Zoe Saldana Makes Maxim Hot 100 List (Again)

The new Star Trek stars continue to get noticed. Last week Men Fitness named Star Trek’s Chris Pine one of 2011’s “25 Fittest Guys,” and this week Maxim Magazine has named Star Trek’s new Uhura, Zoe Saldana, one of their 2011 "Hot 100." Details below.


Zoe still one of Maxim’s Hot 100

Today Maxim Magazine announced their 2011 "Hot 100" list. This year came in at #37. A good ranking, but last year the actress was #3, just coming off her roles in Star Trek and Avatar. Maxim has anointed Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, star of Transformers: Dark of the Moon with the top honor this year. You can check out the full Hot 100 list at Maxim.com.

Zoe ‘s recent campaign for Calvin Klein underwear probably helped keep her in contention.

"Zoe Reveals" commercial

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Look, I like Zoe Saldana as an actress. She did a reasonable job playing Uhura. Maxim Magazine is supposed to be about showcasing female beauty. I find it disturbing that they think Saldana belongs in the Top 100. I could go out on a Friday night to any busy bar/club in Toronto and spot a dozen babes who would put her to shame. These Hollywood lists are a sad joke. And, no, I’m not trying to get anyone riled up here, it’s just my sincere opinion.

Not trying to get anyone riled up? Let’s see how that goes.

Rosie from dark of the moon is maybe a 7/10 tops, she just has that face like she is ill or about to barf. I dont think anyone can top megan and the other blonde babe from transformers1

I agree with harry plenty of sexier babes in toronto alone.


Well, at least Erica Durance isn’t included. But Olivia Wilde is, as is former “Deep Space Nine” guest star (Klingon N’Garen, from “Sons And Daughters”) Gabrielle Union!


Olivia Wilde DESERVES to be on that list! :>)

“Wilde” about Olivia!

Hey Ryan. You beat me to it. I to am Wild about Olivia. She is just to HOT!!!!
ZOE!!!!. HOT!!!!! as well.

I think Zoe and Miss Wilde are sexy as all get out,
but IMO this is beautiful…



(Yawn). She’s way overexposed, and could use a good burger (with cheese and bacon). Fine looking woman, despite looking emaciated.

In my humble opinion, of course.

@ 2 Harry Ballz

Yeah, you remember how I told you Canadians that all this hatred towards Erica Durance was a plot to keep your Canadian foxes up north. Elisha Cuthbert # 65, Evangeline Lilly, the 4G woman. So you got to agree Erica Durance is a beauty, eh?

And by the way do the ladies in the bars like Harry Ballz?

Okay, on our secret record setting thread I announced the top ten Star Trek babes. Has this Maxim rating caused Zoe to jump onto the list? Well check out my list. The Top Ten Star Trek Babes are …

10. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols “Star Trek: The Original Series” )
9. Dr. Carol Marcus (Bibi Besch “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan”)
8. T’Pol ( Jolene Blalock “Star Trek: Enterpirse”)
7. Seven (Jerri Ryan, “Star Trek: Voyager”)
6. Dax (Terry Farell “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”)
5. Ilia (Persis Khambatta “Star Trek; The Motion Picture”)
4. Tonia Barrows (Emily Banks “Star Trek TOS; Episode: Shore Leave”)
3. Rivan (Brenda Bakke “Star Trek TNG; Episode: Justice”)
2. Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden “Star Trek: The Next Generation”)

And the Top Star Trek Babe is….

Still the champ.,

(To the tune of Here she is Miss America….) Here she is Miss Top Star Trek Babe… CHASE MASTERSON (or Leeta in Deep Space 9)



I have a few more for you:

Dr. Miranda Jones/ Ann Mulhall (Diane Muldaur “Star Trek TOS”)
Andrea (Sherry Jackson “Star Trek TOS”)
Droxine (Diana Ewing “Star Trek TOS”)
Vanna (Charlene Polite “Star Trek TOS”)

and yes, I’m saying this: Leila Kalomi (Jill Ireland “Star Trek TOS”)

I don’t know where you’d place these on your list…would you mind?

My dad loves Sherry Jackson. He thinks she’s the prettiest girl in all 3 TOS seasons. However, Jill Ireland is still my favorite.

