Star Trek: The Exhibition Closes In Louisville This Weekend – Opens At Kennedy Space Center June 11

Star Trek The Exhibition, the traveling tour of Star Trek props, costumes, and replicas, is getting ready to move again. This weekend Louisville says goodbye with discounts and special events and on June 11th the Exhibition opens at Kennedy Space Center. Details below.


ST: The Exhibition Closes in Louisville May 22nd

The engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition, the traveling exhibit of Star Trek props, costumes, and replicas, will be leaving the Louisville Science Center on May 22nd. To say goodbye to the Trek exhibit, the LSC is planning a number of events and special discounts.

On Saturday, May 21, from 1 to 5 p.m., there will be several presentations about the Klingon language, given by Tracy Canfield, a computational linguist specializing in French and fictional languages whose short stories have appeared in numerous science fiction and fantasy magazines, and Michael Roney Jr., a professional Klingon translator whose extensive portfolio includes the Klingon version of the Sophos anti-virus software and the Klingon audio tour at the Jenolan Caves in Australia. Presentation topics include the Sounds of Klingon, exploring how Klingon draws human languages from around the world to create an extraterrestrial language that can still be pronounced by human actors; The Grammar of Klingon, focusing on the construction of Klingon sentences and the surprising connections to human languages; and Klingon in the Land of Kangaroos. Klingon in the Land of Kangaroos will explore the process of creating a Klingon audio tour for the Jenolan Caves in Australia. Roney is translator for the project and Canfield is the voice actor.  

Discounts will be offered during the final week of the exhibition. As part of the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Hometown Tourist Celebration, visitors who present their Kentucky or Indiana ID will receive the member price on admission to Star Trek: The Exhibition ($10 for adults and $8 for children 2 to 12). The discounted price includes admission to the Science Center’s permanent exhibits. Star Trek merchandise will be available at a 20 percent discount in the Gift Shop.

ST: The Exhibition Opens at Kennedy Space Center June 11

The next North American stop for Star Trek: The Experience will be the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. The exhibit will open on June 11 and run through September 5th, which will be all part of KSC’s Sci-Fi Summer. ST: The Exhibit will be joining the ongoing Star Trek Live stage show and KSC’s "Starfleet Academy Challenge."

KSC will be the first time in the southeast for Star Trek: The Exhibit. The exhibit of authentic Star Trek artifacts from the past 40 years, featuring one-of-a-kind costumes, props and filming models from every Star Trek television series and feature films, including a recreation of the Enterprise Bridge from the original series. The engagement will include exhibits which were not part of the Louisville engagement including the original Scorpion Shuttle seen in Star Trek: Nemesis.

The Starfleet Academy Challenge is an interactive experience featuring Phaser tag. STAR TREK LIVE takes audiences on an exhilarating live theatrical experience, combining special effects, audience interaction and an exploration of real space-age technology.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex also includes the Kennedy Space Center Tour, Shuttle Launch Experience, 3D IMAX® space films, Astronaut Encounter, Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted and all exhibits. Admission also includes the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®, featuring historic spacecraft and the world’s largest collection of personal astronaut memorabilia, open from noon until 6:00 p.m. daily. More info at

Photos from ST: The Exhibition

Star Trek The Exhibition (anchored by TOS bridge) headed to The Kennedy Space Center in Florida

Star Trek: The Exhibition

…and ST: The Exhibition opens in Potsdam Germany May 31st

If you missed our last update, then a reminder that the European engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition is opening at Germany’s Filmpark in Potsdam on May 31st and will run through October 2011. Tickets can now be purchased online.

Enterprise D bridge replica is part of Exhibit opening in Germany May 31st

And here again is the cool promo video for the German exhibit:

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Oops! Forgot to go!

Still waiting for this to come to New York.

The original Scorpion Shuttle seen in Star Trek: Nemesis was part of the Original ST:TE held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA.

WOW. Looks Great. Would love to go.

FINALLY something in the Southeast!! And during the summer, I’d love to go to this!! :DD

So is this thing going to visit the Northwest? I have been waiting a couple years now, and I vaguely remember it was listed when it was called “Star Threk the Tour”


“I have been waiting a couple years now, and I vaguely remember it was listed when it was called “Star Threk the Tour”

That might be the problem…..nobody knows what “Star Threk” is!


I am glad to see that it is getting around but the best was the one held at the Queen Mary, they even had props from Quarks bar set up being used as a real bar.

