Watch Zoe Saldana Get Revenge In ‘Colombiana’ Teaser + POLL: More Action For Uhura In Star Trek Sequel

Vengeance has a new name and it is Zoe Saldana. Star Trek’s new Uhura has often talked about aspiring to be an action movie heroine, and later this year she gets her first big chance starring in the Luc Besson produced revenge film Colombiana. Check out the first teaser trailer below.


Zoe Saldana gets revenge in "Colombiana’

Here is the first teaser trailer for Colombiana, starring Zoe Saldana.

Colombiana is co-written and produced by Luc Besson (Taken, Le Femme Nikita) and directed by Oliver Megaton (Transporter 3). The film will be released September 2nd, 2011.

Action Uhura?

While Zoe Saldana may be at home on the red carpet and at fashion shows, her heroes are action film actresses like Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton. With Avatar, The Losers and Colombiana, Saldana is well on her way to her goal of being an action movie star. But will this find its way into the Star Trek sequel. In 2009 Saldana told TrekMovie that she waned to "kick some ass" in the sequel, and in 2010 the actress said producer JJ Abrams promised her a fight scene.

So perhaps in the sequel there will be less smooching with Spock and more kicking of butt for Uhura.

You looking at me, punk?

POLL: More action for Uhura in Star Trek sequel?

Should JJ Abrams and team give Saldana’s Uhura the action she craves?





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Would love to see her kick a lot of arse. :P

This fan boy infatuation with Saldana makes me nauseous.

the sound of thwapping echoed across the cosmos… or your basement. o.O

A Little. But would rather see the Big 3 get more screen time together. Kirk,Spock and MCcoy.

Star Trek is Kirk, Spock and McCoy — that’s McCoy, as in Leonard H.

#5,i couldn’t agree with you more!!!! I have a StarTrek 2009 poster,in said poster is Kirk,Spock,& Uhura. i’m thinking,’wheres McCoy?!” Don’t get me wrong,i like Uhura,but i love the Big Three more!

LOL… I do not know what annoy more the haters of Zoe/Uhura … Spock kissing her… or she taking some action … well, for me … I want to see Uhura using intelligence, intuition and expertise primarily as a communications officer … so … I voted … “Maybe a little bit”… of action, why not?

:-) :-)

And in the film Colombiana … she looks like a tough and desperate girl!

:-) :-)

Some of you guys are lame. This is a new timeline. Things aren’t going to be the exactly the same. It’s also 2011 not the 60s. What’s wrong with upgrading a BLACK FEMALE from the backseat of the Enterprise? Hmm? Hmm?


Nobody is saying Uhura should be kept in the back. We just want to ensure that the Kirk-Spock-McCoy dynamic, which is the CORE of “Star Trek”, remains intact and not broken up just to be politically correct. Uhura can still be given a juicy part.

For the sequel’s marketing campaign, if they do put Uhura on the posters alongside Kirk and Spock, then they damn well had better put McCoy there too. McCoy is just as important as Kirk and Spock, plus Karl Urban is a great actor. His name should be up there alongside Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana. Just that simple.

9. Kered Olegna


Don’t know why she has to do one thing, and not the other things. She can kiss Spock, be the communications officer I’ve always wanted to see, and get in her fight scene. The new writers are not going to sit her down like so many people want them to. That should be apparent by now. Personally, I would love for them to re-create that slap she received in “Space Seed”. I always wanted to see her return to that guy more than what he gave her– and Spock’s reaction could be fun. The same format that worked in the 60’s is not going to work now.

The movie looks very interesting. May have to go see this one.

I’ll be happy if she gets a decent, sleek pair of boots instead of those car tire things she had in the first film. I keep seeing her uniform in cosplay, they need to give her some different style in the new flick to keep the cosplayers going.

Uhura needs a scene where she’s bartering with three different aliens in different languages at the same time and not missing a beat.

McCoy needs a scene where he’s arms deep in alien guts.

Scotty needs a scene where he builds some amazing piece of tech, mad scientist style.

The dynamic of the new movie (whether they like to admit it or not) is not the old Kirk/Spock/McCoy dynamic but rather more of a Kirk/Spock/Uhura dynamic, they may as well. I simply don’t care. I didn’t particularly find either “trifecta” all that powerful in the film.

