about the US government, starting with the Ronald Reagan one. Unfortunately, even democratically elected governments don’t always represent the wishes of the people.

You do not have to have an industrial-military complex to do relief and clean up work in the case of natural disasters. What does Japan need with an aircraft carrier carrying nuclear weapons/missiles? or any other country for that matter? The reality is that the armies etc are used, because there are so many personnel in those organisations and many have the knowledge and ability to deal with disasters, whether natural or manmade, and can deal with any lawbreakers. However, it is the Police and Civil Defence who have the real authority and know how in a lot of cases.

Actually, I suspect we are pretty much on the same page. Sorry about the misguided “joke”.

PS Australia is not like NZ in that it still allows visits by US nuke ships and submarines. Australia is in a rather peculiar position since it is one of the world’s major suppliers of uranium. Uranium occurs naturally in a large part of Australia – northern Queensland, Northern Territory and parts of western Australia.

#37 Well put sir.

Let’s not get into nationality-bashing. This site is about “Star Trek”, and as such, everyone here is a Trekkie first and foremost. It doesn’t matter where we come from.

We can be thankful that Osama bin Laden is now fish food on the ocean floor. Him and others like him are against what Trek stands for.

Funny you should say that, I always thought killing was also something against what Trek stands for.

Lot of lens flare in that pic up there.


Don’t know where you got that. Plenty of examples of killing done in the name of defense and justice in Trek, particularly in a time of war.

What war?
There is a man who is allegedly responsible for bringing down two buildings, used as a model face of “terrorism” and an excuse to randomly bomb and kill in the name of “fighting it”.
Who in the end gets conveniently shot down, armless, while the public cheers for…. what?
I thought in a democratic state there are neither executions nor people being punished without first going through the judicial process.

They shot bin Laden because a) he was most likely reaching for a gun, b) it would have likely cost hundreds of millions of dollars to set up a tribunal and to provide the security needed.

The location of his trial would have had to have been in a secure location, most likely remaining unknown to the general public.

Remember the Saddam Hussein trial? He used it as a platform for his own rants while Iraq was in total chaos. Imagine what bin Laden would have done with the media around him.

Sometimes, its better to just kill your enemies to avoid a bigger problem. It’s just the way it works.


What war? Where have you been in the past ten years?
And as for a trial, how are you going to find twelve people on this planet who don’t have an opinion in some shape or form about OBL? Good luck with that.

I know it’s odd to say this on a Star Trek site, but get real.

He probably meant to say September or “October” (why would he skip and month and say November…does not compute)…even actors are allowed brain farts.

@9 “October this year in NZ is about the game of rugby and FAMILY TIME!”

Of course Paramount will be working the Trek shooting schedule around Karl Urban’s vacation time in NZ in October. I think that was mentioned at their recent board meeting.