Roxann Dawson Satisfied With Star Trek Voyager – Says No Chance For Reunion

Since the USS Voyager returned to Earth and Star Trek Voyager series wrapped over a decade ago, actress Roxann Dawson has migrated to behind the camera as television director. In a new interview the former B’Elanna Torres says she is satisfied with her arc on Voyager and she sees no chance of a reunion.   


Dawson happy with time on Voyager – doesn’t expect to return

In a new interview with the official site, Star Trek: Voyager’s Roxann Dawson says she looks back at her time in the Delta Quadrant "with great fondness" and says she is satisfied with the arc for her character B’Elanna Torres, noting:

I thought that they never forgot about B’Elanna. If you look at her, from her first episode through all her transitions, internally, as a couple with Tom, as a member of the crew, it was great. She grew, she changed. She wasn’t perfect. She failed and recovered. I never felt like they left her on the sidelines. I think she continued to change and grow through all seven seasons.

When pressed Dawson did note it would have been interesting to explore B’Elanna and Tom’s life with a child back on Earth, but she doesn’t expect to ever return to Star Trek, saying there is "less than a zero percent chance" of a Voyager reunion movie, noting:

I think that chapter has been closed. It’s sort of like a book that you love. You can take it down and re-read it and look at it whenever you want, but it’s not a book that has a sequel that’s going to be written, as much as you’d like to see one.

More from Dawson on Voyager and her new career as a TV director in the full interview: Part 1 & Part 2.

Cast of "Star Trek: Voyager" publicity photo for 7th and final season – Dawson doesn’t expect a reunion


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I still think a post-TNG/DS9/VOY anthology series or periodic TV movies is worth a try. It would be a mix of established characters/ships and new characters/ships set in the immediate post-Voyager/Nemesis universe.

Cool — may Voyager rest in peace then!

B’Lanna Torres was an interesting character. Unfortunately, just not as interesting as the other chief engineers.

“Voyager”, unfortunately, was the most inconsistent of the five series.

voyager was the weakest of all the trek shows. no need for a reunion.

A pic of Dawson without her “turtle head” would’ve been nice. She’s a beautiful lady.

I could not stand B’Lanna, always pissed off, always bitching and complaining,,,,she got on my nerves big time!


Even with the ridges, she’s beautiful!

She is one class act and she is a great actress.

“It’s sort of like a book that you love. You can take it down and re-read it and look at it whenever you want, but it’s not a book that has a sequel that’s going to be written, as much as you’d like to see one.”

Clearly someone is unaware of the existence of Star Trek novels. :p

Finally, some good news.

Ok, here we go, beating another DEAD HORSE.
It is what it is. Voyager was great during its’ run. It had great moments. It was a great time, I’m sure, for all of the actors involved.
Instead of mourning over its’ demise, or reminiscing about it’s highest points, let’s keep one thing straight here.
It was STAR TREK – Bona fide STAR TREK.
Whether you liked it or not, or rated it bottom or top, it was STAR TREK.
Now, let’s just be satisfied with that, and that alone.
Also, as an added bonus, be cheerful that ALL of the female actresses involved with that project STILL look good on camera, and in real life. You can’t play the old age card on that!
Now excuse me while I take that “book” off the shelf, and Re-Read it one more time, for good time’s sake.

They continued the series via books. While they may not be “canon” they are still mostly decent books and move the series forward, rather than being stuck like they were when the series were still running (ie no killing of characters, everything has to be back where it was at the beginning, etc.). There’s never going to be a reunion for any of the past series, it will either be the new Trek ’09 crew or something different.

Voyager has aged much better than many of the other Treks in my opinion. Especially visually.

“If you look at her, from her first episode through all her transitions, internally, as a couple with Tom, as a member of the crew” … and that sums up everything that happens to her in 7 years.

“but it’s not a book that has a sequel that’s going to be written”… thank the lord!

Re watching the Voy eps recenly.
Some eps are classic Trek while other go “clunk”
Just like all the other series.
If TOS went 7 seasons there would have been just as many (if not more) clunkers as the other series that followed.

Parts of Voyager were great, while most of it was absolute garbage……just like Smallville. Yes, it is all trek….
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
When life gives you poop, make poopjuice.
Here’s to Voyager

Never say never. I still think that a made for TV movie or mini series for any of the Trek spinoffs (DS9, Voyager, Ent) is a viable idea. Lets face it, they would get great ratings for a network like SyFy or Spike.

The question is if there is anyone at Paramount to champion it.

Uh B’Elanna was so annoying, it was like she was constantly on the rag grrrrr

A one note character, and she looked like a marmet with that bloody makeup on.

Voyager was much better than deep space nine and enterprise and there advertures with the Borg were vastly superior than any Next Gen encounter other than the first two parter.

Chrisfawkes you’re a very funny guy!

One thing I found compelling about her portrayal of the character was the way she translated the struggle she had controlling her Klingon rage at times. She did a nice job.

