First Look At Star Trek: TNG Deck Building Game Coming This Summer

Star Trek is returning to the world of CCGs (collectible card games) for the first time since Decipher departed in 2005. This summer Bandai will release their first Star Trek CCG (or as they call it "Deck Building Game") – and it is based on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Details below plus previews of some of the cards.


Star Trek Deck Building Game Coming This Summer

Bandai America will release a new new Star Trek Deck Building Game (DBG) in the summer of 2011. The official release offers the following details:

The STAR TREK DBG brings the Star Trek: The Next Generation® universe to life in a game of strategy where players construct their card decks while they play. In the STAR TREK DBG you are the Captain of a small starship with a standard crew and basic weaponry. Will you use your crew’s experience to improve your ships systems or to recruit more experienced crewmen to your ship? Will you form diplomatic relationships or conquer civilizations in battle? Build your deck and explore the Star Trek universe!

Here are some card previews (click to enlarge):

Plans are for the game are to consist of 300 playing cards plus other accessories to create many possible game scenarios. MSRP is expected to be $39.99.

Bandai has also launched a special website .


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If this works like Dominion or Thunderstone, it might be pretty cool. If it goes with the buy a booster of random junk and one good card, then I’m out.

Bring back the Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator!!! Update it with new non painted/non collectable Miniatures from TOS, TNG and beyond!

The Original CCG looked much better…Wow do I ever miss that game…
But…I’ll still try this one as well.
Will have to see if I’ll spend hundreds of dollars on it like I did the original CCG lol

A rad idea. I do want. I’ve hoped for something like this actually. I too hope it is somewhere in the same ballpark as Dominion.

I never really played the card games, I just like collecting them. These cards look kick ass!

The fact that there’s an “MSRP of $39.99” makes it sound like this is more like Dominion than any CCG (which would explain the terminology): a self-contained game in a box where you take a subset of cards and do things with them. That’s fine by me, ’cause while I don’t object to the CCG concept really, I do find it awfully spendy for my budget. I’d give this game a try, if it’s like it sounds.

Although… did they just use “diplomacy” as a verb?

The FASA Trek games rocked. If they updated this, then I would drop some serious quatloos on it. Another CCG….nah, I’ll pass.

#1: Robman007 – May 23, 2011
“Bring back the Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator!!! Update it with new non painted/non collectable Miniatures from TOS, TNG and beyond!”

I would be interested to see what the game mechanics are like, but I ‘m not a fan of the art direction for this product.

I loved the original CCG. I just didn’t have enough money to keep up with it, and I think I was the only person in my area who collected/played it. I’ll probably end up buying this at some point, just to see how good it is, but I don’t think it’ll live up to the fun that I had with the original.

ide get them just to have the cards

The card previews seem to have been taken down. There’s only the small picture of the Picard card at the top.

Yeah, the FASA ship combat game rocked, and so did the RPG. That was quality Trek gaming. No thanks to Paramount (and others as well..look up the history for names, but prob no surprise) for cutting that license because when TNG started so did the idea that Star Trek was not about violence, bad guys and ship battles, but exploring, understanding and peace…

Beautiful mini’s too. Just picked up mint in box mini’s of the Reliant, Refit Enterprise and Bird of Prey. Great stuff.

and Last Unicorn Games RPG was pretty good too.

I guess these a pretty early concept designs, since they each have a different style. The Enterprise image is some kind of horrible vector tracing, while the Picard image is an old publicity photo with a photoshop filter on top for unknown reasons, while the others are episode stills. Bit of a mishmash, really.

I liked the old design that Decipher used (before they tried to make it look cool). The cards had a kind of subdued colour palette that didn’t compete with the images.

Sounds interesting. I love the old decipher game – still play it as it is still alive with players on (world championships is at gencon this year) however I am willing to give game a try. At the very least if it becomes popular might be able to get people to give the old game a try.

I love Dominion and I love TNG. Definitely buying this.

Just to confirm for those that aren’t sure, this will not be a CCG. It is similar to Dominion in packaging. It is a standalone game that includes everything needed for 2-5 players. It is more inline with the Board Game Category.

I hope they find a better picture of the Enterprise!! The one above is very weak CGI. Bring back the ILM shots from1987!

This game is so cool! I am so looking forward to it!

P.S. I am actually a time traveler from 1994.

They still run the old (and still excellent) CCG on an unofficial basis over at the Continuing Committee: . I haven’t had time to play in ages, but… boy, what a great game that was.

I am so pumped about this game. Just started playing MTG but my friends don’t want to play it with me, but they’re all huge TNG fans so this is my IN!

They posted the rulebook for the curious/early-starters:

This game wound up being pretty good. They could have used an editor/quality control person (there is a card called “Sheilds”. Seriously). Overall, the game was quite fun, though.