3 New TV Spots For JJ Abrams Super 8 + Cool New iPhone App

On June 10th director JJ Abrams debuts his follow up to Star Trek, the Steven Spielberg homage/collaboration Super 8. Tonight three new TV spots for the movie debuted. Check them all out below. Plus find out how you can turn your iPhone into a Super 8 camera. 


Super 8 TV spots

Here are the three new spots, debuting on different sites across the web.

"Discover" (via Fandango)

"30 second spot" (via Slashfilm)

"It Arrives" (via Yahoo)

Super 8 description:

SOMETHING is wreaking havoc on this small town.  A group of friends band together to save their families, their town and themselves.

and on JUNE 10th




Super 8 iPhone App

Paramount has just released a very cool Super 8 iOS app that turns your iPhone or other iOS device into a Super 8 camera emulator, and it is totally free. The app, designed by QMx Interactive, is styled after a classic Super 8 camera and comes with choices for seven photorealistic "lenses," including color, sepia, negative, and even infrared. For any of them you can toggle a scratch-and-dirt overlay and a frame-shake effect; the latter literally makes the frame jump based on movement of the iPhone.

Turn your iPhone into a Super 8 camera

Here is a test video using the Super 8 app recently uploaded by someone on Youtube:

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That app- how to make good technology worse.
I’m going outside now to take one of the wheels off my car. Four always seemed like one too many.

Super8. Super disinterested.

Movie looks awesome. Can’t wait to see it.

Was that gas station in the Fandango trailer called “Kelvin’s?”

Movie looks awful, but I’m thinking that’s possibly a trailer thing. Trailers these days have a way of making just about anything look unwatchable.

Super 8 looks intruiging to me, ‘Close Encounters’ is one of my favourite movies and there is some evocation of that. Not entirely sure that Abrams is doing the best marketing job on this film tho (I know secrecy is understandably important to him, but perhaps we need a bit more of a hook for this film?). Oh and cool app.

This movie is going to be awesome!! Can’t wait to see it! For me,it will be the start of summer movies.

There is also an app called “8mm” which does the same type of thing, that may look a little better – I’ve been using it for a while and it’s pretty good.

Movie looks to be great. Can’t wait to see it.

Resembles Super8 film that’s been run through the projector many times. New Super8 film looks pretty good.

Super 8 looks good and all, but I will wait till its on video and then rent it at Redbox or something. There are too many movies coming out this summer, I can’t afford to see them all in the theatres.

At the end of the trailers, there’s a flash frame (just after it reads “Super 8, before the credits). I stopped it and it looks like something behind a wet glass panel.

Is this a clue to what the alien looks like? What do you think?

@10 – there are also words printed backwards. Cannot quiet read it.

The flashing images iin the wet glass pane looks like body organs intermixed with machinery. Who knows – that’s just me, having a quick repeated look a couple of times.


Mr. Doohan, I’ve seen the alien, and what can I say?

“It’s green.”


Oops, I meant #10, not #11.

This looks like it could be a good movie for pre-teens and up. I’m looking forward to it for me and my family.

BTW, how long before STXI was released was there a teaser trailer? I seem to remember the brief “Under Construction” preview well over a year, if not closer to two years before the May 2009 release. When are we going to get a teaser?? I MUST HAVE TREK, DAMMIT!!

Ok … then!

I saw it.

It’s a lion.

It’s huge.


LOLOL!! XD!! Ahh, one of the best movie campaigns ever.

This seems to be bringing back the spirit of old-school-style adventure films, like ET, Explorers, Iron Giant, and Goonies.

As least, I hope so. :)

But seriously, doesn’t the sound the thing apparently makes sound a bit like a lion roar?

Maybe it’s the rectal prolapse creature going back in time to kill Kirk’s family (ala Nero) but got Indiana and Iowa confused.

Gee, with all this negativity towards this movie I am definitely going to go see it!

Super 8 app, talk about tech going backwards


As for the film, it looks like old Speilberg

An’ that’s a good thing

More lens flares? JJ can’t do something different for a change. Looks like a loud but boring film. Notice how in every movie these days…someone has to shout “watch out”. I guess in the next Star Trek movie we’ll have more lens flares and some kid screaming “watch out”. Come on guys…The movie might end up being pretty good….just wish they’d stop throwing the same cliches all the time…it gets old really fast.