Watch William Shatner Sing “O Canada”

Tonight in William Shatner is in Ottawa to receive the Canadian Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.  TrekMovie has been provided with a (funny) video that is being shown as part of the event, which features William Shatner singing "O Canada." Watch that below.


Shatner’s new "O Canada"

Watch Bill bring honor to his native land (video courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada).

The Shatner Project has a behind the scenes video as well:

For more about the Canada Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards visit

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ahhh the Shat Schtick. Never gets old!

WilliamShatner’s…….version….ofthe..Canadian national anthem……………..washilarious!

Somewhere, a picture of Dorian Gray — or a certain Canadian actor — must be getting older and older and older.

Because the Shat is eternally youthful. He is amazing.

I like his hairstyle – very Vulcanesque…

I love Shatner!!!!

Oh Bill, from McGill….
You’re just so fantabulous,
Like Cantab., no less!

Ah Bill, I’ve missed your shenanigans.

Now look, I’m being dead serious here… kidding. I’ve lived in Canada my whole life and having just watched the clip of Shatner “poking fun” at our national anthem…..I am deeply insulted. My sense of humour is as good as the next guy’s, but, hey, the one thing you don’t screw around with is a country’s anthem.

I have been in the U.S. many times on business where I have attended conventions. I’ve stood in huge ballrooms where it’s mostly an American crowd. The first thing they do to start off the day is play the American National Anthem. The sense of pride and pure joy that emanates from the collective audience is palpable. It is sincere and deep-rooted. It is sacred. I have great admiration and respect for that patriotic belief in country.

What would be the reaction here if they showed a clip of an American celebrity taking their own anthem and tearing it apart and spoofing it? I remember clearly what happened to Roseanne Barr when she once tried to put a spin on it. She’s lucky they didn’t tar and feather her.

I think Bill has been living in California a little too long and has forgotten what true national pride should mean to him. If he had ever fought in a real war I’m sure he wouldn’t have done this bit in a million years. He should be ashamed of himself.

Another thing….James Doohan, as a young man, fought in World War II as a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery. Mr. Doohan took part in the Invasion of Normandy and was at Juno Beach on D-Day. He was a very brave Canadian soldier. One can only guess the level of disgust he would feel over Shatner’s stupid antics in this clip. I know Chris Doohan visits these boards. Maybe he would be kind enough to share what his father might have thought about such callous behaviour. I would certainly be interested in his valuable feedback.

@8. Harry, are you really surprised that Shat would stoop to this level? I’m not. This is what he is reduced to — a very well paid carnival act.

@9 Harry, comparing the Shat to Doohan is like comparing Beavis and Buthhead to Albert Einstein.

This is a new low, even for the Shat.

“Free…Free of smog.”

Oh Bill Shatner, you awesome, tone-deaf man.

Yes, as a Canadian I would have to say you don’t mess with the National Anthem. Poor taste to say the least.

Before others from my country (USA) keep providing congrats to the Shat for how clever and entertaining he is here, please keep in mind how a lot of us felt when Rosanne Barr did this many years ago in our country:

This wasn’t so funny to me and most US citizens.

Harry, I know that a lot of us will be standing by you and Canada on this. The Shat has carried things way to far this time around.

@8 @14 I am Canadian and I think it was great. Have a sense of humor. One of the reason we have pride for this country is we can laugh at ourselves.

Thanks, MJ! I appreciate the support.

Eh guys, you know the NFB produced this, right? So Canadians made it and Canadian Shatner agreed. I say get a life.
It’s very funny. :D Thank you Mr. Shatner.

@16. Jordan, the problem is, that while some people will write this off as humor, a lot of people will NEVER consider national anthem spoofs funny. There are certain things that most people don’t find funny, and making fun of national anthems, people’s funerals, and mentally retarded people all fall into this category.

@18. U.S. Major League Baseball sponsored Rosanne Barr’s performance…so that means I should accept it and laugh?

He didn’t “sing” the french part!!!

@19 Laughter at funerals is a good thing, so long as you honor the person and remember good memories. The same can be true for a national anthem. For me, this reminded me of what a good free country this is and some of the great people I know and love here. Canadians are fun, not insulting. And I don’t think that’s what this is.


It’s not funny, it’s deeply offensive. What, during Remembrance Day (Canada’s version of Veteran’s Day), when they play the National Anthem on behalf of our honoured dead, should we, the Canadian people, chuckle at the memory of Shatner ridiculing it?

Some things are sacred and off limits. This is one of them. I would guess that anyone here who disagrees with that is under 30 years of age. Grow up.

Its the Harry and MJ Show!
This weeks Special Guest Star ( in fact every weeks special guest star) WILLIAM SHATNER!

@ 23 The only thing offensive in this thread is you saying I should grow up because I’m under 30 and don’t respect the flag/anthem and my country. I can tell you’re a person who is quick to over-react, especially when you think I would be one to laugh durring a Remembrance Day ceremony.

