Watch: Leonard Nimoy Gets “Lazy” In Bruno Mars Music Video [UPDATED]

Leonard Nimoy’s non-retirement continues with a surprising new addition. Today Electra Records released an "official alternative" music video from Bruno Mars hit "The Lazy Song," starring Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy having a very lazy day. It will definately be the coolest thing you see all day (all week?, all year?). [UPDATE: Nimoy explains how he got involved with Mars]


Leonard Nimoy Gets Lazy In Bruno Mars Music Video

"The Lazy Song" from Bruno Mars album Doo-Wops & Hooligans was released as a single in February and has sold over a million digital copies alone. A music video was released featuring Mars earlier this year, but today Elektra Records released an "Official Alternate Version" with none other than Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy acting out Mars’ "Lazy" day. Check out the awesomeness (including a brief glimpse of William Shatner):

By the way, if you want to see the original "The Lazy Song" video, watch it on YouTube.

UPDATE: Nimoy explains how he got involved

While clearly awesome, it is curious why Nimoy came out of retirement (again) for a music video. In an email to TrekMovie he explains:

I met Aaron Bay-Schuck in 1985 when I was preparing to direct St IV. He was 4-1/2 years old. I married his mother in 1989. Aaron is the Atlantic Records exec who signed Bruno Mars to the label.

Classic Nimoy Music Videos

And astute fans of Leonard Nimoy will know this is not his first foray into music videos. Check out some classic Nimoy.

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Awesome!! Thanks Anthony that made my day.


Ain’t the best song in the world, but the video is priceless. So many great moments. Thanks for posting! ★★★★★

Nimoy has always been so cool…



That was great!!

Not much for Nimoy to do in the Bangles video, but it was nice to be reminded of Susanna Hoffs’ eternal cuteness and heavenly voice.

Nimoy is Da Man. Or he is Da Vulcan.
Love this.

Re: #8 — Well, except for Leonard also being the person who was the DIRECTOR of that video!


Fantastic. Love the ‘touching moment’ with the snapshot of the L’il Vulcan. Dang. That came out all sorts of wrong, didn’t it?

I’ve seen a lot of things in my life but that…was…AWESOME!

Definitely funny … but he reminded me someone and I was a little sad too …

It’s like he’s channeling his inner Walter Matthau for this video. Haha

Shatner’s a great comedic talent, but I don’t think even he could have pulled this off as well as Nimoy.

Nimoy has SWAG.

This guy is everywhere!

I cracked up laughing when he takes the photo of the Vulcan fan, folds it up, and sticks it under the chair leg. Hilarious!

*This* should be the trailer for Free-Enterprise 2!

loling forever. so amazing

That was a cool video with Leonard and I hope William Shatner saw it.

I loved the “Lazy” song video, but the Bilbo Baggins song – well, what can I say? It was sort of awful and I don’t just mean the quality of video picture.

Fun stuff. I had no idea that Leonard Nimoy did all this…

Brilliant fun stuff!

great video at 1.36/1.37 is that Wil Weaton?

:D I had to smiley all the way through, great! =)

:D I had to smile all the way through, great! =)

You look GREAT, Mr. Nimoy.

Even on your “lazy days” . HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

My personal, immediate reaction to the Bruno-Mars-Lazy-Song music video: What a fantastically entertaining piece and truly cleverly conceived, hilarious deconstruction of Mr. Nimoy´s regular public persona as a wise and highly dignified elder statesman of show business, :-) …

He didn’t wash after going to the can, but at least he did go to the trouble of wiping his hand later – on his neighbours face! That video was hilarious!!

Hilarious! I loved the Taxi Driver moment in the mirror… “Are you talking to me?” and then he pulled his vulcan salute out. Priceless!

If I’m half as cool when I’m half as old as Mr Nimoy, I’ll be a happy man!

@29. Hermioni.

Yeah. That too.


I’m sat at work with my headphones on laughing my head off (in my dinner hour of course!).

I’m getting some very strange looks but it’s worth it – funniest thing I’ve seen in ages!

Hilarious i was laughing all the way through. is that bruno mars at 1.11.

@ #32. Aurore – May 27, 2011

It´s good to know we find ourselves in agreement then, ;-) .

@35. Hermioni.



definitely .

Best music video ever.

although i fear it is impossible, i hope i am half as cool as Nimoy when i hit his age!!!

or for that matter, ANY age…

This is awesome!! My day is made!! :) Oh,and hi Aurore!

Nice to “see” you again,Olivia!

This is the single greatest video YouTube has ever seen. Leonard Nimoy smoking doob? HELL YEAH


Awesome, made me laugh, especially Shatner the channel hog

Thank you, I really needed a good laugh. Live long and prosper Mr. Nimoy.

Aurore, :) its always nice to “hear” from you! :)

My copy of “The Hobbit” just burst into flames!!

Nimoy obviously has a talent for deadpan comedy. Bravo!

Did Spock just take a morning whiz into the sink?