While I know that every fan would want it in thier own city/state, its too bad they cannot find a home for all this stuff once and for all…to have on display but also to enjoy a photo op in the captains chairs as the QM tour had. Not to mention that they must allow photography, the last few places did not allow it, some copyright violation or so they claim. I heard that some one was selling photos of the props so no one can take photos anymore.



Nothing was wrong, there WAS no misspelling of Trek. It was all an illusion…

Seriously though, anybody know if it is going to stop by Portland or Seattle?

If the one going from Louisville is the one going to the Space Center then unless they send in more stuff it didn’t have the bridge… :( I went to the one in louisville which had the captains chair but it was in front of a greenscreen which then was dropped into a photoshop backdrop.

Was nice enough but really would have liked to see the whole set as pictured above.

Dennis C., so am I. When they first announced this split, everyone who lived close was promised a NY visit, seeing as the closes trek event we get is in NJ, which I go to each year. It’s now two (maybe three, I’m not sure) years later and we’re still waiting. They could at LEAST have the balls to either tell us it’s coming soon, perhaps later this year or next, or that even worse (which is what I expect to happen anyway), that they lied and it ISN’T coming to NY. Too bad we didn’t get a written contract out of them. Oh well, at least it’s going to Germany, that way Europe has easier access. So yes, can I please ask someone to find out if and when this thing is coming to NY, or at least within close driving distance of?

Wow, LOVE the Enterprise flying in the German promo!

don’t be fooled by the shot of the original should be labled a pos on a tos looks no where near that good in person saw it at the str trek exhibit in san jose..waste of money! and you can’t take your own pictures.. you have to buy from them total rip-off!

#12 Agreed
The best of the Enties!

My family and I just got back from Louisville this past weekend. While the Exhibit was fun and the pricing package on the “professional” photos (taken with the exact same digital camera I own!) was better than Detroit the space allotted for the display was smaller (thus no full bridge, Guardian and longer TNG corridor, etc.).

There were a few costumes from ST’09 that were not present at the Detroit show so that made it partially unique from Detroit. Overall, we enjoyed that chance to see the props again (or some for the first time) and get more reasonably priced photos than Detroit.

I imagine some of the lack of established dates for future exhibits is working out the details of when the various museum/science centers who actually want the Exhibit can work it into their schedules and CBS’s committments already established. While Louisville was smaller than Detroit in space (no pun intended) they still seemed to do a pretty good job trying to make it work plus they have the Star Trek flight simulator which was better than what was available in Detroit (in Detroit it was a more rocking back and forth one while Louisville flips you upside down). I am sure the other Exhibits experienced (or will experience) similar differences so that each venue will have its own special take to offer those who are able to attend wherever it shows up.

I do agree with some other comments that the biggest disappointment is the inability to take your own photos/videos of the Exhibit for personal memories–let CBS sue the culprits who are profiting off the photos instead of penalizing all of us for the few…or the one!

I have been hearing bad things about these exhibits. I have not gone myself since it has not come to my area, but I am hearing on other boards that most of what you see is reproductions, not originals. Models are in bad shape and it looks like the keepers of the tour are not taking good care of everything. So you might want to take this into consideration when deciding to go.

in babelsberg there was the “d” enterprise bridge an the transporter room of the new movie. photos were not allowed, but it was possible to pay for a photo on the bridge or in the transporter room for almost 10 Euro!!! Aside of the big two mentioned objects there was not very much, only a few costumes and weapons… such stuff. question: is it allowed to film or making photos in the rest of the world???

#17. Covertly. ;-)

fpr years i have been anticipating the arrival of this exhibition to Florida. and i moved, so it decided it was time.

#18 thank you for your answer. mhm. i do remember, it was allowed at the world tour in 98. why not now?

# 16- As much as I hate to admit it, it is true about the caretakers not properly caring for these items. Shiefy #15, did you notice the Andorian’s antenna nearly ready to fall off? One of the Enterpise replicas was also not looking so great. I know these items get moved around alot, but come on! This stuff is Star Trek!

While I was disappointed somewhat, it was an ok “experience”. I was mostly disappointed because the inability to take my own pictures. Ones that could show how much my husband and daughter were enjoying themselves looking at the memorabilia. (Sarcasm lol) That would have provided some good laughs later in our lives! Back to the items though, the original Captain’s chair was present but had parts missing. It was still cool to see it in person- if that really was the original.

