Video of the Day: Star Trek v Star Wars Dodgeball w/ Angry Birds

Our video of the day features another battle royale for Star Trek and Star Wars. But this one is a bit different, with a Federation vs. The Empire dodgeball game using Angry Birds plush toys. Check it out below.


Star Trek v Star Wars (using Angry Birds)

The fine folks at Think Geek have come up with a new way to engage in the perennial Star Trek v Star Wars battle – dodge ball with plush toys themed from the popular Angry Birds mobile game.

Speaking of plush toys, did you know that ThinkGeek sells Kirk and Spock plushes? Check them and other Star Trek items out at ThinkGeek.

Kirk and Spock plush toys – $6.99 each



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Funney Video. Star Trek. Will always beat Star Wars.

Amen to that Commodore!!!

Think Geek charges way too much for the merchendise, and they do not like shipping outside of the United States (Unless you’re a US Armed Forces Service Member), they will nickle and dime you for shipping outside of the US.

She shouldn’t have worn red xD

i liked the Corndog maker better LOL
trekmovie gives us this video but I like the one linked here better.

Wow, they manged to get all the annoying net things into one video.

I got the Kirk and Spock plushes for Christmas. Thanks mom! :)

@7 Not quite all of them. Oh wait, guess what day it is today:


Something interesting with Anton Yeltchin:

And Kirk and Spock plush toys … great and desirable! :-) :-)


And only $6.99! Break out the piggy bank!

What happened to the plush Kirk lip? If only I had a Kirk plush…ah, but then my little girl would want “him”

Kenneth of borg 6 what was that link supposed to send us gives several videos like flooding new orleans none of it is angry birds or trek?