CBS To Promote Star Trek Sequel At Licensing Show

In two weeks the worlds licensing professionals will descend on Las Vegas to show off their brand and cut new merchandising deals. And CBS will be there to cut deal for the Star Trek sequel, currently schedule for June 29, 2012. CBS is so determined to push Star Trek that they bought the cover for the official License! Magazine. More below.


CBS to promote Star Trek sequel at upcoming licensing show

Licensing Expo 2011, the annual show for brands to sell licenses for various types of merchandise, kicks off in Las Vegas on June 14th. Today the official License! Magazine held a news conference and showed off the cover of their upcoming mag, which featured Star Trek on the cover. Here it is (via ComingSoon).

The image comes from the "sequel teaser image" that was floating around last November, which TrekMovie confirmed was based on an image from ILM. The License cover is a paid ad from CBS Consumer Products who handle licensing for all of Star Trek, including the feature films.  The 2009 Star Trek movie brought in a number of new or expanding deals for Star Trek including Mattel, Playmates, Hallmark, Burger King, Nokia, Lenovo, and more. As would be expected, CBS will be cutting new licensing deals for the Star Trek sequel at this year’s show.

This year CBS has a good sized booth at Licensing Expo 2011 (about the same size as Marvel’s) and the the official listing for CBS highlights Star Trek, with the following:

A new Star Trek adventure hits theaters in summer 2012, featuring its all-star cast and iconic characters. With a 40-year history and over 700 hours of content from six television series and twelve movies, Star Trek is an entertainment and pop culture icon across the world.

It isn’t clear if anything should be read into the "Summer 2012" note on the advertisement. As of now the official release date for the Star Trek sequel is June 29, 2012. As we have been reporting, it is possible that date will change, but that doesn’t change CBS’ plans for the licensing show as they will still need to cut their new deals if the film comes out in the summer or the holiday season.

What would you like to see?

Have you ever seen a licensed product and thought – Star Trek should do that? If so, what kind of licensed productions would you like to see – sound off in the comments below.

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