First Trailer For Anton Yelchin’s “Fright Night”

Star Trek’s Karl Urban can be seen in the new film Priest, opening tonight, and in August Karl’s Trek co-star Anton Yelchin gets a crack at the vampire genre with a remake of the the 1980s horror film Fright Night. The first trailer was just released, check it out below 



First trailer for Fright Night with Anton Yelchin

Fright Night tells the story of Charlie Brewster (played by Yelchin) a suburban kid who finds out that his new next-door neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell) is a vampire. IGN has the first look at the first trailer:

Fright Night opens on August 19.

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Whoa!! Looks creepy!! Is this a re-make? I remember watching one with a similar story line years ago… this one looks scarier!

Fun! The original was good but definitely could be improved, so it was a prime target for remaking.

I can’t wait to hear Anton say ‘I have a wampire living next door’ !

First, I cringe when they remake good movies. The first one was both scary and funny. It starred Roddy McDowall as a washed up actor who hosts a late night horror movie show. And this new one seems to be capitalizing on the vampire craze. On the other hand, is that McLovin? It is! (Christopher mIntz-Plasse) Okay, I’m interested.

Just for fun check out this Billy Crystal faux trailer for a sequel for his classic romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally.” Studio exec suggests it feature vampires. Also stars Helen Mirren.

There was not enough David Tennant in that trailer.

Is Yelchin channeling Pine-Kirk in the early parts of the trailer? He even uses the same speech patterns…

It was looking so promising until the explosions started, and then I completely zoned out. In this trailer, they took me from not interested to excited to bored. Motorcycle through the car window? Really? That’s a fitting piece of action for an action film, but how does that fit into FRIGHT Night.

See what happens why I try to keep an open mind? They drive motorcycles right through it!

# 6 – Alex … I have not noticed that … no way … Anton Yelchin has his own way of interpreting… after all he is an actor since childhood!

And Colin Farrell looks great as a vampire!

:-) :-)

I adore the original, and the trailer looks interesting. Might go and see it.

This makes me anxious to watch… the original again. That’s all.

Saw Priest in 3D today. I really wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. There’s some good action and some nice visuals, the 3D gives a good sense of depth most of the time and Karl Urban is actually quite good despite not having too much screen time; with his western themed garb and vampire canines he’s definitely one of the more interesting cinematic characters to come along recently.

Saw the preview to Fright Night and it really left me feeling neutral; not terrible but nothing outstanding or particularly interesting either.

Also saw the trailer to Colombiana and I must say it was one of the most annoying trailers I’ve ever seen. Ridiculously powerful bass and way too loud. Zoe Saldana also look terrible here. I don’t expect her to be a supermodel but she lost way too much weight and just looks too … “seedy” i guess. The whole thing had an air of pretentiousness about it that really turned me off.

Brewster your so cool …….. love that line …. i loved the orginal and the re-make great …..and I am not a big fan of re-makes

Looks interesting.

I’d never guess from this trailer that they even reprised the Peter Vincent character. Tennant was in that trailer??? I love Anton and think he’s doing great with his career. Colin Farrell always looks like they caught him between benders. Meh. But, overall, I guess this can stand a remake. Hope the cgi doesn’t look stupid. Even if it does, the movie is a comedy-horror flick, so…