Zoe Saldana Wants Spock & Uhura To “Hook Up” In Star Trek Sequel

One of the more controversial aspects of the 2009 Star Trek movie was the relationship between Spock and Uhura. Now Star Trek’s Uhura wants to double down on that relationship in the sequel, along with Uhura getting "physical." Details (and video interview) below, plus more photos of Zoe from Cannes.


Saldana wants the Spock/Uhura hookup

In an interview with Empire Online from Cannes, Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana didn’t have any news about the Star Trek sequel, but she did offer her thoughts on what she wants to see:

I can maybe tell you what I’d like to see happen in Star Trek…for Spock and Uhura to really hook up – for Uhura to get to do whatever physical activities, kick some butt, some Romulan butt.

Saldana wants Spock and Uhura to hook up in Star Trek sequel

Note: some sites have noted Saldana’s mention of Romulans, but it is very unlikely that she has revealed a spoiler as none of the actors have been given any script draft (which is still being worked on).  Meanwhile here is the video of from Cannes where she talks Star Trek and Avatar sequels (via Empire Online)

More Zoe pictures from Cannes

Last week we showed some of Zoe’s red carpet photos from the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. Here are some from the "The Tree Of Life" Party on May 16.

Photos: Paramount Pictures, WireImage

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So it will be R rated Star Trek?

I loves me some Spock/Uhura, but no hookups please!

I’d like their relationship to be established, but very subtle. In the background.

Spochura was the worst thing about the new movie, please just leave it be.

Damn these pesky kids and their always wanting to be having relations! ;)

I loved the Spock/Uhura. It added an interesting dimension to both characters, a new dynamic to explore, and they’re a very pretty couple too! I like the idea of Spock tentatively learning to embrace his human side through Uhura, perhaps more so than he might have done in the prime timeline.

If I was Zarchary Quinto I would LOVE the idea, but as a story line I find it too much of a distraction. None of the TOS triumvirate had women (except Kirk’s occasional “catch of the day” )which is why they were so close.
It’s just like bringing Yoko in with the Beatles. Messes up the mix.


Oh, boy, here somes the s***storm!!

Do NOT let Uhura take ANY screen time away from McCoy.

He got short changed in the last film.

McCoy should have almost the same amount of screen time as Kirk and Spock.

Oh… Zoe/Uhura … how am I going to do to defend you now, here on TrekMovie.com?? … LOL

:-) :-)

#7 Totally agree!!

Loved Spock/Uhura in STXI! I think getting more physical would be a good natural transition for the couple. And if Zoe wants her character to get more physical I say let it happen.

No hook ups please the only part of the movie i didn’t like was spock/uhura

no hanky panky on the Enterprise its a deep space mission not a pleasure cruise! crazy kids and their sexy shenanigans!


Uhura didn’t ‘take screen time away’ from McCoy any more than Sulu or Scotty or Pike or Chekov did. God knows I would have loved to see twice as much Bones on my screen, but as a woman and an African-American, Uhura was sadly shortchanged in the original series, and she deserves a story as much as any of the others do. I vote fewer snow monster chases, more character development for all! :D

#7. I agree with Harry. The Spock/Uhura thing was a mistake in the first film. I dont want any continuation of this.

The next film needs to concentrate more on the bonding of the ‘trio’ – Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

United Kingdom

There is nothing ‘Star Trek’ about the Uhura/Spock coupling. I agree with the majority here, focus on the trinity;


Spock McCoy

And remember… the timeline WILL fix itself. But It’ll be fun to watch them expedite the process…

PON FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How sad! In TOS at least Uhura earned her credentials by being competent, not the office lay.

They would have to hook up. Amok time took place in 2267, and Star Trek 11 took place in 2258. If the next movie takes place about 2 years after Star Trek 11, then it would be around the right time for Spock’s Pon Farr to take place.

I’d rather not see that…. I want a thought-provoking action adventure, not a melodrama.


