William Shatner Wants To Know Your Favorite Star Trek Captain Scenes For ‘Captains’ Doc

William Shatner is currently finishing his documentary "The Captains" featuring Bill talking to Star Trek’s other captains. Tonight he has taken to social media to ask fans for help with the doc, specifically in identifying their favorite scenes with the various captains. Details below.   


William Shatner looking for your help with the "Captains" doc

William Shatner is looking for help on his "Captains" documentary. He wants fans to let him know what are some of their favorite scenes with the various Star Trek captains. Here is the message he sent out via Twitter on Tuesday night:

Friends, So now we’ve come to the assistance I requested from you a week ago. I need your help finding key Star Trek scenes. In your reply I need the following info: Ep name and where in the episode (e.g "when the Klgn ship blows up", "after Picard transports") etc  and the final piece I need is the hash tag from my post (#CAPT1, #CAPT7,…) Are you ready?

There are 10 scene suggestions Shatner is looking for, specifically:

Voyager: the best scene where Janeway is angry/mad/upset? #CAPT1

Voyager: the best Janeway moment scene. #CAPT2

TNG: Best scene where Picard appears upset/tortured. Someone suggested Chain of Command Ep may be good 4 scenes-submit all though #CAPT3

TNG: What is the best scene where Picard looking cool, in charge, acting as the captain? #CAPT4

TOS: Favorite happy/mirthful scene with Kirk from Trouble with Tribbles episode. #CAPT5

TNG: A fun clip of Q making fun, joking about/with Picard #CAPT6

DS9: Favorite happy moment with Sisko #CAPT7

ENT: Best action scene of Archer. #CAPT8

DS9: Saddest Sisko moment from the series. #CAPT9

ENT: Best love scene with Archer #CAPT10

If you want to help then you can submit your suggestions via Twitter but remember to include the appropriate hashtag (#CAPT1, etc). Bill has asked for replies over the next 48 hours (or by Thursday night). He has said he will also post about this on his Facebook page to allow feedback there as well.


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The best diplomatic Captain was John Luc Piccard. I really liked him. The bes no nonsense go get em Captain was Capt. Catherine Janweay of Voyager.

Hey Shat, maybe watch one single episode of TNG this time before you interview Stewart so you it won’t be so obvious this time around that you have no idea of what the other series covered. LOL

I think the best Picard cool moment was from Yesterday’s Enterprise:

Klingon: “Surrender and prepare to be boarded.”
Picard: (echoing John Wayne) “That’ll be the day.” (then jumps over tactical console and goes out phasers blazing)

Great moment from a great episode!

The Best Capt Kirk Scene is when he prevented Dr. MCcoy from saving Edith Keeler.
The Best Capt Picard Scene is when he was Locutus of Borg and he told Riker. Restience is Futile.
The Best Capt Sisko was when he lost Jennifer during the Battle of Wolf 359
The Best Capt Janeway was her battle with the Borg Queen
The Best Capt Archer Scene was in the Ep. In a Mirror Darkly.

I’m glad he posted to Facebook as well. I can’t wrap my head around Twitter. Too many abbreviations and special characters… it’s like we moved backwards into the Internet of the 90s.

Kirk owns when he orders the prefix code over to Reliant in TWOK.

Best Sisko scene was one of two, either his meltdown in far beyond the stars or when he realizes that jake has poisoned himself to save his father in the’Visitor’

It’s not one of the choices, but I love the scene with McCoy and Kirk in “The Ultimate Computer” where Kirk attempts to toast Captain Dunsel…. too bad it’s not there.

Best love scene for Archer? Him when his Dog was sick.

The scene that hasn’t been shot yet where Shatner as Kirk walks out of the nexus alive and well and gets the ending he deserves.

I have no idea what the episode was called but I always enjoyed Jane-Luc delaying replying to some alien or other by taking a little walk around the bridge and wiping his finger over the dedication plaque looking for dust. That was pretty cool. Or perhaps he is just genuinely not happy with the ships cleaners? Who knows.

Best Kirk scene: tough call. Either the prefix code moment in TWOK, like #6 says, or the moment in TWOK when, seemly stranded in the Genesis cave, he tells the surprised Saavik blithely, “I changed the conditions of the test; got a commendation for original thinking. I don’t like to lose. ” Followed by, “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.” Kirk’s casual bravado in revealing that he’s not stranded or defeated after all, gives the audience an exhilarating sensation.

Best Picard scene: Chain of Command, Part 2 — “THERE… ARE… FOUR… LIGHTS!” ‘Nuff said.

Best Sisko moments: Having to take over the role and identity of Gabriel Bell in Past Tense, Part II; OR, Telling Bashir to join Section 31 the next time he’s asked in Inquisition. I guess I much prefer Sisko when he’s fighting the power to all that prophet nonsense.

Best Janeway moment: ramming Voyager into the Krenim ship in Year of Hell, Part II

Best Archer moment: his part in an elaborate trick on Degra in Stratagem

Oh, shoot, I forgot the best NuKirk scene: taunting young Spock on old Spock’s advice, in order to rile him up enough to get him to give up his command.

