Photos: Zoe Saldana At MET Ball & Avon Event + Video Interviews From SF Film Fest

The fashionable Zoe Saldana has been busy in the last few days. Tonight Star Trek’s new Uhura is in New York City at the MET Ball, and over the weekend she was in Chicago hosting an event for Avon. We have photos from both events, plus video interviews with Zoe from last week’s San Francisco Film Festival.  


PHOTOS: Zoe at MET Ball and Avon "Believe" Event

On Monday night Zoe Saldana attended the MET Ball at the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City. And if you must know, she was wearing A Calvin Klein dress, Brian Atwood shoes, and vintage jewelry from the Platt boutique.  Here are images of Zoe from the event.

Over the weekend Zoe joined Avon Chairman Andrea Jung to host the Chicago stop of the company’s 125th anniversary "Believe Tour." Avon used the event to award a grant to Family Rescue, to support its services for domestic violence victims and their families in the Chicago area. Here are images of Zoe (and Andrea Jung) from the event.

VIDEOS: Zoe talks "bad ass" Columbiana

Last week we reported that Zoe was honored with the Midnight Award and the San Francisco Film Festival. In a recently uploaded video interview with Zoe from the event (via StarWartchMedia) the actress talks about the award, dancing, and her upcoming film Columbiana.

And at the same event Zoe talks to GrolschFilmWorks more about the Columbiana and how she will continue to work in indie movies.

Photos: WireImage

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Zoe is pretty butt i really like it when she is just wearing simple every day cloths instead of premiere outfits… one of those rare stars with that nature ya know? then again thats just me

OK… Zoe is very stylish… as always! … certainly enjoying life, while the sequel will not start! … Uhura arrives soon… I hope!

Karl Urban looks great… McCoy I’m waiting for…

But guys… “TrekMovie staff”… There is something going on with Young Spock and Young Kirk … that is puzzling fans on the internet these days… why are they looking like mountain men?… someone said that, not me… both with beard?… would be a pact, a ritual before filming Trek 2?… before ZQ to shave his eyebrows? … and before CP to become blonde?… someone should investigate this!… What is happening to Pine/Kirk and Quinto/Spock? …LOL

Look here:

and here:

Male fashion statements to prove they have good amounts of testosterone flowing through their veins? Perhaps it might not have to do with basketball? Is Zach into basketball?

Probably having to shave and then have make up applied day after day could become be a bit of a pain after a while. It generally means early morning rises as well. It is the actors’ way of having a bit of R&R before heading for the make up department and being under hot studio lights for 12 -15 hours a day or whatever for six days.

Judging from the photo of Chris just posted, there is no need to colour his hair. The colour is great. Hair gets slowly darker as you get older (before the grey or white hairs come), so there is no need to lighten Chris’s hair. He has nice brown hair. They should leave it alone.

Edit: I meant to say “six days a week”.

There should be crimes against a woman being that good looking.

Unless you could somehow clone her so we could all have one.

Sorry, that should read laws against.

Glad you made that correction Chris. Uncorrected, that statement is amazingly inappropriate (though we would’ve known you didn’t mean it that way).

# 3 – Keachick ( rose pinenut )… I remember that Chris Pine commented that was his option to lighten his hair, to play Captain Kirk … I think his hair in the light of day as in the pictures seems clearer!

:-) :-)

You don’t need to call me by all those names. I’m looking at options right now. Using any or all of those names is OK. Hopefully, everyone should know what/who a (P)pinenut is by now…:) I’m also informed that pinenuts are healthy, good for you.

I did not know that, Dee. Anyway, his hair colouring looks great and works for “my captain”, Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise.

Perhaps seeing Chris with fairer hair could mean that filming might be happening sooner rather later. I know, clutching at straws…but who knows?

OMG, Zoe is looking SOOOOO thin! I hope she pigs out a bit so she can fit back into her Starfleet uniform! If not, the uniform will be falling off her, and not for the good reason. lmao!!

# 10 – Keachick… Ok!… and we are all “pinenuts”… so weird… LOL… but true … If CP changes his hair color before they start filming Trek 2 … he will hide them with one of his famous hats … I bet on that! … +LOL

:-) :-)

sexy lady

#12 Or CP will be a *monkey heading down a rabbit-hole…again
We pinenuts are all totally level-headed, eminently sane people with perfectly natural wishes and fantasies about um…yes, well, yum, um… Well, at least you, Dee, and I are…:) And we all know, for a fact, how courteous and responsible the paps are always… Don’t see his problem at all…

* In the Chinese Horoscope, people are born in a year that is represented by a certain animal. Chris Pine’s year, 1980, was the Year of the Monkey. This year, 2011, is the Year of the Rabbit or Hare. It is sorta funny that Dee keeps talking about rabbit-holes.

Each year is represented by a different animal and it goes in 12 year cycles. The animals are: Tiger, Rabbit (Hare), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (Sheep), Monkey, Bird, Dog, Pig, Rat and Bull(bovine) and the next year is the Tiger again…

I am pretty ignorant on what all this signifies, according to ancient Chinese beliefs and philosophies, but it is not dissimilar to the better known Horoscope, which has each of the twelve months of the year represented by a different animal, persons and/or symbols.

“Ours” are:
Pisces (fish; water sign) – Anton Yelchin.
Aries (ram; fire sign) – William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy
Taurus (bull; earth sign) – all my kids are Tauruses – planned that well, maybe, I think, whatever…
Gemini (the twins; air sign) a lot of the new Trek cast are Geminis – Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto…
Cancer (crab; water sign) – JJ Abrams, Bob Orci
Leo (lion; fire sign) – Bruce Greenwood
Virgo (the *vestal virgin; earth sign) – Chris Pine, Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman
Libra (the scales; air sign) –
Scorpio (scorpion; water sign) –
Sagittarius (centaur/archer; fire sign) – me
Capricorn (goat; earth sign) –
Aquarius (water bearer; air sign) – Simon Pegg

Since this appears to be more of a “trivia” thread, I thought I would add my 2 cents. It is one of those damp, wet, humid autumn (fall) days here…plants are loving it though…:)