As for a reunion I personally think any interest out there would be…lackluster. I mean, I’d watch it, but I’m 44. Nobody gears sci-fi towards people in their 40’s or older.

I liked Voyager. Saw every episode. Of course I like all Star Trek episodes and ST09. I’m a Trekkie and can’t help it.

@ 13, I really agree. It has a fresh clean look for its time and holds up really well.

A mini series continuing the saga using the established stars of NG/DS9/VOY in the beginning (not all at once but featuring several an episode), then bringing in new talent to carry on, would be my wish.

#9 – Bingo. The Kirsten Beyer novels, especially, have been excellent, well worth a look by any fans of “Voyager”.

I likes B’Elanna’s character. Like the Doctor, she is another character who experienced some of the greatest growth on the show. She was hotheaded at the beginning. But as time went on, while still hotheaded at times, she became more deliberative. She was a character who at the beginning kept trying to deny her Klingon heritage, but as time went on, she gradually started seeing the value of her Klingon heritage and by the end of the series started seeing it as a strength.

Some of my favorite B’Elanna episodes included “Juggernaut” “Barge of the Dead” and “Lineage.” All great moments. She finally makes peace with her mother, and “Lineage” had some great Paris/Torres moments.

26–The relaunches did a good job of moving the story along. Christie Golden’s books were ok, but took a little more time for me to get into. Kirsten Beyer’s books are much improved. I especially liked that with “Full Circle” she brings us up to date from Spirit Walk to the Destiny timeframe in a concise manner, yet fills in enough blanks that you know what’s going on. My one complaint with the Deep Space Nine “Typhon Pact” novel featuring first Dr Bashir, then Sisko, is that is jumped about 4 years and did not fill in a lot of blanks. Suddenly Kira is a vedek, Ro Laren in a Captain and Sisko and Kasidy are having problems. Yes they gave a brief overview, but a lot happened during that time (such as the kidnapping of Sisko’s daughter) that were left a mystery.

In a world where Hollywood is most comfortable with productions that already have an established fanbase and familiarity…um HELLO! One made for TV movie… DVD… something fun …GO!


How about a star ship run by holograms that go back into the delta quadrant to assimilate the Borg? Put lens flares on it and JJ can produce it.

There’s no way the powers that be are going to dilute the franchise with a cheap Voyager B-movie reunion when they have millions riding on the film franchise. Roxanne knows the business. She understands this. Hence, 0% chance.

There is no need for a reunion, leave it be.
PS: B’Elanna, loved that woman, but the holodoc still tops them all.


I…agree with you. NOOOOO!!! ;)


i also hope, they will show a series after tng/ds9 etc. they will never give it a chance, although. unfortunateley they want to make money and forogt a little bit, they can only get it, when they are making us happy ;)


30–Agree. There is no chance of any reunion one off movies of any of the spin-offs. While they were popular in their times, I just don’t see the masses being all that interested in Star Trek reunions. If you need your Star Trek fix, you’ll have to read the relaunch novels (which I’m obviously always plugging here-if you like to read, the books do have some great stories, at least IMO).

33–I’m always amazed that someone who hates a particular show so much takes the time to type on a board how much they hate it. If I’m not interested in an article, I just don’t bother to post on it.

would be wonderful to see a new trek tv show.. and one with as many cross overs to all incarnations as possible! ..even edith keeler if they’re quick!

Voyager is one of the most painful Trek memories because it had so much potential as an idea. This was perhaps the most blank canvas in Star Trek history. I was so excited about this show when it started. I remember an episode early on when Voyager had to land on a planet to replenish fuel or something… and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if they were forced to stay on that planet for several episodes, and maybe some people didn’t make it? And wouldn’t it have been cool if the Voyager changed over time and we saw a much different looking ship at the end of the series because they had to use different/primitive technology to fix certain parts? Also, it would have been great if tension instead of compromise grew between Fed and Maquis, eventually turning violent, and Janeway decides to turn 1/3 of the ship into a Maquis prison. Then later in the series, the Maquis could break out, put the Fed in “prison” and take over the ship for a season. This was the best opportunity for a truly serial Trek. With its popularity at the time, they really had nothing to lose. I guess they decided to play it safe because this was the flagship series of the (at the time) new UPN. Ah well. I’ll watch it again on Netflix since I haven’t seen it since it aired. I’ve never seen DS9, so I’m excited about watching that as well!

I’m beginning to wonder if ANY post to this site is immune from some armchair director taking pot shots at JJ Abrams. Yeah, yeah, we get it, shoot video of paint drying, add lens flares, ta da, presenting your latest JJ Abrams blockbuster. Ha…ha…..really witty, which probably explains why no one has picked up on any of the 6000 screenplays you have shipped off to Hollywood…

the vanguard – book – series is so great. it is my personal way enjoying star trek – although its dead on tv.