Buzz Cagney-
That was “the ensigns of command”.


Buzz, that was indeed a great Picard moment, especially when Riker asks him after hanging up on the jerk alien:

Riker: “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”
Picard: “You’re damned right.”

I can’t remember the name of the aliens, but they were like the ultimate bureaucrats—kinda like the federal government. ;)

#15 I will have to take your word on the exchange between Picard and Riker, Vults. I’m in no postion to quote TNG dialogue! – The Wrath of Khan, on the other hand, pick a part and I could play it I think lol more or less!

Saddest moment on DS9 has got to be the very opening of the series, where we Sisko has to leave his wife. Its so well acted, I think the only moment that comes close is when Jadzia dies.

OK, I’m a Twitter idiot. Do we have to direct our tweets at Shatner with the hash tags? Or just tweet into space with the hash tags?

(By the way, best #CAPT4 cool Picard moment: “Unification I” where Picard schools the Klingon lackey about “gratitude.”)

A scene I remember is when Kirk is told by Saavik that “David is dead” from ST:SFS. I remember crying in the cinema at the whole scene.

The other scene is from Star Trek 09. It epitomised the James Kirk that we had come to know through TOS and the movies. It took place in the transporter room where Kirk told Sulu to fire on the Narada, do what it takes to preserve the Enterprise, to save Earth, if he got the opportunity, even if he (Kirk) and/or Spock were not back on the Enterprise.
(Kirk was always prepared to put the safety and welfare of the lives of others before his own…He did not want to die (he loved life) but if it meant either his life or the lives of perhaps many others (even millions), then he was always prepared to sacrifice his life in order that others might be saved.)

Hearing Chris Pine says those words with the same gravitas as the Shatner/Kirk gives me chills. It was just so spot on.

(Anthony Pascale – I do not have Twitter or Facebook. Is there any way you could pass on these two comments to William Shatner? Thank you.)

There are just so many wonderful scenes on all the Star Treks (TV and movies) with all the captains. Just can’t think of them right now, mind gone blank… need to start playing those old videos again.

Replace “Shat” by “JJ”, “TNG” by “TOS” and “interview Stewart” by “direct ST” and your post will be almost spot-on…:))

Sad and so true… Until then, best scene would be probably anything from COTEOF.

I don’t have Twitter so maybe you can do this for me

ST: VI: The Undiscovered Country
McCoy: She’s ready Jim! Lock and load!
*Kirk rises out of his chair*
Kirk: FIRE!

That would be my suggestion

Best scene
ENT Riker: “end programme”

Re: #7

“Best Sisko scene was one of two, either his meltdown in far beyond the stars or when he realizes that jake has poisoned himself to save his father in the’Visitor’”

If William Shatner is looking for the best “sad” Sisko scene, he definitely needs to include that entire segment from “The Visitor”, from the moment Sisko is quietly watching the aged (and, unknown to Sisko, dying) Jake sleeping at sunrise, to the moment the grief-stricken Sisko is holding the younger Jake near the warp core on the Defiant.

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozq3_cWia3s&feature=related

Unfortunately the following scene doesn’t fit into Mr Shatner’s suggestions for his preferred “Sisko moments” (since he’s looking for something either “sad” or “happy”), but overall I think the best Sisko scene of all was his famous monologue at the end of “In the Pale Moonlight”.


Perhaps Mr Shatner could find a way to include that scene too.


I love that moment in Yesterday’s Enterprise when Picard takes the tactical station.

Maybe some classic Kirk fights can get in there, but I agree for Kirk letting Edith die is one of the most powerful moments.

Sisko”s monologuee at the end of In a Pale Moonlight was fantastic, it’s actually one of my fav episodes of DS9.

The Visitor ihas some great scenes to fit for the documentary. What about his speech as Benny Russell at the end ofFar Beyond the Stars when he has a breakdown? That is a great scene. But prob not relevant as it was a vision set in the 50s but a great scene.

Good suggestions so far!

So far it seems everyone is trying to assist Mr. Shatner’s endeavor – except for MJ the Troll who is apparently incapable of touching any topic involving the actor without some childish personal insult or comment.

But back to the actual topic here …

Best TOS Kirk – just about any scene with him, McCoy and Spock where he’s caught in the crossfire between The emotional Bones and the logical Spock.

Best scene in Trouble with Tribbles with Kirk,when he talks to Scotty after the bar fight. Thats my favorite scene from that episode,I love it! Leaves me happy every time! :)

I have to say that one of my favorite Archer scenes was during the Xindi season. It was when he decided he had to resort to the torture of a captured reptilian Xindi to extract vital information. The excellent performance showed the previously optimistic explorer Capt. Archer now conflicted and suffering through his decision, going against the grain of why he became captain of a starship in the first place. I thought it was probably his best performance of the series.

Tonite the shat was on Leno and mentioned the premiere of the captains in july and on some network, or channel I dont think I have or was that pay per view?

