Rumor: Star Trek Sequel May Move To Holiday 2012 Release

One of the hottest topics right now in the entertainment press is the fate of the 2012 Star Trek sequel. In the last week we have reported that an announcement is coming soon and that prep has been ongoing based on a detailed outline. Today an unconfirmed report has come out stating that the Star Trek sequel may be delayed.


Star Trek To Move To Holiday 2012?

Paramount and JJ Abrams really want to focus on his new movie Super 8. However, much of the press coverage over the last few days has been about Abrams next project, the Star Trek sequel which is currently scheduled for June 29, 2012. To date reports have been that Abrams will turn his focus to Star Trek in June, the final touches for the script will be wrapped up quickly and shooting will start in September. However, some are questioning whether this scenario is possible.

This evening Deadline picked up on TrekMovie’s recent report of prep work being done off an outline, and they added some news in an article titled "Can ‘Star Trek 2’ Morph From 70-Page Outline To Summer Tent Pole In 13 Months?" According to Deadline’s source the announcement that JJ Abrams has promised is coming soon will have "good news and bad news." The good news would be that Abrams will indeed return as director for the sequel, however Deadline is also hearing that the studio is “considering” moving the release to a Holiday 2012 date. Paramount would then possibly move their planned G.I. Joe 2 film (which starts shooting in August) from its current August 10, 2012 date into Star Trek’s June 29, 2012 spot. Deadline also reports that Paramount still hopes to shoot the Star Trek sequel ahead of the Jack Ryan reboot (which stars Chris Pine).

Paramount has not confirmed Deadline’s report.

JJ Abrams directing "Star Trek" – unconfirmed report says he will be back for sequel, which will be delayed to Holiday 2012 season

Wouldn’t be a surprise

It is not inconceivable that the Star Trek sequel would be moved. The schedule for Abrams first Star Trek film called for 13 months from the start of production to release, with an additional half a year of pre-production. That film then got an additional 4 1/2 months of post-production after Paramount decided to move it to fill out their summer 2009 schedule. Last summer Star Trek producer Bryan Burk told TrekMovie they had a similar plan for the sequel, which he hoped would be begin filming in June 2011, and Roberto Orci’s last target date to have a signed-off script was late March.

All that being said, it still possible to make the original date. While pre-production didn’t start as planned, there has been "prep" work going on based on the detailed outline. Plus, the main cast casting and much of the design work and construction of the USS Enterprise was already done for the first Star Trek, so pre-production will be shorter and can focus on new elements. And a source at ILM once told TrekMovie that work on many effects shots can begin during pre-production, especially on space-based shots which wont need live-action elements. One also has to look at Super 8 itself. JJ Abrams began the movie last September and will deliver it June 10, so could he not do it again with the Star Trek sequel?

Right now Trekkies seem to be already bracing for a delay. In a recent poll at TrekMovie, 48% of fans expected the film to be delayed.

And in our most recent poll, 1/3 of fans actually say they would prefer for the sequel to be delayed (likely to ensure quality isn’t hurt by the film being rushed).

TrekMovie will continue to monitor the situation with the Star Trek sequel and report any updates.



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Summer 2012 please. The wait is killing me enough as it is.

There should be a nice little delay for each sequel. For one thing, the whiners will have died of exhaustion by the time Star Trek 3 or 4 arrives.

Just looking for a comment from boborci…

Shocked! Shocked I am.

Oh wait, no I’m not. This delay has been painfully obvious for at least the last two months, when we first started reading about a production start in late summer. Its a shame those of us who dared point out the obvious were shouted down as being naysayers (here and in other forums).

They’ll delay it to November 2012 first, and then to May 2013 when Paramount (hopefully) sees they have another monster hit on their hands.

If it gets pushed back to X-mas 2012, I would expect a subsequent pushback to Summer 2013 by Paramount. They liked the idea of it being a Summer blockbuster, and it obviously worked financially, so I wouldn’t expect a deviation from that formula.

Summer 2013.

And if it were up to me, I’d say let JJ go do his thing and get someone else to direct it. I don’t see that you need JJ producing it, either. We’ve already seen the super glossy, super slick, popcorn-muncher blockbuster for the masses courtesy of JJ Abrams. Do we need to see another one?

Let someone else have a go at it.

Let’s have the Star Trek equivalent of what Irvin Kirschner was to Star Wars.

Something a bit more soulful, more artistic and less pandering to the masses.

Unlikely, I know…but a boy can dream….

Expect more delays.

I expect it on time in 2012 :)

Funny how the title says “Rumor”. I mean, come on, what do Paramount people think – that they’ll shock us if they admit it’s truth?
Shocking news indeed.

Star Trek movies always do better in summer so 2012 or summer 2013.

