The Collective: New Star Trek/M&Ms Figurines & Gorn Statue Announced

Today The Collective returns with news of two newly announced Star Trek collectibles. First is a strangely cool Star Trek and M&Ms ‘mashup’ figurine collection from Hamilton. Plus Hollywood Collectibles have revealed their second Star Trek statue – a Gorn. Details and pictures below.


Hamilton M&M’s Star Trek Figurine Collection

Hamilton Collection has announced the first-ever M&M’S® brand Character figurines dressed as Star Trek characters. The first issue of the series will Red M&M dressed as Captain James T. Kirk. Each 4" tall figure is made of artist’s resin with hand-painted details.

Red M&M as Kirk is first of new series from Hamilton

The collection of M&M/STAR TREK figurines begins with Spokescandy Red as Captain James T. Kirk in Issue One, "To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before." The collection will continue with Issue Two, "Live Long & Prosper" (presumably an M&M dressed as Spock), which will be followed by Issue Three, "Bad News Gentlemen, I Melt For No One" (possibly a McCoy figure?). Additional figures will follow. Each issue costs $29.99. Ordering and more details at

Hollywood Collectibles Gorn Statue

Last fall I reported that Hollywood Collectibles Group were bringing back Stat Trek statues. Their first issue of a 1:6 scale Kirk in Chair statue is due by the end of June. But the company has just announced, their second Star Trek statue – a 1:6 scale Gorn (approx 13" tall). Like the Kirk statue, the Gorn statue is is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted.. 

Hollywood Collectibles Gorn Statue (exclusive edition pictured)

The HCG Exclusive version comes with an additional accessory not available elsewhere – the Gorn Cannon Kirk used in "Arena." The Gorn statue is limited to just 100 individually numbered pieces and retails for $159.95. The Gorns will begin shipping by the end of the year. More details and pre-order info at

New Star Trek products just shipping – reviews soon

Some new Star Trek products are just shipping. First off Westland is now shipping a number of collectibles including Cookie Jars, Salt Shakers and more. In addition the Diamond Select Star Trek: II Wrath of Khan communicator has finally arrived. Look for reviews of these news items here at TrekMovie soon.

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Communicator Replica
New Star Trek collectibles just arriving – review coming soon


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Gorn looks great! And Vasquez Rocks is in the background.

They should do a salt & pepper shaker set that looks like McCoy’s medical instruments.

Looks very Nice. I wonder if they will do a M&M as a Red Shirt. Hmm That could be Dangerous. Love the Gorn. Looks good.

I bet the ” I melt for no one” will be the green M&M (female) as Uhura.

Coming soon to a Big Lots! near you….

OMG! … I loved it! … Captain Kirk M&M … I want it! ….mmmmmm!

:-) :-)

Error: You put WOK PHASER instead of communicator.

@2. Jeff – that would be very appropriate since the prop people on the original show used various salt and pepper shakers as his medical instruments.

Gimme the Gorn…NOW!

Love the M&M Kirk. The Gorn statue is cool, though I won’t buy it because its too expensive plus I have the Diamond Select figure. I also own the TWOK communicator. A bit anachronistic-looking, but very cool!

Very cool!! Gotta have…

The Gorn looks gorgeous. Still hoping for some new model/toy ships anytime.

I do hope Gorn feature in Trek ’12!

so this reminds me when is the preview for this years trek hallmark ornaments?

In the next movie…how about having Kirk locked in a hand-to-hand fight with a Gorn except…….no CGI. Have the Gorn look EXACTLY like the one in TOS. Right up to having a zipper up the back of the lizard costume. Cool!

(hey, who is to say that they don’t look like that??)


Well, it would certainly look better than that CG Velociraptor from Enterprise. The original looked a little more T-rex to me.


…and again, no 2009 Trek merchandise. It’s nice to see TOS get some props, and CBS is all over the marketing, but where is Paramount teasing us for the next movie?

Gorn looks cool down to the Kirk homemade cannon. Nice touch. If I collected things line this I’d get one.

@15 sounds good to me Harry.

@ 18 – As I understand it – CBS Consumer Products owns the merchandising rights to the movie(s) too.

I would love to have that Gorn. And I agree that I hope the Gorn are featured in a new movie. The Gorn appearance on Enterprise was very lame.