I really wanna see the show but it sounds like its on something strange I dont know about..hmmm

Best Captain Kirk Scene: THE NAKED TIME (TOS) Kirk is trying to convince Spock of the theory of the relationship of time and antimatter. Kirk says, “We may go up in the biggest ball of fire since the last sun in these parts exploded, but we’ve got to take that one in ten thousand chance!!!” GREAT line…so CAPTAIN KIRKISH.

@28, I agree completely.
In fact that entire scene is amazing with that wonderful ending of Kirk looking around at the bulkheads, speaking directly to the Enterprise; “Never lose you…..never”

That single moment beautifully summed up his feelings about his ship.

Now THAT was a captain.

Voyager – emotional scene – “The Gift” – Janeway saying good-bye to Kes
Voyager – Janeway taking charge – the end of “Resolutions” where Janeway must again separate herself and her emotions from Chakotay and take command again as they return to Voyager.
Voyager – funny scenes – “Bride of Chaotica” – almost any with Janeway in the B&W scenes. Another is in “Death Wish” – the “sex” scene with Janeway and Q.
DS9 – just plain fun scene – “Trials and Tribble-ations” – Sisko talking to Kirk
DS9 – I agree with a lot of the others, “Visitor” was a very emotional episode.
TNG – emotional scene – “Sarek” – Picard’s scene with Crusher as he’s letting Sarek’s emotions wash over him.
TNG – “Best of Both Worlds Part I” – Picard talking to Guinen in ten forward – “Will this be the end of our history? Turn the page…” Always made me wonder “what if they had lost?”…
TOS – impacting speech moment – Kirk’s “in every revolution, there’s one man with a vision.”
TOS – Spock’s death scene. Great moment for he and Kirk. Well acted
TOS – Funny moment is the exchange in the truck with Kirk & Spock regarding the restaurant

By far the best Captain moment of any of the series was TOS Return to Tomorrow with Kirk’s famous monologue “”Risk! Risk is our business! That’s what the starship is all about! That’s why we’re aboard her!”

That sums up the entire franchise in just one minute and still gives me goose bumps after all these years.

Mine would have to be in Star Trek III…I know…not the series but one of my fav scenes was when Kirk was stealing the Enterprise. That entire sequence…even now…is very well done and timeless…

My favorite scenes are every one of them that Shatner is in.

Kirk in Doomsday machine when he orders Spock to take command instead of Decker on Kirk’s “personal authority as Captain of the Enterprise”.

Or Generations when Kirk says , “Captain of the Enterprise?”

Or quite possibly Star Trek III when Kirk speaks klingon to get beamed up.

Star Trek II

When Kirk flips open his communicator and says, “Kirk to Spock. It’s 2 hours. Are you ready?

I don’t like to lose.”

Best Janeway moment, and surely one of the best TV moments of all time (not only TV Trek), is the finale of “Think Tank”. I quote/paraphrase the captain: “I am sure that you’ll find a solution… if you just give it some thought.” Then music, space battle, phaser fire, Voyager warps away, credits. What a brilliant piece of work.

#31,Horatio,i love that moment too,it is very powerful!

Vultan nailed it @ 3

There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew.
Janeway to Naomi Wildman [#109 and #110 Dark Frontier]

A classic moment

One of my favorite Picard moments is in Ensigns of Command when he forces the Shelliak to wait while he dusts off the ship’s dedication plaque. Cool as a cucumber in that scene!

For trekker 5 and all TOS’ers:


….another vote for Horatio’s call, #31. No doubt Shatner rocked that one. A classic “Captain” moment.

Kirk: Return to Tomorrow – “That’s why we’re aboard her” speech

Picard: Measure of a Man – Data’s defense speech

Sisko: The Maquis – “We don’t live in paradise” speech to Kira

Janeway: Shattered – Janeway’s interaction with Chakotay about the future

Archer: Terra Prime – Ending speech

Kirk (2009): Telling Pike Romulans are attacking, while on the bridge.

Sisko Singing..
Sisko punching out Q

@ Trekker 5
Just thinking about that scene made me smile :)

Sisco sad scene: When he has to confront Cassidy Yates after he finds out she’s been smuggling for the maqie (sic).

Do we get paid to co-produce this doc?

TOS: “Corbomite Manuver” (Great example of Kirk’s cool under pressure)

Movies 1-6: TWOK Prefix Code, Spock Death/Funeral, TSFS David killed/Kirk reaction,

TNG: “Chain of Command” Picard Tortured

Movies 7-10: GEN Picard finds out his nephew dies in fire,
FC “They invade our space, and we fall back. The assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. Not Again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no farther! I will make them pay for what they’ve done!”

DS9: “Visitors” (The most emotional episode in all of Trek in my opinion)

VOY: “Year of Hell” Janeway crashing into the Krenim ship

ENT: (I cant remember what episode but in the expanse Archer is forced to “extract” information from someone and he knows he is compromising his ethics but does anyway to inevitably save humanity)

Oops forgot a couple:

Special Mentions:

ST V TFF: Kirk and Sybock pain scene Kirk: “I need my pain!”, “What does God need with a Starship?” scene

ST VI: Kirk and Spock “Captain, they are dying.” Kirk:”Let them die” scene

DS9: “Far Beyond The Stars” Sisko insisting his story of DS9 is real