JJ Abrams: ‘Amazing Ideas’ For Star Trek Sequel – Will Focus After Super 8

Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams is currently getting ready to release his new movie Super 8. And Abrams says that after that, he is ready to put his focus onto Star Trek. Details below.


Abrams: ‘Amazing Ideas’ For Star Trek Sequel – will focus after Super 8

Speaking to MTV, JJ Abrams confirmed that there still isn’t an officially approved script for the Star Trek sequel, but he said "we’re working on it." Noting how this time the writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have additional help:

Damon is working on the script for this one. As busy as I’ve been with ‘Super 8,’ I remember that when we did the first one, Damon was that busy with ‘Lost.’ So it’s going to be very cool to have him on board as a writer…There are some amazing ideas. These are not just great friends of mine, but they’re great writers. I’m thrilled and very optimistic that it’s going to get to where it needs to get to

Abrams still hasn’t announced if he will direct the Star Trek sequel in addition to producing, noting:

The truth is that my focus has been so much on finishing ‘Super 8’ that it’s been something I’m looking forward to getting to, but with an incredibly compressed post [production] schedule, there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for me to be working with the writers…Now that ‘Super 8’ is drawing to a close in terms of this post schedule, I’m looking forward to jumping in and hopefully getting that ready as soon as possible.

Super 8 comes out on June 10th. So it looks like the Star Trek sequel still has another month before the ball really gets rolling. Hopefully that will leave the team enough time to get production started by September and release the film as planned on June 29, 2012.

JJ Abrams will put focus back to Star Trek once Super 8 is released

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No matter what they do, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing indeed!

I can’t wait to see both Super 8 and Star Trek 12.
JJ and crew are pretty great at what they do!

I do hope that J.J. directs.

STILL no script?

Sheesh!! Forget coming in on the original schedule!

Summer 2013, here we come!

Summer 2015, here we come!

Late Summer 201X, here we come!

Okay, so NOW can I get my JJ bobblehead?

No lens flares this time, PLEASE!

i am looking forward to super 8 however i am getting a little tired of this endless wait for a script thats been in the works before the release of trek 09 over two years later and its still being written

now i get you dont want to rush the story however its about time they get it done or bring other people to finish it

in my option the best trek film trek 6 took less time to write and make then they had already

having said all that if they are planing the storyline for the rest of the films ok just let us know and know i am not wanting any spoilers just something to reasure us please

More lens flares this time, PLEASE!

Guys, you’re taking too much time. Do you really want to risk that your principal actors become major stars meanwhile? You need to make as much sequels as possible, while they still are inexperienced and cheap. You won’t be able to afford them later. :-P

Come on J.J. Direct this one and Bob and Alex. Come on. We need this done already.

Forget the lens flares. How about a good, original story that doesn’t try to pander to every demographic to get as many people in theaters on opening weekend?!

Oh right. They don’t make those any more.

To Bob Orci:

Look, we know you can’t post an OFFICIAL response here, but can you tell us, best guess, whether the movie APPEARS to still be on track for the proposed release date?

(don’t worry, we won’t hold you to it!)

Oh and Bob Orci. Failure to comply with Harry and the rest of us will get you time in the Agoniser Booth.


I don’t mean to pick nits, but I can’t call this next film “Star Trek XII”.

Because it’s not the 12th movie in the series. It’s the second movie in JJ Abrams Trek series. And I don’t think they should number the movies JJ does at all. Be different. Just give the movies titles.

@ 17. THX-1138

No bud, thats extreme nitpicking.
How would you number the Nimoy Trek movies?
The Nick Meyer movies

even more tricky … the Harve Bennett movies!!.

Bob Peak would have had a problem if you were telling him what to do :P

I know JJ Abrams is a hot name right now and they were pleased with what he did with XI, but I don’t get why Paramount isn’t more open to getting a director a little less swamped.

It could be interesting to have a director who is actually into Trek. See how he’d play with this new universe now that the pieces are set.

Oooh! Amazing ideas you say? Do tell. Oh go on. :}

@19. rvp

You mean someone like Jonathon Frakes?

Star Trek Oh Point Five. Since, the first JJ movie was Star Trek Zero, according to the Supremes. Then the third movie can be Star Trek One. And since TMP was never called Star Trek One… there you have it. Star Trek 0, 0.5 and 1 :p
Seriously, who cares, just make the movie already! When James Cawley and crew can put out 2 per year… surely the pros can do one every three years. This ain’t the Olympics.

You can’t tease us like this!

They could call it Episode Two. Fits. I’d love to see this in the hands of a director who was actually into Trek.

Yes… that’s it! … he finally said the words… after the premiere of Super 8 … LOL…

:-) :-)

“I’m thrilled and very optimistic that it’s going to get to where it needs to get to” … Well, JJAbrams is saying …

So… why people are worried?… this assertion of JJAbrams… shows that he is excited and totally on top of everything that is happening with the script for the sequel… even if he can not be “fully available”… this interview was the most positive he gave until now about the production of Star Trek sequel… at least I think so!

And they will continue to keep the secret… TOP SECRET … then…

:-) :-)

Super 8? Yes, yes, very nice. I WANT TREK, DAMMIT!!!

Does’nt sound like JJ is impressed with the script so far.
Oh well. A delay of a month or two will allow more time to create an impressive Engineering set.

@21 I mean someone in the molds of Bryan Singer. But really, any solid director with some interest in Trek could be interesting.

