Cool Stuff: Flashing Star Trek T-Shirts

Have you ever wanted to make it really really clear that you are a Star Trek fan? Well FlashWear has the answer for you with their line of illuminated Star Trek T-shirts. Check out how you can light up your (Trek) life below.


Illuminated Star Trek shirts

The new licensed Star Trek flashing T-shirts come from Each shirt has a thin electro luminescence panel and includes a "tiny battery pack" which is hidden in the lining of the shirt promising "discrete wiring for comfort and wearability." There are currently four Star Trek designs to choose from:





The 100% cotton T-shirts are hand wash only and come in four sizes. Each shirt costs $23.23. FlashWear is based in the UK, so shipping is $3.57 to the UK, $5.12 to Europe and $8.53 to the USA and rest of the world. To order visit


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Awesome! FIRST!


I see my life flashing before my eyes…………..

Voyager??!!?? Must be a CBS product…

Great! I am almost tempted to order one, but given the exchange rate, postage etc, it would possibly cost me an arm and a leg. As well, I would probably feel like a right dork if I walked round here wearing one of those neat T-shirts. People in NZ aren’t into wearable franchise merchandise, even Star Wars stuff (lots of Star Wars toys here in shops though), as they seem to be in the US and elsewhere.

What to do?

Why Voyager? That seems a bit odd…

I agree Dr. Cheis, having VOY as one of the “Illuminati” shirts…sorry I had to.

But they could’ve easily used TNG or DS9…hell even Enterprise would be fine (since that is the only “canon” trek since ST09’s alternate universe). Oh well…c’est la vie…

Uh, Voyager ROCKS. That’s why.

No plus sizes? Clearly, they do not know their fan-base. CAll me when you get to a 2x or so, then we can talk…..

Voyager ROCKS … funniest thing I’ve heard all day


I’ll deffo get an XXL TNG shirt when they make one. I am tempted by the one with the Enterprise, though.

OOOOOH! Do you know what’d be PERFECT for these shirts?!

A TMP Red Alert screen!

I loved the silver! … I want it …. :-) :-)

I would love one with the Terran Empire Logo.
But please. No Red Shirt. That would be way to Dangerous.

“Voyager ROCKS” couldn’t have put it better myself. “No plus sizes? Clearly, don’t know their fan-base” that made me laugh, I’ve only just stopped fitting smalls…

Oh, Lord….

I swear, the merchandise that CBS allows is getting more stupid and bizarre.

Can you wash them?
Canon. Really. Really?

And what’s on the back of them?

“For a good time, call Kirk!” ?

Sadly, those shirts are going to be the most dynamic thing about some of the people wearing them.

Too bad the phaser strikes don’t light up- shooting from the Enterprise.

*Walks into club wearing flashing ST shirt and sounding like a young Jerry Lewis*

“Here I am laaaadieeees!!!”

@8 I agree — Voyager rocks! We’re all entitled to our favorites, after all. Evidently the shirts’ designers are of a similar mindset.

Now, when the shirts come with their own built in transporter or holodeck technology, I’ll actually buy one!

ooohhhooooooo liked all heheheee, in special T-short No. 2 :)

Must… have…

Keachick, Keachick… what to do??? BUY one!! WEAR it !! Who cares what anyone else thinks!! LOL Have fun~

I have 2 shirts that my husband doesn’t mind if I wear in public. haha – 1 is of the new crew in the delta shield and I wear it regularly on my days off when I am running errands etc. The other is for cooler weather (long sleeves) and has the Enterprise in a bottle. (too funny!)

The third one, is one I threaten to wear out in public but he refuses to be seen with me if I were to. I like to at least scare him into thinking I would wear it. :D It is the one that you may have seen on the back of the box of “Cheez-its” You had to send in boxtops or something plus some money to get a poly-nylon short sleeve shirt that I (since I have an affinity for Spock) purchased in the blue color. It would have been much cooler if it was long sleeved. (I admit, I wouldn’t wear THAT one in public lol)

But I think I am going to order one of these light up shirts asap. You never know a fashion trend just may start because one of us wearing our Trek shirts! LOL If not, it’s still fun, because those are the only “fun” shirts I have. The others in my closet aren’t as fun since they are more of a sensible and classic style.

dmduncan! now wait just a minute! I am so dynamic that I don’t care to wear my love for Star Trek at times! Now, if I were to pair it with the perfume, and jewelry, that might mean I have some issues… :S LOL

Now if they come out with a Klingon shirt???

#9 and 15 There is an XXL size in the men’s T-shirts.

The same size measurements apply to all four T-shirts.

27. dude, I’m a medium

Looks cool! I like the gold.

#27 N- Dude, she’s not a dude- just fyi.

Wlll they be in Las Vegas in August at the official con? That would save on shipping…

Hey there KC (RP)

Bollocks to what the rest of NZ thinks…I shall be ordering at least two and wearing them around Dunedin with pride!


30, I call everyone dude :P

To everyone in the UK (and this IS a british website!) these are only £14.99, which I think is very reasonable considering the inferior ‘Star Bores’ ones are £19.99!

#33 that’s funny, N— I knew a man who called everyone Bob. Even women. LOL

Aww, what? – Why couldn’t they have done a big, animated LCARS side-schematic of a ship rather than just the dull old logo?

Maybe a ship that that you don’t see too much of like an Akira.

the vegas con would be an appropriate place to sell these since they are essentially flashing neon vegas star trek shirts haha–too gaudy fer me i think—does look like something sheldon might wear–

I’m gonna get so much crap because of wearing this in public from my friends… :)

What bothers me is the durability. When the batteries run down, do we just have a blank, boring black T-shirt or what? How long do the batteries last? What happens if you wear it outside and it starts raining? I live in a city with a reputation for experiencing four seasons in one day, irrespective of the official season. There are not a great many convertibles driven around here.

(I get a little pissy at having to replace batteries all the time. I have had my fill already with one or two of the kids’ toys you can get that are battery operated.)

pictures will be posted when??