Why do I say this some of you might ask? Well, McCoy does befriend Kirk, but other than sneaking him onboard, Karl Urban spent most of the movie doing the best impersonation of a TOS character and not much else aside from being grumpy. (I still thought he was the best character in the entire film)

By the second act of the film, McCoy hardly interacts with the two in any meaningful way, often simply standing in the background like Sulu or Chekov did for most of the movie while Uhura interacts with Kirk/Spock.

They’ll have to work really hard to push it back to Kirk/Spock/McCoy and giving Saldana’s Uhura “Hailing Whoopass Open” in the sequel may as well shut down that particular warp drive dynamic forever (until Paramount reboots TOS again in a decade or so).

Why is it that anytime someone wants more for a character that’s not a white male it’s always dismissed as political correctness? Maybe some just have a difference of opinion. I, for one, want Uhura to kick some booty, bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. As for the dynamic, let’s shake it up a bit.

Wow. Lots of ammunition expended in that trailer. I watch all the Luc Besson movies I can can find. Will watch this one too. (Wasabi is an instant download on Netflix right now. Entertaining.)

Zoe doing anything in a skin-tight catsuit is OK by me.

#14 People just want to see the Kirk/Spock/McCoy dynamic operating as fully as it did in the TOS series and movies. I don’t think anyone is talking or dismissing anything because of political correctness. That can happen, as well as possibly seeing something of a developing Spock/Uhura relationship or a Kirk/? relationship.

It is time for more Bones, not Uhura. Bones has been underutilized and I hate it.

Sure, people like Kirk/Spock/McCoy. I always have. I am referring to the earlier use of the term, “political correctness” which is often found in any thread about Uhura/Zoe


Read comment #9. The poster seems to think that if we prefer the Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio over the Kirk-Spock-Uhura triangle then that means we’d like to keep Uhura “at the back of the bridge”, so to speak. It isn’t true at all. Gene Roddenberry said that Kirk, Spock and McCoy made each other whole. Kirk is the soul, Spock is the mind, and McCoy is the heart.

Ah, people who want Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Me too. Whatever any other character gets to do or not do, say or not say is fine, but IMHO the Big Three are the heart and soul of Star Trek.

Yeah, I caught that. You’re correct that race was insinuated earlier but after Hollywood’s track record it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.
Political correctness is a synonym for affirmative action. I doubt the word would have surfaced if this article was about Checkov. 

The “heart” of Star Trek was always Kirk and Spock and Star Trek 2009 reflected that reality. . . McCoy was always short-shifted in the so-called “Big Three” especially as the movies went on. . . Now we have 2 protagonists (Kirk and Spock), and 2 characters (McCoy and Uhura) who support them. People who want the “Big Three” see McCoy as being demoted in favor of Uhura, when in fact, that isn’t what really happened in the story. McCoy and Uhura basically had about equal time onscreen, and both performed the same function as characters. McCoy also now has someone on his level as a character instead of being stuck on the second-tier by himself as the 3rd-wheel in the Kirk and Spock relationship. Story telling has moved on, and so must Star Trek fans. . . the 60s were 50 years ago. . .


Also, YAY for Zoe kicking ass and wielding big guns. Luc Besson writing? This looks like it might be a film to watch for. . .


We have your back ZOE :) !!!

One of the things I loved in TAS was seeing Uhura in command.

I have no problem with Uhura being a bit more action orientated but I feel she has to be an extension of the character that Nichelle Nichols created.

I think it would be more fun to see Uhura get more action. Rather than leave her post just to comfort Spock in the turbolift

I am already annoyed that some people are thinking the original Uhura is not as smart in the prime universe. Just because in TUC we seen her struggling to read Klingon, does not mean she is not as smart. I read a recent TOS comic where Uhura’s lingusitic abilities where brought up.

It seems that now they have added a few of Hoshi’s abilities into Uhura.

One of my suggestions is to introduce another female character into the crew, a chief security officer as you may. Someone who is more serious and whose uniform comes with trousers (for all you horny fanboys out there, Uhura can still keep her miniskirt). Maybe cast someone like Rosario Dawson (who wants to be in the sequel). Balance the feminism and the feminist. I’ve commonly suggested this to Orci and Kurtzman.

Oh, again she seems willing to do anything but her job. Hardly a surprise. You’ll have to add at least one Nuhura as a sex object scene, just for the sake of tradition.