Someone as unattatched as JJ was good to reboot the universe because they needed to free themselves from canon. But it’s done now, it’s a new sandbox. Anyone can play in it, so. Let others play in it.

#26 top secrect i so get it i dont want the film spoiled by un-wanted information or maja plot points however they have had two years to sort a script out and so far nothing

all i want them to do is write the script not tell us what it is

i would like jj at the helm if only he feel like its a story he can do otherwise nick mayor and the reason for this is this trek is more like trek 2 or star wars and this suits his style if it was more like next gen then frakes would be a good choice

please just tell us the script is done and everyone is happy with it and i will be happy and thats it for the time being no plot or charctors just the script

JJ’s comment says volumes about the state of the script. It’s not even close if he’s still talking about “ideas” rather than dialogue and other components of a script nearing completion. My feeling about this delay is that something was put together awhile back that JJ didn’t approve of and he sent Bob & Co. back to the drawing boards. However, we’ll never know for sure if that scenario is true…

@31 – It’s not our problem. Why should we care?

Ugh. I know its unfair, but I get so upset the more I see this being dragged out. My mom is a huge Trek fan and loved the last movie. She was diagnosed with cancer December of 2009 (GBM) and I keep hoping she’ll live to see the next movie. I know its silly to feel this way, but I don’t think I could handle seeing it if she passes before they manage to get their butts in gear.

Especially since going to the movies in town is much more doable with her
medical condition than planning to go to a convention on the opposite side of the country. =/

Sorry, I’m just frustrated!

This is how a reinvigorated franchise loses whatever momentum it gained. Talk about failure to effectively capitalize. This movie certainly didnt have the merchandizing to sustain the franchise in between so this is another step backwards. The creative team I fear has too many irons in the fire after becoming so popular that they dont have the time to devote to this franchise that it deserves.

#30 -pilotfred

Well… if the whole “thing” is top secret … how to make sure the script is not nearly finished? … because boborci said … “it’s not done until the movie premiere “… so … my advice, if this is good for something … DO NOT PANIC! … AND PATIENCE! …

:-) :-)

I think a lot of people are feeling frustrated, even a little let down. I also think that using words like “ideas” could mean a lot of things, including “ideas” on how to make the dialogue of a character better; “ideas” on whether this or that minor scene is really necessary, etc, “ideas” on how to best explain a concept, etc.

A lot of people still seemed confused about the MWI notion that was used in Star Trek 09. It seems clear that this concept needed to be clarified better in the last movie…

And when they say they’re done… we want to know about the film’s plot… I ‘m sure… and they will avoid this question as much as possible… so after debut Super 8, JJAbrams will prefer to stay away from the media… my guess!

:-) :-)

well,this is cool. hey J.J.! i’m looking forward to it to but i;m still waiting. And will wait. I think they’ll get it out on the time apointed,i think the story will be good,& i think the whole movie will be great. I back Bob&co. 100%!!!

#28 – How in the world did you ever conclude that based on in this?!?

J.J Abrams: “….There are some amazing ideas.”

So, does that mean the writers have come up with something new and original and are trying to fit it all together?

Or does this mean that they couldn’t come up with something never done before and are deciding which TOS episode or episodes to remake?

My motto is………………..IT’S NEVER TOO SOON TO PANIC!

Harry, that’s a motto to live by! : D



I hear that was what was written in the letter the Pakistani intelligence agency sent to Osama bin Laden last Sunday….

I think they’ll bypass the naming issue [Star Trek 2, etc.] by giving it an episodic name, like “Arena” or “The Enterprise Incident.” Look at the new ‘Pirates’ billboards. They just say PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, and ‘Stranger Tides’ is tucked away in a smaller font.

This is starting to concern me because the same thing happened with Iron Man 2. The production on that film was very rushed and done very half-assed, and it certainly showed in the final product. The movie was very disappointing because the same amount of care and quality wasn’t put into the preparation of the sequel and the very same is happening here with Star Trek. I’m VERY nervous about this. It’ll be an absolute miracle if the Star Trek sequel is even up to par with the original, not even mentioning it surpassing it. This is one scared Trekkie.

Hey, If JJ can’t direct it, I’ll do it! I’m cheap!

I agree with whomever mentioned squandered opportunity. Simon and Schuester last year had posted on their site specific plans to release books based on ST 2009’s alternate universe – authors, titles were indicated on the outline. Last few times I checked, I could find nothing of the sort. Maybe our fan contingent, big as we think we are, isn’t as relevant as we think we ought to be – I would it weren’t so.

Let’s all relax a bit. Sure, things might seem a little tight, but we really haven’t the slightest clue, outside of a few soundbites, what’s actually going on with the movie, it’s pre-production and production schedules. I understand there’s a lot of negative vibes with a possible tight schedule but let’s see how it all shakes out!

The money is still on Abrams to direct, the man is just kind of busy finishing Super 8. As the summer rolls on and we move past Super 8’s release, I’m sure everything will fall into place.

Going on about poor merchandise sales or producers/writers being stretched too thin does nothing to keep the optimistic spirit of Star Trek alive.

Keep your heads up everyone and you just might see a great film come 6/29/12!


Anthony, I’m so cynical about the future, I don’t even buy green bananas!


It would be the second movie in the reboot series. I guess it would still work that way if you called it “Star Trek II”.

But yes, I agree: they should just give the movie a new title.