‘Star Trek Fine Art Collection’ Aims To Bring Trek Art To Collectors And The Masses

A new licensee is hoping to make Star Trek fine art available to collectors of all types with a new range of art at affordable prices. Iron Gut Publishing has just launched their "Star Trek Fine Art Collection" from an impressive group of artists. Find out more below.


Iron Gut Offering Affordable Star Trek Fine Art

The UK’s Iron Gut Publishing has jumped into the world of licensed Star Trek fine art. Their goal is to bring fine art prints at an affordable price to just about any fan. They have also lined up an impressive set of artists including Geoffrey Mandel, Ryan Church, Brian Rood, Randy Martinez, and Dave Merrell and Paul Oz.

Mandel and Church should be familiar to Trekkies, as Mandel worked as an artist and designer on Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise. He may be best known for designing the map of the Federation from the Star Trek: Star Charts book, which is now one of the offerings from the "Star Trek Fine Art Collection." The 36×24-inch map is priced at $699.

"Federation Map – The Year 2379" by Geoffrey Mandel

And TrekMovie readers will recognize Ryan Church as one of the two key illustrators for JJ Abrams Star Trek. Church designed the new USS Enterprise and many other elements from the film. A limited edition of his painting "Enterprise v Narada" is one of the new offerings (available on canvas for $475 and paper for $190).

"Enterprise v Narada" by Ryan Church

You can also buy "Sunset" by Ryan Church showing another design for the Enterprise, being built in dry dock (available on canvas for $475 and paper for $190).

"Enterprise v Narada" by Ryan Church

Here are a few more pieces of art from the initial offering (with varying levels of size and paper/canvas quality and pricing):

"Kirk" by Dave Merrell – $125

"Spock’s Brain" by Paul Oz – $450

"Choice" from Gold Key Comics – $295

"Past and Present" – $25

"Enterprise D" – $25

And there is much much more. Go to www.startrekartwork.com to see the full collection and to order.

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There is some pretty impressive work here. Love the Spock past and present. I may have to get that one. Also love the one with Kirk. Some great artwork.

“Kirk” looks like a paint-by-numbers poster i did as a kid. Sorry.

Like the Spocks “past and present.”

Would love to see Nimoy again in the sequel in a continuation of the old “Obi-Wan” role.

the pictures are interesting but the promotional still of the Enterprise D never looked right to me.

It is of the overly matt grey 4 foot enterprise used from season 3 that has been photographed not properly composited like it if on film for special effects- too much lighting it looks small & plastic, why on earth they would use this over all the other beautiful model photography.

I absolutely love all Star Trek Art.

I want it all!

When is the next Mondo Poster out?

I Love all Ryan Churchs art.

I hate that view of the big D – bloody awful – why put it in there? There are some much better pictures and angles of old curvy that that shocking example.

I loved so much and then I ended on hate. This is a bad day.

Affordable Star Trek Fine Art….enough said.

Enterprise D looks out of balance, sort of top heavy. It looks like the huge sauce could just fall off the rest of the ship.

The rest of the artwork is really good. I don’t know about a paint by numbers picture, but that picture by Dave Merrill has to be one of best likeness of Shatner/Kirk that I have seen.

Love the early Gold Key stuff…. Nostalgia!

What is that, William Shatner after facial reconstruction surgery?

This one’s free! Just click on “All Sizes” (top right of pic) to download the high res version.


Ahem — I daresay that you should characterize Geoffrey Mandel as “may be best known” for his work on the Star Trek Poster Books, the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual, and the 1980 Star Trek Maps … then his subsequent Trek work.

Are these actual paintings or lithographs, or what? In some respects these seem like fan gouging. $295 for a repro of a Gold Key cover? Please.

Just because it’s officially licensed doesn’t make this more qualified as “fine art” as any number of quality fan-produced efforts over the last nearly 45 years.

I like the Enterprise on the Gold Key cover better than that in the Church print. How sad is that?

lol…I remember having that “The Choice” comic when I was a kid. The Enterprise was sent to investigate a new “Big Bang” that was occurring.

#11 Most of the pieces that I looked at were labeled Fine Art Giclee in the bullet points. Pretty much a high quality ink jet print that you can do on photo paper or cotton canvas. It’s faster to produce than lithography but more expensive. I’d bet the quality is slightly less than a lithograph also. Fan gouging for sure.

The propotions of the E in the E v Narada—oy.

I loved the artwork on the Trek books of the late 70’s. You’d see Kirk, Spock, and McCoy standing on an asteroid so small you could see the curvature, with the E about 4 feet behind them. Seriously, the compositions were stories unto themselves.
The above entries show love, so kudos here too!

The Federation Star map is cool, I would not mind that for my wall but that would mean I have to remove the NCC1701-A bridge Blue Print poster.

Looking for a scale model of the Bridge from the 2009 movie. Any suggestions?

Never realized that Kirk had leprosy? What episode was that? Was is related to his Retinox allergy?

Geoffrey Mandel is clever, but his pattern indicates two-dimensional thinking.