Fox Picks Up JJ Abrams ‘Alcatraz’ + Zachary Quinto Producing 2nd Movie

The cast and crew of the Star Trek movie have been busy this week – on their other projects. Fox has announced some of the dramas they will be picking up for the next season, including JJ Abrams sci-fi show Alcatraz. Fox is also still looking at another show from Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. In addition. Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto is producing his second movie.


Fox picks up Abrams’ ‘Alcatraz’ – retooling Orci/Kurtzman’s ‘Exit Strategy’

Fox is the first network to announce pickups for the next season by ordering a number of new series late Tuesday. Included on their fall roster is Alcatraz, a time-travel series created by Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams and starring Jorge Garcia (Lost) and produced by Abrams’ Bad Robot. Variety also reports that Fox is "poised" to order the CIA action show Exit Strategy (starring Ethan Hawke), created by Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Deadline reports that Exit Strategy is being "retooled" and in contention for midseason. Deadline also report that Orci and Kurtzman’s comic adaptation Locke and Key series will not be picked up at Fox, although there was some talk of turning it into a mini-series. 

So combined with Abrams, Orci & Kurtzman’s Fringe and Brannon Braga’s Terra Nova, Fox may have four dramas produced by Star Trek vets in the next season, three of which are in the sci-fi genre and deal with time-travel.

Second Movie From Quinto Production Company

Zachary Quinto’s production company Before The Door is following up it’s first film Margin Call (due in theaters later this year) with another film to start shooting this week. According to Deadline Before The Door has teamed up with Anonymous Content to produce a "found footage" romantic comedy, with Quinto as one of the producers. Filming is set to begin this week in New York, with first-time director Victor Quinaz who also co-wrote the script.

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Let the comment’s about a delay on ST12 begin….lol

ST 12 will come out on time I figure the rest of this is to throw us off the Trail of what the is going on with ST 12, I think maybe Bob and the Rest have got this well in hand and might actually be working on just Pollshing things up.

ST 12 is Parmounts plan for next year they will make it Happen. People can Multitask.

Haha – if they think they’ll lure Losties back they don’t read blogs!

Fox renewed Fringe and that’s all that matters.

Looking forward to Alcatraz. Looks like it could be a big hit.
Lock and Key. Hmm. Will sait and see.
Also looking forward to the Tnt’s new Show Falling Skys. It is about the after math of an alien Invasion.
Some great shows coming for next season.
Does anyone know if No Ordinary Family will be back.
Loved the ending to SGU. But would love to see at least a DVD Movie or a Miniseries to wrap it up.


I know what happened!!!! Abrams, Orci, Lindelof and Kurtzman were all meeting about the script. All of a sudden, Abrams transformed from the friendly director that we all know and love into a 7 foot tall salt vampire. One by one, he finished off the entire writing crew, sucking every ounce of salt from their bodies with his large suction cupped hands. As they lay motionless on the floor, pale blue in color, he transforms back into “JJ Abrams”, and heads back to the set of another film. All the while we are waiting for the “script to be completed so he can look at a draft and make a decision on whether or not to direct”.

Well…it was kinda funny…

two things about JJ’s new show…….recently time travel has been over done, however JJ;s more Sci-Fi shows have been good. however, his latest spy show tanked. we shall see

I think that any success that Quinto can have with his company is awesome. He is a very decent actor, and despite some “no-comment” comments durring interviews that have irqued people, I think he is a cool guy, and a very decent actor. Will look forward to this new production that is on the way, and to Star Trek 2012 when it finally arrives….

As for everyone who wants to bit**….give it a rest……the point of what Paramount does is not to please us it is to make money…..the point of what JJ and his team does is too put out a good solid film that will make a lot of money….not, necessarily, to please us. It is good however, to see that they do care bout our opinions cncerning plot generalities, what we liked and didn’t like about the first one, and charactors we would like to focuse on more. Take that into care all you whinnners.

Hmmmm… I will not comment on other work of our producers, director and screenwriters favorites (still) … LOL… they need to show service in Trek 2, before I do that again… right boborci? … and I’ll not mention more about the sharp tooth alien might, too!!!… ++LOL

It’s great…. that career as a producer of Zach Quinto is thriving! …

:-) :-)

Does JJ have some dire medical condition he hasn’t told us about? What’s he trying to do, make a million… movies… before he’s 50?

#1 tell me about it!! Its cool to see Zachary on here again! i love that guy! And as far as J.J and Bob&co. go,i’m really not worried too much about it,i mean,they know how much they can take on right? Right?! Oh! I don’t know! *Sigh*

The way the tagline is written, it reads like Zachary is producing the new Star Trek movie!

Anyway, I worry that all this new work for Orci and Kurtzman will mean even less input on FRINGE, and possibly even rushing a final draft of the new STAR TREK out before its ready.


the only thing that troubles me is the amount of post-production the new star trek will have. will they have enough time to create visuals that match or exceed “star trek”? i cannot imagine anyone wants another “star trek v.”