I like Uhura,i think thats what everybodys saying,but some of us like Red Dead Ryan on #10 & #20 love the core of StarTrek,which is Kirk,Spock,& McCoy,now thats not to say that Uhura can’t have an ass kickin fight in the next movie,or make out with Spock as the time arises,she can do whatever the hell the writers want her to,it is 2011,and as a woman,i’m saying women can do anything! Also as a woman,i love The Big Three! :) _ Olivia

It’s like this – I’m sick of people getting action scenes when they shouldn’t. If “Uhura” wants a fight scene, she can leave communications and join security, is all I’m saying.

Seems she got quite a bit of action last movie….on the transporter pad, as Spock’s about to beam down and save the universe. Too much, in that regard if you ask me. If that’s what the poll means, then no.

What´s important is that LUC BESSON is still making movies.

Maybe he´ll get inspired and go direct the SIXTH ELEMENT or something.

I wish her luck with “Colombiana”, but it definitely doesn’t look like a movie, which I will watch in the cinemas. It looks like a very predicable revenge story, with a focus of the violence scenes. Then they throw in a love story with a guy, who tries to find out, what she is keeping secret and who probably will try to change her ways, when he got to know her secret. The whole movie is probably one scene after each other, where someone gets killed professional by her, only interrupted by a few love scenes and “my childhood was so tragic” stories. There are more interesting movies in the cinemas. I will wait until I can see it gratis on TV.

In regards to Uhura I voted “maybe a little bit”. Give her an action scene, but don’t turn her into Buffy or Xena. I think every Starfleet officer should know how do defend himself/herself, so she should be able to fight, too. But she shouldn’t be a huge expert in it. I don’t mind seeing her physically beat one man, but she shouldn’t be able to beat three men at the same time. That would be too much.

I am also for more McCoy and more focus on the triangle. Spock and McCoy rarely interacted with each other and those scenes were some of the best in TOS in my opinion. I don’t see a good reason, why there shouldn’t be more in the movie. It is fun to see such different personalities clash. And overall McCoy should have more screen time. In the sequel the characters know each other from the beginning and are from the start on the Enterprise, so there is more room for this.

@28: I know, right? Like that 10-second scene in the last movie where she — gasp — CHANGED HER TOP!! That wanton trollop!

@12: “Uhura needs a scene where she’s bartering with three different aliens in different languages at the same time and not missing a beat.

McCoy needs a scene where he’s arms deep in alien guts.

Scotty needs a scene where he builds some amazing piece of tech, mad scientist style.”

Those are some damn great suggestions.

“34. CarlG – May 6, 2011
@28: I know, right? Like that 10-second scene in the last movie where she — gasp — CHANGED HER TOP!! That wanton trollop!”

That’s all you noticed? Here’s a cookie for the effort.

What I am saying is that her only role throughout the movie is to be an object in a “let’s see who will bed that chick first” game. Team Edward or team Jacob?
Though I understand why that was necessary, given that her role as a telephone lady is unimportant to both the Star Trek storyline and other characters. The only way to give her more screen time is to make use of the fact that she is a female.
And they did.

And it was a waste of screen time.

Wand to waste some more on a silly “Nuhura is again not on her post doing her job but running down the corridors” scene? Who is banging Nuhura now?
Time to focus on what matters for a change. The trio, the story, where no man has gone before.
Not where every man has been.

I’d far rather see screentime go to PIKE!!
Uhura will get her fair share of screentime–I see no reason for anything extra. I’d FAR rather see PIKE!

Star Trek is Kirk/Spock/McCoy as someone eloquently put it earlier, Kirk is the soul, Spock is the mind and McCoy is the heart.

The remainder are supporting characters. I very much want them to get their fair share of moments in the spotlight, of course. But only if it is relevant to the story/plot and not just shoehorned in for effect.

But nothing should be done at the expense of the main three.

Uhura’s moments, to my mind, simply showed her as being a bit of a petulant brat with an overactive “emotion” gland who deserted her post when it suited so that she could go off and neck with Spock in the turbolift, transporter room etc. Not particularly professional or showing Starfleet personnel at their best.
Before I get accused of being a Zoe hater, she is not at fault as an actress or of her interpretation of the character. It is the writers who wrote the scenes she had to play.

So a pretty please to the writers, let’s have our bridge people a bit more professional this time around?

Plus just one minor techie quibble, can you please remember that the turbolifts work on voice commands as the primary mode of operation? A small thing, yes, but it does give us “Not your Father’s Star Trek” fans a little something to hang on to.

