Watch: Garrett Wang Explains Why He Wants To Get In Holodeck With Christina Hendricks

Syfy Germany has released a few brief video interviews with Star Trek stars from FedCon XX, including Garrett Wang explaining how he would use a holodeck to change his chances of dating Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and Robbie McNeill casting doubt that we will achieve Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek future.


Syfy Fedcon interviews w/ Star Trek actors

SyFy Germany send TrekMovie an email today to point to some of their FedCon XX interviews with Star Trek stars so we would share them with you. Here they are.

Garrett Wang (Voyager: Harry Kim) on how he would "never leave" the holodeck if he had a real one, saying he would use it to play golf (sure Garrett). He does admit that he would go back and change his chances at dating Christina Hendricks.

Robert Duncan McNeill (Voyager: Tom Paris) on his doubts on if Star Trek’s hopeful future will really happen.

Scott Bakula (Enterprise: Jonathan Archer) on his Quantum Leap memories.

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If I had a real Holodeck. Well. better keep it PG Rated.
I think Harry would use Erica Durance for some other types of fun. Lol

I’m not taking the bait!

Garrett Wang would like to have Christina Hendricks in a holodeck program?

Would he then refer to the doors used to enter the holodeck as the “booby hatch”?

I saw Garrett wang at the vegas convention last year he is hilarious.
I carn’t belive its been 10 years since voyager finished, i wish it came back as a mini series.
dose anyone know when the dvds are on bluray.

“Garrett Wang Explains Why He Wants To Get In Holodeck With Christina Hendricks”

Really, no explanation is needed. ;-)

Harry. You got me.
Holodeck. Hmm. Better keep it PG Rated still. Lol.

Yeah, it sounds all good and well, but what happens if/when the holodeck malfunctions? Christina Hendricks could end up “transforming” into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s maid/mistress! Garrett Wang’s “dream date” can turn into real bitch of an afternoon!

Garrett Wang seems almost like a real life Harry if he were 10 years older. Robert McNeil had some very interesting things to say, though, and I think he’s right…in a way. In Star Trek’s time line, things got a lot worse (WWIII) before they got better. I think the world of today’s headed in that direction, a lot worse and then better.

She has boobs the size of a planet (each), what’s there to explain?!

My god has Garrett Wang gotten old. I remember on Voyager he always had that baby face look. Not anymore!!

That “PHEEEWWWWW!!!” you hear in the distance is Christina Hendricks.

I’d say – we should petition for DS9 reboot and get Christina Hendricks to play Kira :)

11 — Then it would be Double-D-S-39. (At least)

I would have to say, out of the three, Scott Bakula is the only one who seems to be aging well.

Even in the holodeck, she’d still find him repulsive.