11. “do the ladies in the bars like Harry Ballz’

Well, yes, BB, when they finally get around to seeing them. Thanks for asking!


Love Sherry Jackson (Andrea in What Are Little Girls Made Of?) How did they keep that flimsy costume on her without a wardrobe malfunction?

Crime MAXIM left off Hayden Panatierre!!! Anyone seen her in Scre4m will attest to how damn hot she is!!!

@ 12, 13

how DARE you not mention Lt. Marlena Moreau!!!!
; )

So is Zoe still an actress or just a celebrity now?

Frankly, i’ve become tired of all the posts about the latest award she is receiving just because she’s hot.

But then, i’m a cranky old fart.

She´s very thin. I prefer brazilians black girls. We´ve a lot of black girls that wold be wonderfuls Uhuras.

Anthony, where is that ‘ignore’ button i was promised to hide the posts of those repetetive dead horse-beaters who like to see their name as many times as possible on your fantastic site.


Why do people feel the need to continually reiterate this? It’s like saying, “no offense but…” always, ALWAYs people say this and then something negative follows.

There’s no need iterate this or to defend it. Most of the world teaches us thusly and many follow through.

Doing so just comes off overly-defensive, which makes folks wonder why you feel the need to *even* let folks know you have negative feelings towards a person, in any capacity.

…And I’m sorry, but if you ever wonder why some black women seem to have chip on there shoulders, well this is one of many reasons why.

It takes an extraordinary sense of self and character to even *exist* in this world we’re people are constantly apologizing to you for not finding “your kind” attractive or find some reason to find who are unacceptable.

There has been no space and time, in first-world human history when someone like Zoe would have been the tops in conventional beauty.

We all know this.

There’s no need to hammer the point home.

I agree with Harry Ballz about this type of list … is a joke… but is fun… at least you can make great jokes about it…

And I can assure you that there are some places on the planet where girls are more beautiful than these… just find the right streets and beaches … definitely! LOL

But I think for guys alone, this type of magazine is the only consolation… then good for them!

And Zoe/Uhura “rocks” again… but I love Star Trek is just for that! … LOL

:-) :-)


The key-word is “first-world”.

As for other places that aren’t tainted by the very narrow sensibilities of the first world?

Or course. :)

There have been articles talking about how our society is moving toward a “beiging” ideal of beauty, with Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and the like, being popular in recent years, but that carries a whole other set of icky “ethnic-but-not-too-ethnic or dark” implications, that is evident in one of the comments, even in this thread.

I just was talking about Zoe in the list of this magazine of course … I like her as an actress by the way! … an bit of irony unnecessary , I think … sorry, Zoe! :-):-)

#22 – gingerly

I confess I do not understand editors who do this kind of lists… “things like the most beautiful about anything!” … I do not take this seriously… I hope people I admire and who enter the lists, face it with irony, too! … it just goes to 5 minutes of fun! … LOL

:-) :-)


Get off your high horse. Nobody is trying to knock that chip off your shoulder. I don’t care if Zoe is black, white, purple or green. I’m simply stating that she isn’t as hot as many other women out there. As soon as Ms. Saldana put herself in the public spotlight (her choice), she has opened the door to comment and feedback. Both positive AND negative.

What, you think a celebrity, someone who invites the public’s attention, should only receive POSITIVE comments? True equality means the same treatment for ALL people. Good OR bad.

Why is Saldana always on these sexiest lists?? Besides her sexy body, good looks and great personality, what does she have?;]

Harry, you think Maxim is about showcasing female beauty? Seriously? It’s about boobs for 19 year olds. And dudes (or bros, if you will). They’re all about a certain type of woman. There are plenty of fantastic looking women, even in Hollywood, who aren’t on this list. And they shouldn’t be. They don’t fit in.

Also, no Yvonne Strahovski, Alison Brie is only 49, and Sarah Shahi is 24? GMAFB.

I think i know what your saying Harry. Zoe is a beautiful woman, thers no doubt about that, but as you say there are plenty of women in towns and citie accross the world who would grace that list. It also makes it to be that beauty is only skin deep and doesnt take into account the beauty that lies within.

The world is full of stunning women so it does make these lists a bit rediculous.

