PHXCC AUDIO: TrekMovie “Star Trek Lives” Fan Panel + Photos Of Costumed Trekkies

The Star Trek fun at Phoenix Comicon kicked off with the "Star Trek Lives" panel hosted by TrekMovie. You can listen to the full audio of that below, plus we have pictures of lots of Trekkies in costume. Check it all out below.


TrekMovie "Star Trek Lives" Panel

At Phoenix Comicon I was asked to host a fan panel called "Star Trek Lives," which focused on the new movies but also talked about the latest developments in Star Trek. I was joined by blogger Chris Swanson, AU professor David A. Williams, and writer Morgan Gendel. For avid readers of there wasn’t really any news, but the standing room only crowd seemed to enjoy the open discussion of the new movie, the sequel, possibly animated show and more. 

Here are some highlights (which were similar to my panel held at the Star Trek con in Las Vegas last summer)

  • Almost all "loved" new Star Trek movie, with very few who didn’t like it
  • Some fans confused (or even upset) over whether Star Trek 2009 erased original Star Trek timeline vs created parallel universe
  • Most fans don’t want Khan in Star Trek sequel, but do want to see Klingons
  • Strong desire for new live-action, or animated Star Trek series (but mixed on CG or traditional animation)

You can here all that plus me pontifcating way too much about what I think will happen with Star Trek’s future by listening to the audio below. 


Star Trek Lives panel: Morgan Gendel, Chris Swanson
, David A. Williams, and myself at Phoenix Comicon 2011 (Photo: Sarah Smith)

Star Trek fan costumes at Phoenix Comicon

And here are some Trek fan costumes seen around the con.

Adult actress (and genuine Trekkie) April O’Neil in her Troi outfit from "Star Trek: The Next Generation a XXX Parody"

Star Trek: TNG fan confronted by Star Wars stormtroopers

3 young siblings in Minecraft costumes – included pixeled Riker

Vulcan Girl

Father and son Trekkies

This couple made their own "I’m Takei" t-shirts (and she got hers signed by George)

Another Vulcan girl

This couple are relaxed in their Star Trek robes
(available at ThinkGeek)

If Captain Kirk and Dox XX "Most Interesting Man In The World" had a love child

Mirror Universe Girl

Vacationing Romulan

These guys (yes Leia is a dude) make an interesting couple

And yet another Trekkie couple

Check out mini-Kirk coloring during Robbie McNeill’s panel

Trekkie girl gets her grove on during "Geek Prom"


More Phoenix Comicon to come

There is more to report with panels from George Takei, Robbie McNeill and Leonard Nimoy.

Photos: Anthony Pascale,

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