Make-A-Wish Sending Oregon Teen To Star Trek Vegas Convention

This summer the The Make-A-Wish Foundation is making a dream come true for one young Trekkie. Over the weekend Make-A-Wish (with the help of some local Star Trek groups) held a Star Trek-themed party for a Trek fan and granted his wish to go to the big Las Vegas Star Trek convention in August. Details below.


Oregon teen given Star Trek Wish

16 year-old Sean from Hillsboro, OR, who suffers from Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, has always dreamed of going to a big Star Trek convention. Enter the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity which grants wishes to kids with life-threatening conditions. Over the weekend Make-A-Wish held a special party for Sean, where they made his wish come true, arranging for Sean (accompanied by his sister) to attend the biggest Trek con, Creation’s official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this August.

Sean’s party was also a special Trek event, attended by members the USS Wolf 359  and USS Thermopylae Star Trek fan clubs, along with most of the cast of the Portland theater group for Trek in the Park. In total there were around 40 people at the party for Sean, many of which were in Trek costume. At the event Sean was given a certificate making him a crewmember of the USS Wolf 359 and member of the Starfleet fan club. Captain Cowan issued Sean his first "sealed orders," which were to attend the Vegas convention on behalf of USS Wolf 359 and to get as many Star Trek stars as possible to sign a holographic poster made for him. Sean was also given a number of Trek gifts including a custom Next Generation captain’s uniform, a com badge, phaser, Star Trek tech manual, and a Geordi LaForge VISOR.

8 Enlistment 3
Sean enlisted into Starfleet and the USS Wolf 359

The party included a screening of the two part TNG episode "Best of Both Worlds" and there was even a Star Trek themed cake. In addition, the cast of Trek in the Park invited Sean to be a guest of honor at one of their "Mirror, Mirror" performances in July. Young Sean was so excited about his day that he exclaimed he had a dream the night before and everything he dreamed of came true and more.

TrekMovie will try and meet up with Sean in Las Vegas and to see how he is doing fulfilling his "orders."

Full Group Shot 2
Sean shows off his Star Trek cake as he prepares to go to the Star Trek Vegas Convention thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

To learn more about The Make-A-Wish Foundation or to make a donation, visit

Thanks to Kelly Guimont for helping with this article and for the photos

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