The M&M Kirk w/ Cmd. Chair is headed straight to Big Lots, bargain bins and closeouts all over USA. Yeeechhhhhhhh! Pure dreck!
The Gorn is cool, Communicator may have to score. I’ll pass on Spock cookie jar and enterprise salt/pepper shakers.

@22. I’m expecting to be in Vegas in September. I’ll stop by the M&M store and see if Capt. James M&M Kirk is still on the shelves…


Then we’re agreed. Cool!

The copyright thing as far as Trek goes is like a puzzle w/ missing pieces, no one but no one seems to understand why or how it works withing a guide book to help make logic out of the whole mess

Paramount – can make Star Trek films only

CBS – can make EVERYTHING else

That simple enough for folks to understand ?

13″. That will look great in the tool shed, where I’ll be living if I spend 160 quatloos on a Gorn statue.

M&M’s are fine. Gorn statue is neat.

But I am digging on the communicator. In all it’s goofy low-tech glory. Gottsta have. My wife got me a TMP phaser to go with my Wrath of Khan phaser for my birthday week (as I get older, that’s how I roll: birthday weeks). My daughter got me a command badge from the new movie and now I have them searching for a command uni to pair it with. Don’t tell anybody here but the coolest thing I got was a Force FX lightsaber. I’ve been wanting one of those for a long time. Totally cool.

WHOEVER is doing the merchandising for Trek, know this:

Ships! And props! That’s the stuff I buy. And I buy a LOT!

Nice! What’s better than Star Trek and M&Ms…oh, right. Star Trek and Smarties ;)

and the Gorn looks really good!

(sigh of semi-relief..) For awhile, I thought the only Trek stuff about to come out was for lil’ kids..Mini-mates, etc. The Gorn statue excites me….Now, I’d really like to see more along the lines of the TWOK communicator…Perhaps some more DST-style replica ships and props? Whatever happened to that rumor of DST coming out with an Enterprise-B and Excelsior? Oh…while I’m on a wish-list rant, I’d LOVE to see a Trek 3 tricorder! Okay…carry on friends!

#15 – Harry Ballz

Yes… if you do not know… There are many of us here … fantasizing about “shirtless Kirk” fighting with Gorn … I hope boborci is seeing this… LOL

I wonder if Chris Pine would like to prepare for this fight … CP?? … +LOL

:-) :-)

The Gorn statue is great. Not sure where in the world I will set it, but I’ll make a place for it!


Oh, Dee, I’m well acquainted with your lust-filled shirtless Pine campaign.

Anybody here hot for lizards? :>)

@32…only if it involves baby oil or jello…

Thats hilarious….M&M Capt Kirk!!! I want to buy it just for the laughs it gives me.

The Gorn is fantastic. I looks just like the statue that STTE had on display next to the salt vampire when you came down the stairs….I have many a photos taken with those two full size figures whenever we went to Vegas. How I miss STTE…. and the Tranya.

The Art Asylum Gorn figure is just as good, I think, but the price is much cooler.


(in best Homer Simpson voice)

Mmmmmm, lizards and jello………..BWAARHHHHHHHHH!

#32 Harry, what other reason would there be for (CP)Kirk to fight the Gorn other than in a shirtless state? We “pinenuts” know what we want and it is possible that our lustful desires when it comes to that man knows few bounds.

I have ideas for all sorts of shirtless (and pantless) Pine/Kirk scenes, which could include the entire movie…:)

Bob, you reading this? Taking notes? Good man. Make it so.

Chris Pine – we do love you for your mind as well – sense of humour, intelligence, etc. Never believe otherwise!

Keachick, based on that logic, why not have the next movie with the Enterprise crew visiting a nudist planet and, because of the Prime Directive, all of them (including Kirk) must beam down nude in order to conform with the planet’s society?

The title? Star Trek: Bottoms Up!

Tell me, would that meet with your drooling approval? :>)

#38 Yes, Harry. I think that might work and thank God for the Prime Directive…:)! although we never (or rarely) saw the TOS crew conform to local clothing customs, except in Bread and Circuses – something the present film makers might like to rectify.