In the UK, the Miss Great Britain/Miss World programme rarely gets mainstream screening now because its regarded by some as a sexist bit of entertainment. If thats the case, arnt these lists sexist too. Or has the world gone mad??



GLUE! Probably.


Sorry about that! Yes, her too. And there are a few more I discovered I left out:

Sally Kellerman
Susan Oliver
and Arlene Martel

Don’t know how I forgot T’Pring.

29. starbase Britain

Thanks, SB!! That’s exactly what I was talking about. I appreciate the backup!


I agree, just look at Maxim’s number 1, Rosie has boobs but she looks like a dude with long hair.

You mean Lindsay Lohan is on that list? Seriously? It really is hard to take these lists seriously at all. All these people do much the same poses. Indications of individuality clearly is not a requirement.

List or no list, Zoe will be my wife some day. We will help populate the world with naturally skinny people. All the fatties will be jealous of our beauty and wonderful metabolisms. Their desperate pleas that we eat cheeseburgers will go ignored, because we just had a big bowl of ice cream with all the fixin’s. Maybe double cheeseburgers for dinner, maybe not, but it doesn’t matter, because we’ll be skinny either way!

Ectomorphs of the world, unite!

@34: Damn you, ectos!! (angrily gets back on the stairmaster for another 30 min)


“Ectomorphs of the world, unite!”

I have better things to do . Such as, eating an umpteenth big bowl of ice cream

with all the fixin’s.

Thank you.



Miam miam…


It seems Zoe “rocks” here:


:-) :-)


Sad laugh @ me being on “a high-horse” for knowing that most of the world thinks black women are ugly and requesting a little bit of sensitivity for that.

Not cool, Harry.


What, you think a celebrity, someone who invites the public’s attention, should only receive POSITIVE comments?

No, I don’t.

True equality means the same treatment for ALL people. Good OR bad.

But that doesn’t happen. When a woman is darker-skinned, she gets a far higher proportion of “ugly” comments, regardless of her looks.

That’s not at all equal.

Harry Ballz was just stating his opinions. He’s entitled to do so on this site. Whether you agree with him or not, it’s his right. And I saw nothing in his posts to indicate racial bias or racism. All he wrote was how he didn’t find Zoe Saldana all that attractive. Nothing wrong with that at all.



gingerly, that may be your experience, but i’m expressing an opinion based on my own perceptions. As Ryan has pointed out, I really don’t look at a person based on race or culture. Maybe that’s rare, and maybe I’ve got enough life experience under my belt (55 years old) to not even think that way, but still, in the final analysis, I was commenting on Ms. Saldana’s attractiveness as a woman. Period.

p.s. Ryan, thanks for having my back.

You’re most welcome, Harry!



I never attacked him, but then some seem to see Uhura as having attacked Spock…so, it’s not surprising that people would think that.

I’m just stating facts. Being a black woman means that you are uglier by default to the general populace in the first world (and some third world places too), than a similarly featured person who is not black.

The darker the skin, the uglier you are perceived to be.

That’s not a hostile or attacking statement, just truth.

…I’m sorry you both feel the need to defend yourselves from the hostility that is knowing that most of the world thinks your race is ugly.

No one has taken me to task for commenting on how come a WHITE woman, Lindsay Lohen, appears on that list, because at the moment, I find her anything but attractive. She needs to lose the unnatural hair colour and the awful eye make up, for starters, but that is my opinion.

Am I to conclude that it is alright to see an INDIVIDUAL WHITE woman as not being so attractive and say so, but not alright to say the same about an INDIVIDUAL BLACK woman? How fair and non-racist is that?

People are stating their opinions, preferences about individual women, irrespective of their race. Some black people are ugly. Some white people are ugly. Some Indians are ugly. Some Asians are ugly. Some Polynesians are ugly. On the other hand, some of these people, irrespective of their race, are beautiful. That is what makes all these “Miss World” and “Miss Universe” contests such a crock (among other things), because all the women can be so beautiful in their own unique ways. The Maxim magazine is doing pretty much the same as what these silly beauty contests do.

Thanks, Keachick, for adding some clarity to this discussion. One CAN judge beauty without RACE entering into the equation.

Gawd, i’m starting to sound like Spock! Holy sheepdip!!




Sure they can, Harry, sure they can…but not is this world.