Winter 2012 would probably mean less box office as generally space movies play better in the warmer months!

You can’t see my face, but if you could you couldn’t see the look of shock on it, because there isn’t one.

Guys, make us a good movie, please. We hate waiting, but not nearly as much as we hate paying 12-15 bucks to sit through 02:13:35 of dreck.

Huh what oh Oh hmmmmm ok sure you sure? Ok then sooooooooo yeah hmmmmm sounds great!

I don’t know if Super 8 is an apt comparison. From what it seems, that film has a lot more live-action components than Star Trek 2 will presumably have. It was also a tighter production in general since it was filmed for something like $50 million, unlike Trek 2 which will probably be around $150 million.

9, It’s a rumor because it’s all just based on outside speculation. Short production schedules for big movies may not be desirable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. The new X-Men film comes to mind…

If it really gets pushed back you can expect some bad blood between Paramount and the producers in the wake.

The writers were hired with a known release date and then produced nothing for 2 years. Bad form.

Abrams waiting this long to commit to the project, effectively keeping the film dead for Paramount? Bad form.

He better pray Super 8 is a win because if it fails and he’s responsible for their 2012 tentpole being MIA, Paramount and perhaps the rest of Hollywood will smell his shit coming for miles.

I think JJ has too much on his plate. Or perhaps the franchise is less important than say, GI Joe. This movie’s time frame has already been stretched to the point of obscurity. If this rumor is true it could damage the franchise. This reeks of internal problems, perhaps trouble with the script.
I consider myself to be an invested fan with nearly forty years of viewership, and I say this with passion, and conviction. Star Trek was born on television- It’s big enough to handle it’s own on the ‘Big screen’, but it’s lifeblood is with the television audience. A new series MUST begin development ASAP. And to the powers that be, If your listening, turn to ‘We the fans’ for advice, and guidance when writing this material, and we will never let you down. Mr. Roberto Orci has been an invaluable liaison, and we praise you for the time you’ve volunteered to interact, and answer any questions we may have. I hope ‘We the fans’ have been a helpful resource, as well.
At this point, since it’ll be at least 3 years between films, anyways, all that matters is that the story, and script be solid as a rock.

Terrific. The momentum’s been halted, put it back on the shelf for another 5-10 years.

If they need an extra six months to get the film done right, then that’s what they should do. A few extra months isn’t going to kill the momentum. What WILL more definitely do that is making a bad movie.

No one here at Trekmovie would be surprised if it was delayed. I want it on time but want better quality instead of being rushed.

Sigh. I was looking forward to seeing Star Trek in June 2012 before the Mayan calender ran out. and the world ends. :-) Yeah, I don’t want to see a rush job. Trekkers demand quality. After all, doesn’t Star Trek stand for quality science fiction?

Not having worked in the film business, but reading what Anthony wrote, I guess it can be done for a June release. If Paramount wants to release the film in 3D, will there be time to prepare the special effects to take advantage of the medium? A quick and cheap conversion from 2D will hurt the film as it could sour fans expectation for quality.

Well, at least I can enjoy the new Stat Trek TV series. Oh, that’s right there is no new Star Trek on TV. Sigh.

I believe a delay is inevitable. They are not going to shortchange their sequel just to get it out earlier. I’m not really worried about momentum. Oh, people may temporarily “forget” the prior film, but as soon as the next one is announced the masses will remember quickly enough (another reason “Star Trek” must be in the title–to remind the masses what a blockbuster the last one was–but I digress). While it may not come as quickly as some of us like, it’s nice to start seeing reports that we are inching closer to the next film as time goes on. I’ve got 5 TV series, 11 movies, an animated series and plenty of Star Trek books to keep me busy until then.

I don’t want it to be delayed, but whatever. I’ll see it when I see it.

Winter or Xmas releases as they are called usually require quite a different tone, because of the holiday slot. Summer = action and spectacle, while Xmas requires a slightly more subtle touch. If someone wants to dig through box office mojo for examples to prove or disprove this please feel free.

btw, Anthony this new logo is nowhere as good or instantly recognizable as the fun ghostbusters 2. bring it back :)

Depends. Would Christmas 2012 conflict with the Mayan apocalypse?

If the movie is delayed then if any Trek TV series would be delayed until 2015?

#24 Lois Lane proved that wrong in Smallville.

I wish they would take it a little more
seriously for the fans.

I mean, I understand that these folks
have other gigs and can’t just bust out
one Trek movie after another like a TV
series (hint, hint), but if they don’t speed
things up just a little, all the stars are
going to be Shatner’s & Nimoy’s ages
before the fourth film is made…. or they’ll
trade off actors… yuck.

Is it possible that if Star Trek gets delayed that it is in danger of being forgotten by the general audience? If so then maybe Orci and Kurtzman should really consider at least doing an animated series so it stays in the minds of the people.