More Scotty please, but not as comic relief. Thanks.

Oh yeah, Colombiana…

It looks interesting, if a bit predictable/formulaic. I’ll most likely wait to see it on Blu-Ray however. Especially with cinema tickets the price they are nowadays.


You’re way too smart for this post.

I can’t help but think everyone claiming that “Kirk-Spock-McCoy was the heart of everything Star Trek stood for!” are having a REALLY selective memory of the show and the movies. McCoy was never on the same tier as Kirk and Spock, not even in The Final Frontier, when their dynamic was the strongest (for some of the movie).

27. Rusty0918 – May 5, 2011
“One of my suggestions is to introduce another female character into the crew, a chief security officer as you may.”

And then put this female security chief in a situation with Uhura where they both have to kick some serious alien butt to get out of a away team jam.

Some Starfleet awesomesauce right there.


“Maybe a little bit”

plus overknees!

As much as I’ve always wished Uhura would play a more important role in Star Trek, I don’t think “Action Uhura” really fits with her character. I’d rather see her contribute in more of a character-way than an ass-kicking way.

I might feel differently about the matter if she was operating a vehicle or ship though.

I thought Kirk/Spock/McCoy was something obvious, clear… I never knew I had to ask to the writers for that …LOL

:-) :-)

Poll results aside, considering the viterol that occured over Spock/Uhura liplocking, the collective heads of a chunk of the fan base will explode if Uhura mixes it up with a bad guy. Unless it’s a catfight, in a tank of Romulan Ale…
Considering how often Kirk got curbstomped in the last movie, maybe Uhura needs to transfer to security….

@23 FarStrider: I completely agree. The “heart” of the triumvirate was shared by McCoy and Uhura in the movie. That’s OK, in my opinion. It opens more possibilities for character development as the four interact. McCoy and Uhura may turn out to be two sides/aspects of the same heart — he may be about ethics and “doing the right thing”; she may be about connection and empathy. Who knows? Like I said, many possibilities…

If the story warrants it, I’m all for Uhura going at it in kick-butt mode. As a Starfleet officer, if she didn’t mix it up with the bad guys, I’d be surprised. But no one wants anything shoehorned in, me included.

I would prefer Uhura be portrayed as a brilliant young woman, with linguistic and translating skills that are truly remarkable. I feel the first film emphasized her role as Spock’s girlfriend over her skills. She had the potential to shine as one smart cookie, but ultimately, others got the glory.

These days, women are showing up more often in action/adventure films (which is great) but they tend to be either slotted into the “girlfriend” role, or they have to go around acting like Rambo. I feel the first film did the former. I would prefer the second film NOT do the latter. It seems cliché to me. I want to see her kick “intellectual butt” not physical butt – there are plenty of strapping guys and security officers for the “bust ‘em up” stuff. On the other hand, I do not want her to be the typical damsel in distress, waiting for the guys to rescue her. That is why I voted “maybe a little.” She is a Starfleet Officer, and should have some self-defense/combat training, but it should not be the most important aspect of her role.

Trek Lady – I agree.

In fact, what I have often wondered about, is the place of the Communications Officer within Starfleet and in particular on an explorer ship like the Enterprise. The way I see it, surely the Communications Officer, with loads of xenolinguistic knowledge and ability as well as being able to programme a universal translator, would be an invaluable member of any “first contact” mission. With Kirk wanting to make that tactile, tangible contact (and not just getting reports from some away team – he might as well be back at SF Headquarters sipping brandies while reading reports), his “right-hand” person would surely be a communication/language expert.

Communications Officer Uhura has an important function to fulfill, especially when there are unknowns or people with similar languages, but where some words are different and have a different context when spoken. It could make the difference between getting “shot up” or welcomed by an alien race. Uhura’s ability to be able to defend herself, or “kick ass” if you will, is obvious and inevitable. Her abilities as Communication Officer were definitely underutilised in TOS and subsequent movies.

This is now an alternate universe…

I say give Uhura as many quality scenes as possible. I hope she has her physical altercation, intellectual altercation, and romantic interaction in whatever time constraints the movie allows. She deserves it after being practically ignored for 40+ years. It still boggles my mind that she didn’t have a first name on screen until the 2009 movie. Complete FAIL on the part of past writers with this character!

48&49. You both make great points. Thanks for being so positive. I totally agree.