New Star Trek Celeb Trailers: The Smurfs (w/ Anton Yelchin) & Tintin (w/ Simon Pegg)

A couple new trailers for movies featuring the voices of Star Trek actors have been released. Today a new trailer for The Smurfs featuring Anton Yelchin arrived, and last week the first trailer for The Adventures of Tintin, featuring Simon Pegg, came out. Watch them both below. 


Smurfs w/ Anton Yelchin

The brand new trailer for The Smurfs, featuring Anton Yelchin as Clumsy Smurf.

The Smurfs smurf into theaters on July 29. Official site:

Tintin w/ Pegg

Last week the first teaser was released for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, featuring Simon Pegg as Inspector Thompson.

The Tintin movie comes out on December 23rd. Official site:


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Smurfs oh yeah!!!!!! or is it Avatar?

I really dislike bringing the Smurfs to our world. Not that I would have liked a Smurf movie anyway. But is the only way to do this as a fish out of water film that’s been done over and over again?

Omg. is Tintin all cgi??


Non, Les Schtroumpfs *ET* Tintin ?!
Souvenirs, souvenirs….


Oui, mais Tintin et les Schtroumpfs en anglais, c’est pas pareil, n’est-ce pas Aurore?

Dans la video concernant Tintin, on entend
“Tintin” ( prononcé à l’anglaise : Teenteen). Et, pour les Schtroumpfs en anglais
c’est effectivement différent : Smurfs.

(si j’ai bien saisi le sens de votre question).

That trailer needs 100% less George Lopez.

7. Correction: video=vidéo.

And I thought Beastly was going to be winner of this years Razzie award for worst picture, looks like the smurfs is going to give Beastly a run for its money in that category.

#3 TinTin is motion capture, just like Avatar, monster house, polar express, etc

you can see the look of embarasment on Hank Azaria’s face when he is onscreen as gargamel.

Aurore, :)

Neil Patrick Harris! Awesome! But will he being in the cast suffice to save the Smurf-movie?

And Tintin in CGI? Why not normal flesh-and-blood actors? Hergé’s characters aren’t all too cartoony, after all.

Also: I recognize the others, but who the heck is this SCOTTISH Smurf supposed to be??

Avatar did so well for Blue beings everywhere, so I guess making Smurfs is the next best thing perhaps?

I hate the smurfs. Always have. Always will. Detestable

There is a real good reason that the mocap humans are rarely seen in Tintin’s trailer. They are awful.

So, there’s two movies I can absolutely ignore.

Tintin: This can’t come soon enough! The animation reflects the original artwork very well in color, detail and camera angles. Even the way Tintin held his pistol as the car sped away is spot-on!

Smurfs: Hmmmm, maybe. I remember seeing some location work being set up near Bryant Park last year.