William Shatner’s “The Captains” To Premiere On EPIX In July w/ “Shatnerpalooza” Marathon

We now have a date and a place for when we will be able to see William Shatner’s The Captains. The documentary about the various Star Trek captains will premiere on the EPIX channel (and online) on July 21st. EPIX is also planning a "Shatnerpalooza" of programming including six Star Trek films, classic Shatner movies, the Gonzo Ballet and more. Details below.


EPIX To Premiere Shatner’s "The Captains" w/ a "Shatnerpalooza"

Today the EPIX premium channel announced they will be premiering The Captains, the new documentary directed by William Shatner. The Captains will give fans in-depth look at the Star Trek franchise through the experiences of each actor who has played a Starfleet captain, including Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks, Chris Pine and Shatner himself.

The Captains will air Thursday July 21st on EPIX along with a "Shatnerpalooza,” – a 48 hour marathon of Shatner-themed programming, including all six original Star Trek films. Also included will be the premiere of William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet and some rarely seen (and sometimes controversial films), including The Intruder, Big Bad Mama, Disaster on a Coastliner and Broken Angel. There will even be some Shatner TV episodes, including a classic 1964 episode of Outer Limits, a Shatner-iffic episode of Iron Chef and the Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner.

Watch "The Captains" and "Shatnerpalooza" Free Online

Shatnerpalooza will be available to subscribers to EPIX, which is available to over 30 million homes nationwide through distribution partners including Charter Communications, Cox Communications, DISH Network, Mediacom Communications, NCTC, Suddenlink Communications and Verizon FiOS. In addition, all of the Shatner programming (including The Captains) will launch simultaneously on EPIX VOD service, EpixHD.com and will also be available across Internet connected devices.

This means that anyone (in the USA) can sign up for a free online trial for EPIX in July and see all the Shatner programming, even if EPIX is not available with your TV provider.

TrekMovie and EPIX will also be working together promoting the event, so stay tuned for clips, details, and contest giveaways.

Thrill Bill on Tonight Show – Bill announces Captains on EPIX

Last night Shatner appeared again on NBC’s The Tonight Show With Jay Leno for his second "Thrill Bill" segment where contestants try to "Thrill Bill," including one guy who does impressions of both Leno and Shatner. Bill also announces the premiere of The Captains on Epix.


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The Shat is very Funny on Leno. I do not get Epix here in austin. But I’m sure it will be uploaded. Can’t wait.

what about those of us in the UK? when do we get to see it?

Ok… Anthony Pascale! … I ‘m sure you’ll bring us all details about “The Captains”… I’m waiting … and thank you!

:-) :-)

What about those of us living downunder?

What about those of us living on the moon?

Hey. What about all of us living in the Empire.

What about all of us living in Harry Ballz Home.

Living at the Moon is not a problem … and not even living at “the clouds of the web”… LOL

:-) :-)

Thank you Anthony! Because I can’t get it and I want to watch it badly! Hopefully it will come out on DVD.

dont get epix

Never heard of Epix. Is it a web site?

Yah also never heard of it–premium channel? how much n whats on it–the biggest cable co comcast not mentioned so we cant get it except online? whats a good perpheral to get to wirelessly run pc stuff to your tv-i know a product like that exists–ohwell

Sounds like that Shat is going on the cheap then with some channel nobody can get???

Somebody’s gotta rip it and post it, it’s on in the summer, what else is there to rip?


Sounds like your kinda channel since you seem to specialize in cheap shots in regards to Mr. Shatner …

Shatnerpalooza. I shall look into that.

to heck with Epix I want the documentary, when is the DVD coming?

We do not have EPIX in Canada, do we?

Thanks for that Anthony! Star Trek fans the world over will be looking forward to seeing the Capatains so will be great to hear when we can see it here in Australia and other parts of the world :-)

This guy knows how to keep himself busy, that´s a good role model.

I’m certainly not subscribing to EPIX for this, no way, Paramount, but will do the free trial/download thing. And definitely a dvd purchase.

You’re right, #21, Victor. What a role model he is. I work for the government, and there are Plenty here who could benefit from his example….

#22 Is this a Paramount production? I thought it was Shatner’s own project and has nothing to do with Paramount.

For some reason also, I have an impression that Shatner and Paramount are not “on speaking terms”, which could account for one of the main reasons why we never saw him (in any way, shape or form) in Star Trek 09, nor likely to see him in any subsequent movies.

I suspect that MJ could be stirring a bit here…certainly hope so. Monotony is not a good look, especially when it is of a negative kind. MJ – please don’t have me come to confuse you with GT!

#23….I was kind of surprised to see it on Epix as well, as it is definitely a Paramount network, and (I think, at least) a very expensive one, for what they offer. Guess they were the highest bidder? I have no idea how such things work. I too was under the impression this was a solo project by Shatner.

Perhaps it is because Shatner intends to use a lot of film footage from the Star Treks, which are, of course, all owned by Paramount, so the studio wants to be in on the action.

I just hope we get to see The Captains down here in Australia and NZ, sooner rather than later. It could be good if the documentary did become available on DVD (region 4 down here). How long is the programme intended to be? I would hope, at least 60 minutes in length (without the cursed commercials – ugh!).

@16 “Sounds like your kinda channel since you seem to specialize in cheap shots in regards to Mr. Shatner …”

What channel do those with not-so-clever retorts watch? :-))

EPIX is on, what 10% of cable markets around the country? That’s the same no-name, wannabe network that got the rights to Star Trek 2009.

I wish Paramount would remember the other 90% of the viewing public that doesn’t live in New York, Chicago, or L.A.

I don’t think “The Captains” is the kind of program that is meant for dvd. It’ll probably be an Epix exclusive. They’ll play it multiple times for awhile then put it away and forget about it for all eternity.


“What channel do those with not-so-clever retorts watch? :-))”

If I get time to watch anything I have no choice but AFN (Armed Forces Network).

Epix would be considered a premium channel here in Iraq. :)

#29 lostrod – Are you a soldier stationed in Iraq? Do and be your best and take EXTRA care!

Keachick – yes, I am indeed.