Not sure where you’re getting ‘office lay’ from. As you’ll note if you pay attention to the film, Uhura is perfectly competent at her job. Number one, it was *Spock* who tried to keep her out of a post she was qualified for because he was thinking about his own reputation (not necessarily because they were already involved – could’ve been simply because she was his Advanced Phonology teaching aide, and therefore, obviously a favorite student), and number two, there’s nothing saying that kiss in the elevator wasn’t their first kiss. They both seem to be serious, driven officers who wouldn’t jeopardize their careers with a relationship at the Academy.

I am a big fan of the Spock-Uhura relationship; I am so tired of watching stories – including within STAR TREK – where the main characters are “married to their jobs”. BS! We don’t live for our jobs. That’s not what our existence is about!

Nearly 60% of American military personnel are married – so why not our fictional Starfleet personnel and why not many some of our main characters being in a relationship, being in love, being married?!

BTW – there is no more trinity in STAR TREK. It’s now a tetrad or quaternary with Uhura.

Welcome to the 23rd Century.

Kirk,Spock and MCcoy. They should all have the same screen time. The rest as great supporting cast. Great Story and Great Action.

@17 “They would have to hook up. Amok time took place in 2267, and Star Trek 11 took place in 2258. If the next movie takes place about 2 years after Star Trek 11, then it would be around the right time for Spock’s Pon Farr to take place.”

Given the Vulcan race is down to 50,000, you can bet that the Vulcan high council will have ruled in favor of throwing Pon Farr out the window now and encourage general matings of Vulcans at all times to try to repopulate the species. I always sensed that Pon Farr was one things instituted by Surak and the mystics to try to keep logic at the forefront and reduce the impact of sexual urges and the clouding of emotions that comes with that…and over thousands of years the practice grew to the point where the changes in the personality every seven years became physiological in nature to match the policy.

Reasons this cannot happen:

1. Spock’s mine! >:-)
2. Last movie Uhura got more of a spotlight than McCory, so I think this movie they should switch it back. Gotta love Karl Urban!


Maybe Brian L is posting from prison, where he is the office lay? :-))

#14 There is no timeline that needs fixing, because nothing is broken. The only some may know that this is an alternate, slightly different universe, is because primeSpock has told some of his history – ie Kirk, Spock, Scotty.

#5 Yes, none of the triumvirate had women in the TOS series, but that does not have to happen this time round. Prime Kirk ended being a somewhat bitter and lonely man, especially after he lost his son (for a second time). He just put a brave face on it though, as he always did.

If Spock and Kirk can get a little genuine loving this time round, then I say – go for it. “It’ll work!” “Do it. Do it. Do it” – Bob. Careful not to overdo it – ah, such a fine balance to be kept! However, if it can be done, all the more exquisite to watch.

#11 No, the Enterprise is not (just) a pleasure cruise but it is not a monastery either and I have not seen and read *anywhere that any of the Enterprise crew have to take vows of celibacy (chastity), poverty and obedience, and nor should they have to (*except the Deltan woman in TMP [celibacy]).

Anyway, who says that deep space exploration may be pleasurable? Today’s high powered telescopes are already sending pictures back showing how some parts of outer space appear quite beautiful. The next movie needs to show some of that awesome beauty, along with a little of that “golden silence”.

For my money the story should focus, first and foremost, on the Kirk-Spock-McCoy triumverate. Uhura already took too much attention away from that dynamic in the first film and a continuation of that is the last thing I want to see. Focus on story and action and the character interactions between the “big three” and leave this “hookup” foolishness to the realms of fan fiction. And if Zoe doesn’t dig that, there are plenty of other actresses would would welcome the gig.

Edit: “The only some” is meant to read – “The only REASON some…”

“…exploration may be pleasurable?” meant to read – “…exploration may NOT be pleasurable?”

Sorry. In a hurry. Must go. Bye for now.

“hook up”. Boo. Another example and yet another reason why I loathed the movie. Go to another franchise Zoe. I don’t believe anyone involved understands what this one should be.

@16 well put.

@26 “all the more exquisite to watch”

Its a Star Trek movie….no “exquisite” love scenes please. Don’t mind how they handled it in Trek 09, but if want “exquisite”, I can go see a chic flik at the movies any day. :-)

@29 Andy, you in the same prison as Brian? I am putting the pieces together now…ah, well, to each his own…I just want you guys to be happy! :-)

No MJ. I’m just not a crude lowbrow.

