CBS To Promote Star Trek Sequel At Licensing Show

In two weeks the worlds licensing professionals will descend on Las Vegas to show off their brand and cut new merchandising deals. And CBS will be there to cut deal for the Star Trek sequel, currently schedule for June 29, 2012. CBS is so determined to push Star Trek that they bought the cover for the official License! Magazine. More below.


CBS to promote Star Trek sequel at upcoming licensing show

Licensing Expo 2011, the annual show for brands to sell licenses for various types of merchandise, kicks off in Las Vegas on June 14th. Today the official License! Magazine held a news conference and showed off the cover of their upcoming mag, which featured Star Trek on the cover. Here it is (via ComingSoon).

The image comes from the "sequel teaser image" that was floating around last November, which TrekMovie confirmed was based on an image from ILM. The License cover is a paid ad from CBS Consumer Products who handle licensing for all of Star Trek, including the feature films.  The 2009 Star Trek movie brought in a number of new or expanding deals for Star Trek including Mattel, Playmates, Hallmark, Burger King, Nokia, Lenovo, and more. As would be expected, CBS will be cutting new licensing deals for the Star Trek sequel at this year’s show.

This year CBS has a good sized booth at Licensing Expo 2011 (about the same size as Marvel’s) and the the official listing for CBS highlights Star Trek, with the following:

A new Star Trek adventure hits theaters in summer 2012, featuring its all-star cast and iconic characters. With a 40-year history and over 700 hours of content from six television series and twelve movies, Star Trek is an entertainment and pop culture icon across the world.

It isn’t clear if anything should be read into the "Summer 2012" note on the advertisement. As of now the official release date for the Star Trek sequel is June 29, 2012. As we have been reporting, it is possible that date will change, but that doesn’t change CBS’ plans for the licensing show as they will still need to cut their new deals if the film comes out in the summer or the holiday season.

What would you like to see?

Have you ever seen a licensed product and thought – Star Trek should do that? If so, what kind of licensed productions would you like to see – sound off in the comments below.

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I would like to see a futuristic looking car that was Trek themed!

Hopefully this will not put any more pressure on the writing team.

I’d like to see Lego Star Trek. Doubt it will happen though.

More QMx props. Great job on the phaser! Now the Kelvin props too :)

“no history” not “40 year history”. They removed that history with the new “movie”

blue colored vodka … romulan ale

cardassian gin

blood wine

that’s what i want..

How ’bout a sports franchise, a la the Mighty Ducks (now just the Ducks, thankfully). Like if the Kings move from Sac to Anaheim they could be the Orange County Klingons!

I am craving this movie like a vampire craves blood. The anticipation is palpable.

Lego games. That would be so cool! Even Lego blocks!

6. I like the way you think.

I’m assuming nobody has exclusive rights to a Star Trek video game for consoles like XBOX. The proposed game could be say a first person type shooter with plenty of exploration. Then expand the game through downloadable content. That way players would get more planets to explore, just like Star Trek.

I want to see Star Trek 2009 done in Lego Style like some other movie we will not name. Lol.

i agree on the game idea. But it needs to be something new. first person shooters have been done already with Elite Force. Space battles have been done in almost every game incarnation of Star Trek. and right now, Star Trek Online holds both gaming aspects. space and ground assault. So imo, a game idea would be difficult to come up with. Not saying its a bad idea, It would have to be something new and unique, for it to be of interest to gamers. Most people would see it as, Been there, Done that.

LEGO Star Trek!!! (Video Games/Building Kits)
More Ships!!! (ie Kelvin, Reliant, Execsior, Ent B, Ent C, etc)
Family Guy Trek Spoof!!!!!

Blood Wine, Romulan Ale, Kanar would be cool

Id also like to see Star Trek prop replicas fall into the price range of the Star Wars Lightsaber replicas, which would make them much more affordable. I was so excited to see the ST VI Phaser come out and then have my hopes dashed away when i read the price…

OH!!! I almost forgot, I always thought it would be cool to see a Star Trek version of a progressive, open world game like Grand Theft Auto. Not as in a Trek themed social deviant game, but a game where u choose the path of your charachter, command, engineering etc. Complete character control in a star trek world.