@37 — I agree, although in the end I do still enjoy 67% of Voyager. As I have heard it, some of the ideas you mention are what Ron Moore wanted to do, but he got shut down by the studio suits. A darker, grittier Voyager, with fewer episodes revolving around the doctor’s ridiculous singing and whatnot, would have made for a far stronger series.

@37. I suspect that Battlestar Galactica probably grew out of some if the ideas RDM had for Voyager but got shut down on.

37–Voyager was a missed opportunity. By and large I enjoyed it, but it could have been so much more. It was more or less a continuation of The Next Generation (which was a great show) with an occassional difficulty thrown in. I have to check the interview, but I thought it was Brannon Braga who wanted more conflict with the Maquis crew. I always thought by the time the ship got home, it should have barely been held together (much like Year of Hell, or what happened to the Equinox). As 37 noted, maybe an amalgam of different technology.

Also with the Maquis crew, by the 3rd episode they were all getting along, with a few exceptions now and then. I thought there should have been continuing conflict (otherwise why were they written in) and only cooperating to survive. Maybe, as the show progressed, the Maquis and Starfleet crew could slowly start to have earned respect for each other and maybe by the final year or two be a unified crew.

@41 – well, sounds like I’ll be checking out Battlestar Galactica (sweet, it’s available on netflix)! Thanks! I didn’t know Ron Moore had those ideas for the series, but I guess great minds think alike, huh!

Logistics was almost never an issue on the show. Resupply of fuel and food whould have been substantial problems almost immediately, and because the Federation (apparently) has no currency, how do you acquire the stuff you need when no one is just going to give it to you? Repairs to the ship? Spacedocks are not cheap. Contrary to what some think, tou cannot replicate something from nothing – it requires energy and matter to work.

B’lanna was avery groovy engineer so you t’aracks out there you have no full trekhood blood in you ! Oh my made up klingon word means jackass !

In my opinion Voyager was the best incarnation of Star Trek since the original series. the premise really recaptured the original series sense of exploring the unknown and the excitement that obviously spawns from that. While I do enjoy all Star Trek series (even DS9 on occasion) none of them were as truly riveting as the crew lost in the Delta Quadrant.

I think a made for TV (post return to Earth) movie would be a financially viable project. Particularly if it synergized TNG, Voyager and and introduced a new crew.
The name I would throw out is “Star Trek Federation”.

lemme know what you think.

Hmm from what I’ve read, most of the actors were done with the series… They have also aged considerably, esp Mulgrew, Beltran, even McNeill. There were conflicts… Beltran was displeased that his character wasn’t the star, he thought it was all Janeway Janeway Janeway (some people may disagree but I think despite being good looking, he is a terrible actor, he only has one tone of voice: sing-songy punctuanted by heavy breath – sheesh). And he’s the one who planted the idiotic idea of a romance between Seven and Chakotay pretty much because he wanted to make out with Jeri Ryan… Talk about middle-life crisis. They should have maybe hinted at something between Janeway and Chakotay after playing around with it for years – maybe the way they did with Picard and Crusher, not have Chakotay go so much out of character to end up with the hot blond chick half his age.

I agree with no point in beating a dead horse – the arc is over, the central premise is dead, the source of conflict is dead – they made it back to Earth.

They now started a new set of movies that with a bunch of young guys who are doing a great job. And let’s face it, they have a new generation to appeal to… I’m not even 30 yet, but I have taught a lot of college kids, and most of them have never watched Star Trek and think it’s dated (I taught lab classes so there were lots of conversations while the kids were doing expperiments ;-D)… My exposure to 18 to 20-something year-olds tells me that it’s time to let the new Star Trek take over. For all of us nostalgic trekkies, there’s netflix.

Um “red dead ryan” and “dre”, please that was the best of all the star trek shows. I mean Next generation and the original were great but had no fun in it. I loved voyager and also DS9 because of the funny episodes and the banter between harry and tom, the doctor of course and bashhir, Obrien and the legendary Quark. I mean seriously the “weakest”, more like the best.

Also number 46 “mark II”. I agree totally with your comment. Your awesome! And also number 42 “damian”. I understand your point of view, but seriously the maqui had nothing to accomplish by fighting with the starfleet crew, the place they were fighting for was 70,000 years away. Also Chakotay kept all the others in line, seeing the bigger picture, reaching home. What your describing is stargate universe in season 1, where the military and civilians were at each other’s throats. But season 1 wasnt even that good, season 2 was like 10x better. There would be no point to have the main characters fighting all the time.

I am a star trek fan from the Kirk to Janeway. The only series
I did’t like was “Enterprise”. I hope to meet any of them and tell
them the great entertainment they bought to my life. I don’t care
if noone agrees with me. I am also in the process of collecting
the series of all four Treks (S.T., NEXT GEN, DEEP SP NINE
and Voyager). Oh Well I’ll just have to have my own reunion watching
Each episode over and over again.