12. Amen

You guys are the ones basically calling Uhura a whore, so I thought it would be interesting to see how you responded to the same charge. Yea, it is insulting, demeans those who like the character, and is uncalled for, isn’t it?

Lesson completed!

She is certainly entitled to her own opinion about the development of her character. However, my hope is the writers move in an entirely different direction.

For me, Uhura’s strengths were highlighted by her grace. Obviously a passionate woman, her contributions to the crew were included her leadership, combined with the power of her intellect

Certainly, I would like to see all of the secondary-crew get as much screen-time as possible. Yet i’d hate to see all of Uhura’s time spent being the main-squeeze of one of the male-leads or “kicking ass” as if she’s some tough sex-pot. There are so many other ways to portray powerful women then to have them only useful to the screenwriters as girlfriends to the male-characters. Or as some guy-fantasy bad-ass babe.

In fact, i’d say Uhura’s character had plenty of face-time in TREK2009. I’d agree that we need more time with McCoy & Scotty in the next feature.

@35. Pretty much agree with you. The only caveat is that I think Zoe may end up being the most successful actor of this group in the future, and I would not be surprised if she won and Oscar at some point. So given we have this great talent in Trek, we should make the most of it…and I think Abrams and company will, in spite of the mean-spirited “office lay” types of fans out there that want to keep her in her place.

36. thanks for recognizing the “logic” of my argument. hahaha.

Oh yes, i certainly agree they’ve got quite a great talent with Zoe among the cast. And there are so many outstanding actors in TREK2009. Quite a staggering amount really. Way to go, JJ !

However, since the potential of her power as an actress is as yet untapped. And i don’t see how it would be if she spent most of her scenes in a space-bra, in bed with Spock or in fight-scenes with rubber-faced aliens. Give her something dramatic to do – something compelling and important to the plot.

Now that’s my girl! In my world Spock and Uhura would be much steamier, but the end of the relationship is near. People say they want character development, yet they don’t seem to want this relationship. I’m in the minority. The needs of the many…he’s gonna break her heart.

Oh please, no…

Please, no. It was pointless in the last movie, just a random romance. I hope they forget the Spock/Uhura thing and just work on making a good movie.

Someone please tell Zoë not to let her wants hurt her. This is not meant to be a rated-“R” sex film.

“It’s just like bringing Yoko in with the Beatles. Messes up the mix.”

Now that’s a wonderful take, guy. Even if, in this timeline, it’s more like The Monkees.

Let’s just assume they’ve already “hooked up” and leave it at that.

This made me roll my eyes. Let’s stick to stuff that’s actually about STAR TREK, not “hooking up”.

“The only caveat is that I think Zoe may end up being the most successful actor of this group in the future”

She’ll be 33 this year, nearing on ancient for an actress by Hollywood standards (unless you’re talking about the already great, cemented stars, the Winslets and Paltrows) and her recent projects where we actually get to see her face haven’t been huge successes.

I think either of Yelchin or Pine will have a better career. Pine has the biggest buzz right now, but Yelchin is younger and already has a critical success on his hands with Like Crazy.

Quinto is probably the best actor of the bunch, though.

#2,I agree with you!! And #7 Harry,I also agree with you. As I think most of us want more McCoy! Are you hearing this Mr.Orci?

I do not have a problem with the Spock/Uhura relationship per se, BUT:

1. I do not feel it is appropriate to tie up too much screen time (i.e., more than roughly 30 seconds to a minute) with it; I want more story, less romance in the movie. It’s okay for TV episodes, but not so much feature length movies.

2. It must end at some point; it must be a doomed relationship. What Spock and Uhura each want from life are fundamentally different.

3. Along with limited screen time, I also expect not a whole lot of explicit detail; no sex scenes or drippy emotional scenes. Do I need to spell it out? Spock and heavy duty passion and emotions do not mix (well).

OF COURSE she wants them to hook up. It’s the only thing that will keep her from being a background character.


The misogyny on this page is amazing to read and so not-STAR TREK!