Big Bang Theory Ends Season With Star Trek Sex Gag

The nerdy CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory wrapped up its 4th season last night with yet another Star Trek gag, this time it was a "sexy Trek" running joke that set up and was woven through the show. Watch the clips below.


Lt. Uhura…prepare for…inspection

The season final finale for The Big Bang Theory (“The Roommate Transmogrification”) was set up by having Raj overhearing Leonard and Priya doing a little Star Trek "role playing" which ended up being referred to throughout the episode. Check out the Trek joke clips below.


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Ha haaaaa!

As a UK resident, i approve of being able to see this video! Burn Hulu!

Totally not canon! Kirk doesn’t wear glasses! This show is very funny, I’m waiting for Mr. Shatner to show up on this show, especially since they cancelled S@!t my Dad Says.

Sorry, actually Kirk did wear glasses but later during The Wrath of Khan. As soon as I hit the button I remembered. Really need a edit button.

MikeTen. I was just about to ask for your Agoniser. Lol. But funny show.

Damn Commodore, you almost made me spit my tranya out of my nose. +1

hahahaha this is perfect!!!

Am I the only one who doesn’t find this drivel humorous?

#8 Quite possibly. I have to admit that this video is actually quite funny!

Leonard has a very high quality command tunic!

@ #8 – Yes. That is all :)

#8 yep your the only one without a sence of humour lol
love the clip and just love the programe so glad its was alreadt pick up not only for season 5 also season6

I also thought it was funny as heck….especially the line about sullying the memory of gene roddenberry also hahaahah like HE never was sexploitive and I mean that in a good way hahahah like all the tos womens costumes yummm hahaah

Also during a speech gene promised to never stop using women as sex objects then he said and men too hahaha

anyone know what the 73 shirt sheldon is wearing means? It looks like a fantastic four shirt hmmm…..

Wow… I love these guys! … :-) :-)

#8 It’s hard to see you up there on such a high horse.

Okay, now THAT was funny!! Love it when they
do the Trek references.

#8 — No you’re not. I didn’t find it humorous either.

Audio is all distorted when I play it… I preferred Hulu because it actually worked.

8. Are you watching only these Trek-related clips, or have you watched the whole show? Out of context, I can understand you may not see the humor. But when you follow the show and know these characters, the jokes have a lot more meaning.

Anyway, the Trek gags are usually pretty funny, but the best parts last night were Amy’s “that doesn’t interest me at all, goodbye”, Leonard’s clever sign-off with Priya’s parents, and Penny’s question to Raj, “You STILL can’t talk to me!” The gang teasing Howard about not having a doctorate was funny, too.

The Big Bang Theory has been on an upswing in recent weeks, following an early part of the season where Penny was rarely seen (the actress broke her leg) and the focus was too much on Emmy-winner Jim Parsons (Sheldon).

I love this show! Makes me happy every time I see a Trek gag in it,this one was great! Love the episode.

missed it- but good stuff

Don’t worry @ #8, your sense of humor is intact. These people are just easily amused by any blatantly pandering Trek reference.

yes. i love blatantly pandering star trek humor. win.

I think the funniest part is when Raj says, “10 miles? So you’re orbiting inside the atmosphere? Idiot!” I too caught that mistake, it made me REALLY LOL.

whoops, sorry. The line said “moron” not idiot! :)

@8: Yup.

I don’t watch TV, so I only watch the Star Trek clips from this show on the web. This made me laugh so hard. I love it when he says they’re bringing shame on the memory of Gene Roddenberry.

Who else is goin’ on a Trek marathon before they get Raptured?

I can’t believe they got away with the “shuttlecraft” comment.


“These people are just easily amused by any blatantly pandering Trek reference.”

Yep. I would say that’s the case most of the time…:)

I agree with the comment about watching scenes out of context can sometimes make the scenes seem less funny or whatever than if you watched them as part of the entire episode/movie. That was the case for me with seeing youtube scenes of Chris Pine as Darwin Tremor from Smokin’ Aces. They were OK on their own, but once I watched them as part of the entire movie, then they were actually a lot funnier (at least, to me).

#19 At least now, I and others (hopefully) got to see the clip, who live outside the USA, whereas we can’t see/hear anything on Hulu. Despite the distorted audio experienced by some, it is much nicer that we can all see and share any film clips. Thank you, staff!

Humour is such a subjective phenomenon.

I was with them until the very end. If I was Leonerd I couldn’t get back together with penny at this point and that was something I was hoping for all season. I’m sorry, but the thought of a girl that has been with one of my friends is gross. It was bad enough that he knew that idiot zack.

I wish Star Trek could get you laid in real life.

Captain, she canna take much more of thi…


@ 31 – Star Trek has got be laid a few times now – all thanks to JJ Abrams and his glorious Star Trek, people approve once more!

I love the big bang theory

I have watched this show from day one! Love it!

@20 I’ve watched the whole show a couple of times, but I haven’t watched THIS episode in entirety. I still think this show appeals to the lowest common denominator as far as “humor” is concerned – but that doesn’t make it better or worse than most shows on the air. I’ll stick with Modern Family for my laughs, though, thank you very much. :)