Anyway, my Menosians from the Menosian planetary system lead a healthy naturist lifestyle, although they tend to cover their more sensitive mid-regions when the weather becomes a little inclement. Makes sense really. Also their hair has a slightly different texture to human hair and grows extraordinarily fast. Men don’t need to shave. In my story, some of the Menosians are a little afraid of the Kirk fuzz… (Oh, I can see a lovely CP scene, with beard and all…)

Anyway, Pine/Kirk, being of excellent health and warm blooded, will adapt quickly to any inclemency in Menosian weather, allowing him to conform perfectly to local clothing customs. Except at the beginning, he finds the weather very agreeable. Also his time spent on Menosia could well be the happiest time of his life (he meets HER there as well). Who, among you, could deny him this experience?

37. Keachick (rose pinenut) – May 19, 2011

Would any of them include Spock?

#40 I guess they could include one or two shirtless scenes of Quinto/Spock, but personally, I do not find Quinto/Spock as attractive. Of course, Quinto fans may have different ideas on this subject.

The *problem*, of course, is that any fight scene with Spock could well be shortlived because of the Vulcan nerve pinch, before there is a chance for any shirt to get ripped off the man. Also being stronger than even a fit human male, like Kirk, makes fighting times shorter, so therefore there are fewer opportunities for Spock to end up being shirtless, let alone pantless, but keeping up the good fight, nevertheless…

#39 Keachick

TOS crew did wear native costume on other worlds… after loosing their uniforms in some fashion.

Errand of Mercy—dressed as local Organians.
City of the egde of Forever– Depression era civilian clothes
Piece of the action- dressed in suits to blend in with the mobsters.
Patterns of force- dressed as German SS officers.
A private little war- Dressed in Tyrees tribe clothes

There maybe a few other episodes but these jump to fore front of my memory at the moment but your reasons are good one.

Harry, my friend, if the crew does go to a nudist planet I hope that it is a cold planet… who do you think should play the female roles????

Of course, with Menosia, I have yet to determine whether some of the menosians find male facial hair more or less frightening and/or bewildering than Vulcan pointy ears, along with the long dark chest hairs also to be seen on the Quinto/Spock body. Odd looking pieces of coloured materials covering Kirk and Spock’s body could perhaps be just as bewildering…for many of the people on this pristine beautiful peaceful oasis in an otherwise crazy universe.

Then again, menosians do wear their hair – they cut it and weave it into winter clothing and blankets, only needed when the cold becomes slightly extreme. Female hair, being softer, makes clothing for babies and small children (under 5’s usually) who have not developed as yet a capacity to cope with most temperatures without the need to be covered.

So much to be learned…:)

Bob – are you noting all this? Remember – beauty, simplicity, loving kindness…

HEY, BOB…Keachick wants a little Kirk/Spock action in the next flick. Nude, please….maybe shaved, too…

There you go, Kea…you can’t say I never do anything for you!! :-)

LOL… start something with “shirtless Kirk”… and Keachick, is excited… and who does not? … +LOL

:-) :-)

Yes, Dee! You will keep mentioning a shirtless Pine/Kirk fighting Gorn, whatever… it is almost like a red rag to a bull…LOL

Bob – I’m not as fussed about seeing a (near)nude Spock (perhaps his own fans could put in a word here…LOL) as I am about seeing “my captain”.

Perhaps Anthony Pascale could do a poll on the issue? ………:)

(The only problem is that the movie could get an R-rating. Seeing healthy naked human bodies is somehow bad (irrespective of what the persons may or may not be doing) gets an R-rating, but showing all kinds of bloody and gratuitous violence, explosions, imploding planets etc only warrants a PG-13 rating (M in NZ). Just so screwy! Oh well, better get off the soapbox).

So what could give it an R-rating – Kirk being naked fighting the Gorn or the horrendous violence and subsequent serious injuries inflicted on each other by each other? I wonder.


Lt. Bailey, I would recommend Megan Fox play a yeoman. She should be the first in the landing party to disrobe.

Hmmmm, I might even go to see this movie twice.

#42 Why a cold planet? General disrobing would be far less likely!

Title possibility?

Star Trek: Eye Candy Ahoy!

Star Trek: The Search For Johnny Longbow?

#29. subspacejock
I was told that the AA/DST Enterprise-B and Klingon Bird of Prey had been cancelled.

This quote was taken from the question I posed on the DST Facebook page.

“Diamond Select Toys We have a few more retro figures planned, but no plans for more 6-inch figures or the Enterprise B at this time. We will keep everyone posted should that change. – Tuesday at 1:54pm”

Gutted – Fuming – Angry – Disgruntled…..