@ 5 Bhek

No, Star Trek 2009 did not remove Trek’s history. The new movie created a parallel universe. That ‘s a better term than “alternate reality” used in the movie. The old or prime universe still exists but Trek 09 is parallel to it. (Link) So, get ready for Jean Luc Picard, male stripper!

Why is it so hard for some people to understand that the new movie didn’t erase anything?

Bluetooth TOS Communicator!


They have blue colored vodka…it’s called UV Blue

@2 “Hopefully this will not put any more pressure on the writing team.”

You mean, hopefully this will light a fire under their butts given they have been working on the story and script now for 1.5 years. These guys apparently need the pressure and a firm deadline because the “take your time” thing is not working.

No offense meant to you, Bob Orci, but I think you would be first one to agree with me that it is time for your writing team to wrap this up.

Continuation of the Playmates Star Trek 2009 figure/toy line. Either by them or by another company.
The rest of the bridge playset pieces to complete that.
U.S.S. Kelvin
The Jellyfish

I’d like to see a Star Trek version of the game Risk, myself.

I’d also like to see a Star Trek atlas on the level of the one produced for Star Wars. _Star Charts_ was neat, but it felt in some ways like a teaser for a more comprehensive book.

Star Trek themed brewery!!!

oh… just wait a minute…




with all the noises and physical features.

love it.

yeh a trek android or iphone powerful full of trek graphicfs and sounds and lights communicator tos style….

dont like the trek 2009 communicator….or phasers…

Looks like Paramount is still expecting a June 29th release next year. Best spot is in the summer if they hope to cash in. Strange that most of the articles for the last 6 months stated that the script would wrap up in early spring. 392 days to go.

Classic phaser DONE RIGHT- as an antidote to the Master Replicas version.

An action figure line NOT done by Playmates. They did a brilliant job in the ’90s (even if they didn’t release an Ezri), but their recent job on the “Star Trek” movie figureline was beyond a job.

Their 3 3/4 line was rubbish, and while their 6” wasn’t bad, apart from Nero they didn’t look a thing like their main characters.

IF,Star Trek 2012 comes out June 29th next year,in a few weeks it will be 1 year away,wow,its been so long! And thats a big IF,but I still hope!

Ok CBS, listen carefully:

Hasbro – Master toy license for Star Trek creating action figures, ships, role play items and board games as well as potato heads and the like based on JJ Abrams Star Trek and any future Star Trek that comes after it. Allowing them also if sales warrant, to go back and produce toys based on TOS and TNG

Lego – Construction toys and video/console games

EA Games/Rockstar Games – An elaborate console game that gets people talking, something with a bit of heft to it, a game that isn’t just a movie tie in but a movie in itself like GTA or Medal of Honour.

QMx – movie replicas

Diamond Select Toys – this line needs chest paddles as it’s barely alive on life support. DST need a bit of a shake up to be honest within their management team but a Marvel Select type of line from them would go a long way to pleasing the fans of DST toys. I’d say let them have a license to release affordable replica props, ships and a Star Trek Select type action figures.

Funko – Bobble heads based on the NEW Star Trek.

Hot Toys/Sideshow – 12 inch collectable figures based on JJ Abrams Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Animated Series – This HAS got to be done to get Star Trek’s appeal up with the kids. Hasbro could also do the toys for this too

plus – Hasbro have to release a BIG USS Enterprise in a similar vein to their BIG Millennium Falcon and AT-AT

The image above is exactly the reason why the new Enterprise design is ugly. IF you can’t shoot it from all angles, then don’t. It’s absolutely disproportional, which has nothing to do with being used to the “old version”. It’s like the Enterprise-D, took some time to get used to that one, too. But at least the D had elegance and style. This one is just ogly.

Also I’d love to see a Family Guy Spoof:

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

those three movies should be pushed more to mainstream people as the original series trilogy – easy for people to get into if they only have to watch three movies, just like Star Wars.

I’d even go as far to say update the CGI, remaster them, add new effects and release them in 3D like Lucas did with Star Wars. Whilst people may not approve, Kids would really go for those movies if that happened.

Nacelles are still bloody ugly. Like a pair of Doomsday Machines side-by-side atop the secondary hull.

Tobias Richter’s art on this month’s pages of the SOTL calendar, the Enterprise looks fairly beautiful from that angle.

Speaking of design, would it kill them to produce some quality affordable model kits of the friggin’ ships?

I do mean from `09.

16. & 17.

