Video: Klingon Language Lesson From Star Trek: Infinite Space

To get you ready for their upcoming browser game Star Trek: Infinite Space," Gameforge has released a Klingon language lesson video. Watch it below.


Klingon Lesson from ST: Infinite Space

Here is "Klingon Lesson 1" from Gameforge, makers of the upcoming game Star Trek: Infinite Space.

More Klingon?

If you really want to learn Klingon, you can purchase "The Klingon Dictionary" by Mark Okrand (who invented Klingon). Or his follow-up book "Klingon for the Galactic Traveler." And for even more, visit the Klingon Language Institute online.


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Very cool.

There’s something awkward and adorable about that video.

that is cool, ,idk why.. but i love it! QAPLA’!!


Is it just me or was the latex coming off by his left eye?

yah…I can just tell from the freeze frame…..

A Klingon wearing a suit and tie? ;)

I just tried to do the slapping-shoulder gesture. It still hurts…

I want to learn Klingon so I can confuse my family and so that no one will be able to read my journal. Maybe I’ll do that.

German fans make for some uber nerdy Klingons

I have just caught an inside joke in the movie “Team America: World Police” where the Film Actors Guild all shout “QAPLA!” in Klingon. I never figured that out until today.

i like it

I’d just like to add, that you have to say QAPLA! Not… Qaplaaaawwwwhhhh

I once saw a German fan group that set up a role play team and a mock up Bridge connected to a computer, on which they played Star Trek Bridge Commander. They had make up and costumes and props and everything. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to join them.

It illustrates that when Germans are fans of things, they go all the way in a much less self-conscious way than just about anyone else. You’ve got to admire that.

That’s why I initially had some faith in this game. The top down 2D combat gameplay turned me off it, though. I’d still count myself as more hostile towards STO, though, than this.