The bridge wasn’t present at all like pictured above and the only thing people could do was to have a picture of themselves photo-shopped into the Star Trek bridge while in the chair or they could have their picture put into another couple of scenes standing. A room was set up like one that might be in the TNG’s personal living quarters instead. That was kinda cool, there was a window in the room looking into space and some cool furniture.

One thing I thought was good for non-Trekkers who was dragged into the exhibit by their Trek loving spouses’ (like my husband- gotta love him) was the timeline display. It started with the “Enterprise” series, with an explanation of what was happening during that time, etc.

The timeline went on throughout the rest of the Star Trek franchises’ and explained each of those appropriately, so that people who appreciate Star Trek could involve our loved ones by showing them when everything in the Trek universe is happening. (Much to their dismay, now they understand a little bit more of what we’re talking about – hahaha)

I am still glad we went, because it was a great time for me and my boys. Not so much for my husband and daughter, but they were great to come along and fiegn interest. :)

If I knew it was going to be discounted now, I would have waited. It wasn’t that bad of a price to go, but we also did the ride, which was a separate price but also pretty good. We also bought some Star Trek items from the gift shop.

If you can I would say go, because it is now discounted and it does show some items of interest. But don’t expect to have too big of an “experience”, it was mediocre at best, as much as I hate to admit it.

Argh! Why don´t come to visit Brazil!!

Here in Sao Paulo we had Nimoy´s visit, Takei and Koenig, plus, the Star Wars explo, we just need the Star Trek: The Exhibition!

When is this thing coming to California? I wanna go!

Of course, there are two reasons why I couldn’t go even if it did come:

1. Saving every penny for Vegas Con.

2. The Rapture


Hope they bring it to the Northeast.

I love the KSC and want to see the Trek exhibit, so I’ll definitely drive over to the other side of the state to see this. It’s only a 2 – 3 hour drive.

Yeah, I was a bit miffed at the lack of TOS bridge at Louisville. Pretty much my primary reason to go. However, the starship models were quite impressive, and it was fun pointing out all the alterations that was evident on them, being altered for different shows.

Any chance to tour KSC is a reason to go, by the way. Love that place!

I wonder if it’ll ever come to the UK…

The Enterprise TOTALLY hit those birds.

Why does Kentucky and other bum-f parts of the country always get these cool Star Trek exhibits? Why can’t we ever get these things in Southern California? I am so jealous.

lol jk

LOL Amorican- I was so glad to get to go. It was 4 hrs but all in all worth it- I can’t wait to get to see all the cool goings ons with Star Trek in CA!! Now that’s where all the Trek happenings are! *jealous* Hoping to get to visit soon.

Went to Louisville this week and it was a colossal waste of time. As said by others: a big lack of exhibits, no personal photography, high prices on their photo ops, and no TOS bridge. I was really looking forward to seeing the bridge and having my picture taken on it, but to learn it was only greenscreen was quite an insult. And was it really the real Captain’s chair? The “original Trekkie” in front of me assured me that it was so I’ll hope so. Even though half the armchair buttons were missing. And then one of the transporter wall panels was burnt out too.

I am almost sorry I went. It wasn’t worth the drive, the time, or the money. I could go to The Experience (and did 4 times) and spend all day without one second of boredom. My friend and I finished The Exhibit in way less than an hour and I was bored from the start. Under any other circumstance I would have also dropped the $5 on the simulator ride, but I felt I had already blown enough money on this sad adventure.

In 1998 or thereabouts, a Star Trek exhibition came to Te Papa Museum, Wellington, NZ. It is more than a full day’s drive from Auckland to Wellington, but we did it over two days as we had two pre-schoolers in the car as well. Besides, who wants to speed through the Desert Road when there is such awesome scenery all around you? Not me, that’s for sure.

The exhibition was good. It had the TOS bridge set up, which we were told had the original captain’s chair, along with the other “bells and whistles” that we had seen on the original series. Also hanging on the walls were the actual costumes worn by the actors (or so we were told) and other little pieces of memorabilia and a good sized model of the TOS Enterprise, with the Alexander Courage theme music playing at various times. I think there may have also been stuff from the TNG series as well…Talk about going back down memory lane. It was crowded when we were there, almost too crowded. I can’t remember much else, but it was a great excuse to leave Auckland and see the rest of the North Island.

All in all, a good trip, except when older junior decided to upchuck all over the backseat of the car…oh well. Fortunately, we were heading back to Auckland. Ah – the bitter/sweetness that is life?! LOL