There’s always one in every crowd…

Meanwhile, pretty significant that CBS is getting behind this, hmm? Maybe it means they’re coming around to bringing Trek back to tv, or putting out some feelers, or whatever… I would have expected Paramount to be hustling cos the movies belong to them, but who knows what’s brewing in those inner sanctums…

Licenced products-wise – Star Trek Magazine needs to be more like the Doctor Who one IMO. A different more complex looking layout. More features. An ongoing comic strip from issue to issue – featuring the likenesses of whichever cast holds the torch for Star Trek these days. A detailed look at the making of a classic episode in every issue.

38. (cont – about STM) A regular feature taken from what used to Fact Files, like the cut-aways found in the HAYNES manual. Starship plans, details, deck guides… that sort of thing.

– – –

CBS should put out another Fan Collective DVD featuring the greatest Vulcan (R.I.P.) and Romulan (ditto) episodes.

I think they’re pretty much done releasing Fan Collectives. The last DVDs were those Best of TOS and TNG volumes, single discs featuring a handful of classic episodes. Later series were left out altogether from this strategy.

Which is a shame because I’d suggest a Vulcans & Romulans set. It could’ve been a decent plot tie-in with the last film. The 10 best efforts featuring the Star Empire and some logically connected stories:

Disc One – Vulcans
ENT The Forge/Awakening/Kir’Shara
TOS Amok Time
extra feature: TAS Yesteryear

Disc Two – Vulcans
TOS Journey to Babel
TNG Sarek, Unification Part I & II

Disc Three – Romulans
ENT Babel One/United/The Aenar
TOS Balance of Terror

Disc Four – Romulans
TOS The Enterprise Incident
TNG The Enemy, The Defector, Face of the Enemy

Disc Five – Romulans
DS9 In the Pale Moonlight, Inter Arma Silent Leges
VOY Eye of the Needle, Message in a Bottle

Alternatively if the Star Trek 2012 sequel has any really strong story connections to past episodes, release them in a set with a bonus “Behind the scenes” extra… during the run up to release.

LEGO Star Trek (but the Prime Universe one).

If Playmates makes the figures for Star Trek 2012 they should make 4.5″ figures like the Star Trek 90’s figures.

Yes, I would love to see Lego Star Trek.

summer 2012 doesn’t necessarily mean June 2012, especially if Trek trades dates with G.I. Joe

@ 5- the alternate timeline was necessary.There was NO OTHER WAY to reboot the franchise. Trek was too top heavy with all the existing canon.

Some of the best Trek dealt with the Mirror Mirror idea.

If you don’t like Trek 09 vote with your remote control or your movie tix money.

I’m looking forward to the next twists JJ and crew come up with.

As far as “stuff” goes- high quality AFFORDABLE ACCURATE prop replicas- communicators phasers and ships etc

Whoever does the toys for the next film ( be it Playmates, or somebody who can do a better job ) should really go back and re-examine a unique idea from the merchandising of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” – the “Electronic U.S.S. Enterprise” manufactured by Milton Bradley/South Bend in 1979.

The toy itself came as 6 modular pieces which could be assembled into the “heavy cruiser” class Enterprise, or several other hypothetical Starfleet ships. Of course, the “electronic lights and sounds” could be made much better with today’s technology, but the ability to reassemble the ship into other configuratons gave the original toy great play value, and has yet to be duplicated on any “Star Trek” toy since.

They could even add extra parts or create a set of interchangeable parts that could be purchased separately to create an approximate model of the Kelvin, or some of the rest of fleet seen heading for Vulcan in Trek ’09.

Imagine how much more fun a toy like that would be for a kid ( or kidult )
than the replica of the J.J. Prise that Playmates came out with in 2009, which had no moving parts ( despite it’s movie counterpart having a flexible deflector dish, and opening vents on the warp engines ).

@16. Yes, but he strips for the betterment of humanity now. The tips must be lousy in the 24th century, though….

So many great suggestions in this thread. I love the idea of Lego Star Trek best of all.

Can’t wait for the movie!

Sill don’t understand why there isn’t a TOS-style cell phone on the market. Not one that is merely a flip phone like one that was marketed a few years ago as a Star Trek Communicator, but one that looks identical to one from the show. And it shouldn’t say “Star Trek” anywhere on it!! I hate when products come out that actually have Star Trek printed on it. LAME!!