Everything is possible… including the film premiere on June 29, 2012 as planned… nothing new in this article from Deadline …. but is not it amazing? … Deadline is reverberating news first hand here at … Great guys! … LOL

:-) :-)

#26. Phew, well. That’s fine then. I was just worried that the projectionists would all be raptured by then. . . Oh. Wait. Wrong apocalypse.

A new logo with good vibrations … I hope and wish! … ’12


WAAAAAIT a minute. I thought JJ was AGAINST “holiday” releases, which is why we had to WAIT through the holidays for the first “Star Trek” to come out the following summer. NOW, we have to wait through the summer, for “Star Trek 2” to come out over the holidays???

The “new” crew is going to be as old as the “old” crew by the time this thing comes out (and, so will I, apparently)

there is NO way the trek sequel will make summer 2012. Its my hope these guys take there time with the next movie as they did with the first one.

I’m dying to see what Bob, Alex, JJ and the other guys come up with. I do wish it was Summer 2012 but my feeling is if you want it done right it will take longer to do.

Not surprised…
Got a bunch of people enjoying 2009, and now have to rebuild all the momentum that was gained..
If they aren’t that interested in Star Trek, find someone who is…There are plenty of Star Trek fans to choice from…The longer this goes on, the longer it is before it returns to TV…

Leave a long enough delay and Hollywood will come out with another reboot. Might be worth the wait.

Wouldn’t surprise me.

I had a feeling, but they should do what they have to do to make this movie great.

That would disappoint me.

Yanno’ Holiday 2012 would not be the best choice really…

All these games being played with release dates, it makes it seem as though they really came out with an idea and it wasn’t really liked completely by the powers that be so they are going back to the drawing board. I know Bob Orci said this wasn’t the case, but these types of delays or rescheduling of release dates doesn’t help their case and makes the people anticipating it wary.

JJ, having done LOTS of television, is no stranger to fast, short, quality shoots…he can do it in the time frame and he will do it well. Any delay will be due to the studio’s uneasiness, not JJs ability to deliver the goods.


Let’s see…rushed and half-assed earlier and well-written and great (hopefully) later. I’ll take later.

I hope it does get delayed. There are too many ‘big’ movies releasing that summer (TDKR, Spidey, Avengers) and I think (hope!) it would do better in winter. And I don’t want this movie to be rushed.

I see that Star Trek is like heroin for some people. Take your methadone and calm down.

Can’t say I’m surprised….just extremely disappointed if this is true.

Can’t say I’m worried too much about Trek going up against the Avengers or Spider Man. Dark Knight is a bit a intimidating.

No matter what though, Trek is gonna have competition. Theres a little movie called The Hobbit coming out in the 2012 holiday season…THAT movie worries me.

As a life-long fan who has loved this saga since my childhood I’m glad Paramount is finally giving Star Trek the royal treatment and not rushing things.

From day one with “The Cage” there was always interference from “the suits” with how Star Trek was made. It was either rushed, never given enough money to be fully realized as intended, or had movie release deadlines set that were nearly impossible to meet (TMP is a perfect example).

While it may be aggravating to wait for the next film, it is encouraging to know that time and effort is being spent to do the film the best way it can be done.

Anthony Pascale just talked about a rumour of delay. Unfortunately, we have heard nothing new and don’t expect to until after the premier of Super 8 on 10 June. JJ Abrams needs have it all sorted. Anyway, what more is there to do with Super 8 once it hits cinemas?

On a recent video with William Shatner, he mentioned how Paramount mucked around throughout most of the seventies with maybe a new series, then nothing, maybe a movie, then nothing. They managed TAS, although that wasn’t considered canon then. Paramount just do not seem to know how to treat their beautiful golden goose with the proper respect it deserves. As has been pointed, these other JJ, Orci, Kurtzman etc productions have been mostly ones *ordered* by Paramount. Really, the buck stops with Paramount. Someone there really needs to spend a good amount of time in the agoniser booth, frankly.

la la la la la *hands over ears* la la la la

I can’t hear you! Until this comes from J.J. or Bob, Alex or Paramount- I am holding out for the on time release.

Next, I do not like the term “tent-pole” movie regarding Trek- it seems like such an injustice to such a great movie! Stop it! – please and thank you. :)

Imagine 500,000 reimagined klingon extras marching in unison to a epic michael g score while the camera zooms in on our heroes captured and defeated, revealing the klingon homeworld in one beautiful moving panning shot as the cam pans across a enterprise in flames, destroyed on the ground

I’ll go either way.

If it gets delayed, oh well.
If not, yay. I’ll see it when I see it. Personally, I think Trek has earned a name to play with the big boys in the summer and I think it can hold its own.