Orci, Kurtzman and J.J. are on fire. Just gets better and better…congrats, guys

When you see Christopher Nolan spending all of his time with The Dark Knight Rises it does worry me that JJ Abrams isn’t doing the same for Star Trek.

It would be a crying shame if Star Trek failed to live up to the 2009 movie and died before it was really able to draw breath.

So I think what is needed is for JJ Abrams to make a decision – to direct or not to direct Star Trek – I personally think he’d be making a big mistake not to focus on Star Trek.

As for Quinto, It doesn’t seem that he’ll be wearing the ears until October, maybe even November now. That June release date next year is looking decidedly sketchy these days. :(

Why bother? It will just get cancelled and end up on the SYFY Channel.

#14 I’m not sure how you come to think that Quinto won’t be wearing the ears until October/November. He is one of the producers of his new movie and since it appears to be a romantic comedy, I doubt filming would take that long. He still has time to do his part in making the movie and be on the Star Trek set come even August/September.

#16 agreed!

Congrats to Bob, Alex and J.J. !

You 3 seem to be almost dominating the medium in which you work- your combined talent and hard work is paying off! :D I think I speak for most here, that we are happy for you to be doing so well and fully support you…

I also am looking forward to seeing Margin Call and have no doubt Quinto will be filling Spock’s ears as planned and on time.

Would like to know more about “Exit Strategy.” I’m not interested in watching any pro CIA NWO propaganda. At all.


Me either dmduncan!

Well, Zach Quinto is only producer this time, right? … I’m not worried he will certainly be ready to Trek 2 in the Fall … and if I ‘m not wrong they filmed Margin Call in just 17 ​​days… I remember that Paul Bettany one of the actors in the film said this in an interview…

:-) :-)

5. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire – May 11, 2011

“Does anyone know if No Ordinary Family will be back.”

I read that it’s cancellation was announced on May 9th, Mike.

That’s unfortunate. I liked that show and it really hit it’s stride at the end of the season. There was plenty of story material left to work with. Maybe someone else will pick it up. But that’s a longshot, I’m afraid.

And with all this – he’s got a novel to write, which is due for publication in Fall 2012. Gotta love it!!

20. Hugh Hoyland – May 11, 2011

Check out Roman Polanski’s “The Ghost Writer.” If they manage to make “Exit Strategy” revelatory and truthful like that, it could be interesting. But I’m deeply suspicious that successful TV is little more than a bluepill.

Hence the one season of an anti-authoritarian show like Firefly, and the prevalence of polarizing Hegelian left/right “control” shows to redirect those who are flirting with reality, and mindless sitcoms and vacuous dramas for those just trying to blow off pressure in time to successfully repeat the next day’s nine to five.

But I will check out the Terra Nova pilot because a) I love dinosaurs, and b) I’m dying to know who’s nuts here: me for thinking such a wacky premise won’t work, or the producers for thinking it will.

– – – “Fox is also still looking at another show from Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.” – – –

Guys, how about trying to get the rights to Star Trek Enterprise from CBS, Paramount, Rick Berman, Brannon Braga or whoever?

Do something halfway between a reboot and continuation? Reboot in the sense you erase the finale, set up the characters for a new audience, update the look of the NX01 and set design, some sort of backstory relevant to both universes (old & new). Continuation in that you continue forward from “Terra Prime”, show what happened next for us fans – Romulan War, Birth of the Federation and maybe tie-in to the next film.


When Star Trek returns to TV I hope it returns to the Prime Universe.

However, the alt universe works well for new stuff to happen and not contradict what came before. Just don’t destroy any more iconic
planets next time. LOL

Nothing wrong with the NX01 design, I think it has a great submarine and cramped look that fits well. I think anyway.

The Romulan War I would love to see, if Enterprise got a full run we would have seen this.


No Ordinary Family was faltering I thought but I think it has been getting great as we get to the end, but from what I have heard it might not get a second season.

I hope it does but I feel resigned to the fact that it won’t

26. Sadly most of the NX01 sets were completely destroyed. It’s pretty standard practice, turnaround in Hollywood. Small props, even the odd console found their way into the Christies’ auction.

Yes, I do love the look and more primitive feel to starships on ENT. But *hypothetically speaking*, it would have to be updated by necessity. Because a decade has passed since the show was in production and the leap would be closer to TOS going to TMP.

Very hypothetical and not likely to happen, since ENT is looked upon as the show that killed the franchise. By a rather large number of fans and certainly CBS/Paramount. Otherwise the show would be out on Blu ray already wouldn’t it? More merchandise put out for it and so on.

The U.S.S. Kelvin sets were fairly reminiscent of the Enterprise NX-01. The corridors were like supersized versions of those on the show. Although the uniforms didn’t really feel like anything between ENT and TOS. The thing about the blue denim flightsuits is, you could see them evolving into the type of overalls worn by colonists, miners and engineers in TOS. Basically the same with visable zippers and poppers… but in a variety of bright departmental colours.

I’m gonna stay positive about the June release date. Then, if they blow it and treat Trek like a b-list franchise, I’m gonna let it rip.