The Music Of Leonard Nimoy Reborn In Animated Music Videos

In the late 60s Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy dabbled in music releasing a number of albums. Now some of that music has been reborn with a series of animated videos created by a fan. Today Nimoy tweeted a link to one of these videos, check it out and more below.


Leonard Nimoy Sings – Animated

YouTuber Brandyn has devoted much of her Psychotic Features channel to her Leonard Nimoy music videos, created using Apparently they got the notice of Leonard Nimoy who tweeted a link to the video for "Mayor of Ma’s Cafe" (from his 1970 album "The New World of Leonard Nimoy").  

Here is Psychotic Features version of Nimoy’s song "Highly Illogical" (from 1968 album "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy").

And "Spocks Thoughts" (also from "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy").

And one more, Nimoy’s "Where is Love?"

There are over a dozen more Leonard Nimoy animated music videos, check out the full playlist at YouTube.



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You could say Nimoy has an animated singing style!

i saw the frist one of the line up on Mr.Nimoy’s twitter,i love them all! He has a beautiful voice.

Highly Illogical is very cool … Ok … I loved it! … Where is love? … Great! …lol

:-) :-)

“Spocks Thoughts”… seems perfect for this week now …yeah … :-) :-)

Some great Videos of Spock Ur ah Mr Nimoy Singing. You are right Harry. Very Animated.

Hah-what no hobbitt song cartoon? or shatner doing green tambourine-

I actually made videos of all the songs from “Mister spock’s music from outer space. I made them in 1998. Search StageVU and then type in : where is love, highly illogical…etc..

Does she do one on his version of “Sunny”? That arrangement and background track have always been a favorite of mine. That’s worth doing.


This is a great site dedicated to Leonard’s singing career.


O.K., we need the animated videos of Bill Shatner’s songs. :)

I hope they do “Love of the Common People” from the album “The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy.” Or “Gentle on my Mind!”

OK It would seem that Captain Kirk and his first officer, Mr Spock, must do some singing as well. Chris Pine has managed to do one recording with a song called Someday Came Today, so when we expect to hear from Zachary Quinto? There are rumours that Zachary Quinto has been known to hold a little tune. It matters not whether these two can sing fantastically well or not. It is about putting their voices to sounding out a few notes accompanied by tuneful instrumentation.

Who knows – perhaps that is what Pinto are doing right now in some recording studio. One can hope. There are some customs, once begun, should not be allowed to stop. The singing TOS captain and his first officer and the custom begun by Captain Archer of the captain keeping a beagle as his mascot.

Make it so!