@25. Jordan, do you see now how a lot of people will react to this? That is why it is not funny to a lot of people, dude. The back and forth and escalation of the argument between you and Harry here have pretty much proven my point here that the Shat should not have gone down this patch. It just creates a lot of negativity, son.

I don’t “over-react”. Never have. I simply know the difference between right and wrong.

@26 Nothing is off limits to comedy/farce/commentary in a free country. Not even the anthem. It’s a shame some people can’t have fun. A lot of what was said in the anthem William Shatner was saying was a commentary on some of the debate about our anthem that has been going on in the news. People have been talking about removing the word “sons” because it is sexist or “god” because we are a multicultural country. I see nothing wrong with talking about it and having fun with it.

@27 This is a matter of opinion, not fact.

As Canadian Donald Sutherland might say, “MJ and Harry, always with the negative waves, man, always with the negative waves…”

Seriously, you guys need to be a little less… uh, serious. I’ve heard plenty of spoofs of American anthems and patriotic songs on things like JibJab over the years, and I can’t say I’ve ever been offended by them—especially when it’s done in a clever, satiric way.

Roseanne forgot the lyrics at a major league baseball game on national television. That was disrespectful and lazy, but in hindsight it’s pretty damn silly the country got so upset over this one dumb comedian. (She is a comedian, right? It’s so hard to tell…)

I can’t say as that was offensive. I can say it wasn’t funny though.
Luckily Harry and MJ are making up for the lack of laughs. :-D

How can anyone take ANYTHING posted by a guy calling himself Harry Ballz seriously. National anhems are not ‘sacred’ HB, maybe your grumpy old man routine needs a rest.


Buzz, heard any spoofs of “God Save the Queen” over there in merry old England?

No Vults, we all are very respectful of our Anthem over here!
In fact we so cherish it the only time we even bother with it is when the Queen is in da room! lol
I will take a look at Youtube to see what i can find though! :-D

This was pretty cool. I suppose. Or was it disrespectful?

‘oi, young man, yes you, the young man making all the noise on my roof.
Clear orf, young man. You are upsetting the corgi’s’…..

Well, I can’t really get that upset if anyone butchers “The Star Spangled Banner,” since it’s notoriously difficult to sing (even for professional singers)… and… well… it was set to a British drinking song.

One more for the road.



I don’t know if that qualifies, Buzz, but it’s still an awesome video. Great axe work by Mr. May there!

oh i’ve found a ton of mangled Star Spangled Banners on Youtube, Vults.
It appears to be a national passtime over there matey! lol

In my extraordinarily awesome opinion, the American anthem should be changed to this:


@27 / Harry Ballz: “I don’t “over-react”. Never have. I simply know the difference between right and wrong.”

@29 / Jordan: “@27 This is a matter of opinion, not fact.”

That is a slippery slope, son.

#39 How about this Vults. As a Brit looking on I think this would make a great US Anthem…..

A beautiful song too.


Great choice, Buzz! Rio Bravo is my favorite John Wayne movie.

And hey, Americans get accused of being gun-toting cowboys all the time. It’s about time we embraced it… again, and say it with POWER CHORDS!!!

And of course, this is what those Al Queda stooges should be hearing:


“I don’t “over-react”. Never have. I simply know the difference between right and wrong.”

Today’s comments indicate that you do not.

#42 I’m glad you approve. I do realise My Rifle, my Pony and Me evokes a certain old stereotype of America. But its a good stereotype. The whole taming of the frontier is a particularly inspiring part of your history.

I also enjoy Rio Bravo, Vults. And Duke was always well worth watching, as is Deano. Ricky Nelson, on the other hand, was a better singer than actor!

This is just great. I unsuspectingly enter this website and there are three news headlines: “JJ Abrams’ shows get a pickup from networks” – 4 comments. “Science news” – 7 comments. “The Shat sings ‘O Canada'” – 40+ comments.

Nothing beats the Shat… :)


Yeah, Deano was probably the coolest guy who ever lived. Funny too. Here’s a video from his TV show. One of the most hilarious bits I’ve ever seen. Hope this plays for you:

PMSL that was great Vults. They found someone even more smashed than Deano! That must have took some hunting!
Oh yeh, Deano defined cool didn’t he. Magnificent!

Fantastic how these threads wander at times isn’t it. lol

You are up awfully late, Vults! Can’t sleep?

Insomniac. I’m also in my twenties, so you know, sleep is kind of an afterthought. ;)

Enjoy it my friend. Get to your 40’s and it pretty much become’s your first thought!

Right o’ mate, Sunday beckons. I’m off to take the dog for a walk. Heard the first cuckoo of the spring yesterday. wahoo, summer is on the way!

Sleep well, speak later.