Watch: George Takei Gets Planked On “What’s Trending”

Apparently George Takei is on the cutting edge these days. His new viral videos landed him a guest spot on CBS’ new webseries "What’s Trending." Watch the episode below where Takei talks about his videos and the latest trends, including "planking."


George Takei on What’s Trending

Here is today’s episode of "What’s Trending" with George Takei, where the original Sulu talks about his viral videos and the latest trends including "planking."

 You can even see comedian Chris Hardwick (aka The Nerdist) "planking" on Takei.

Chris Hardwick joins the new planking trend with George Takei

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Oh my


Uh, yeah, George has been getting planked for about 50 years.

Planking? Is that what they call it now? When I was in college it was called the 1.75 litre of store brand Vodka. I guess “planking” is catchier.

While I love that George is getting this late season bump in his career, I’d prefer to see him doing more productive projects, like, um, acting.

The first thought that enters Takei’s mind each day upon awakening:
“I wish I was Shatner.”

sulu whats wrong with you. I think you have been absorbed

Am I the only one who hates that “Oh my” thing? It’s so Takei!!!

HAHAHA!!! Seriously…I’m sick of it.

Good for George!

#4 The problem is that George Takei is not a good actor. He may have done ship’s navigator Sulu reasonably well, but that was a minor character. Everything else I have seen him do has been an embarrassment to watch, especially when he played captain of the Excelsior in Star Trek VI. Sorry – but that is how it has been for me.

#7 I totally agree. Either prime Kirk (Shatner) or alt Kirk (Pine) should take the “Oh my” back. They were prime Kirk’s last words, for goodness sake… This is canon – “my captain’s” dying words in the prime universe. Some respect is in order.
(This is not to start a debate about the merits or otherwise of the Generations script in this respect).

Perhaps, I am taking this too seriously…oh well.