Online Star Trek Memorabilia Auction On Saturday

On Saturday Propworx is holding their second big Star Trek auction and this time it is being done entirely online. The auction will feature 257 lots with props, costumes, set pieces, set decoration and production art from all the Star Trek series, plus some of the movies. Lots will range from rare high-end items for collector to affordable lots for around $100. More details below.


Press release

Propworx second Star Trek Auction to be held this Saturday

Propworx, the Hollywood memorabilia auction house that produced last year’s wildly successful Star Trek auction in conjunction with CBS, is at it again. This time, Propworx has collected 257 props, costumes, set pieces, set decoration and pieces of original production art and it is all up for auction this Saturday, June 4th.. This includes some incredibly rare TOS items, as well as lots from every Star Trek TV series. The auction, which starts at 10:00 PST and is open to all Star Trek fans. All you need to do is register on Live Auctioneers at You can also download the full color 158 page catalog for free at

"As always, we try to have a wide variety of items that will appeal to fans of all the different TV shows as well as for every budget." said Propworx CEO Alec Peters. "This auction we are pleased to offer Celeste Yarnel’s TOS Red uniform mini-dress she wore as Lt. Martha Landon in "The Apple". It comes with a set of TOS boots, TOS boots are incredibly hard to find. We also have the original matte painting of Starbase 11 from "The Menagerie". It is the most significant matte painting to come to auction from TOS and we expect it to close over $ 10,000."

Menagerie Matte Painting (Lot 1) and original TOS costume (Lot 2) examples of high end items at Propworx Star Trek auction this Saturday

But the auction is not just for high end collectors. "There are dozens of items in the $ 100-200 range as well" said Peters. "We know that there are a lot of Star Trek fans who can’t afford the expensive items, but still want a piece of their favorite show. So we always try to have 10-20% of our auction with items that the average fan can afford."

Gold Press Latinum (Lot 133) and USS Enterprise E decals (Lot 218) are examples of items estimated for $100-$200 at Propworx Star Trek auction this Saturday

This marks Propworx’s second Star Trek auction. Propworx has a special connection to Star Trek, and extensive expertise, as Propworx CEO Alec Peters writes the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction blog at He has been writing the blog since 2006 and has over 4,000 unique visitors a month. He is considered a source for information and STar Trek prop and costume collector’s # 1 advocate.

If you have a lot of room (and an estimated $3000) you can get the original control helm panel for the USS Defiant (Lot 114)

For more information on the Propworx Star Trek auction, go to

Crew gifts like ST: Nemesis Cup (lot 236) and DS9 Picnic backpack (lot 240) are also affordable with bids starting at $100


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Original stuff? Oooooh, gimmeeee!!

Wow. That painting from Tos would be great. But 10k I do not have. The Mugs. Might be kind of nice.

What a mug!

Anything DS9 is fair game with me! (Within reason, that is…)

After so many auctions, they still have stuff to sell?

I am really, really bothered by this… this stuff belongs where people can see it, or at the very least some kind of safe storage – not in the grubby hands of junk collectors.

I’m referring to the TOS stuff, obviously. I always loved those TOS costumes. I wouldn’t mind nutting into that one.


I kind of felt the same way at the last auction out in Vegas, however the choices right now are to have them mothballed in a wooden crate in a warehouse somewhere, or in the hands of a Trekkie who will appreciate and care for the prop.

Unfortunately I will not be one of them as the Chancellor of the Exchequer would blow a fuse if I started bidding! ;-)

I see the red velour dress. I hope they didn’t just throw out the yummy filling.

Hmm. The decals don’t have silly sayings on them, like they did on the D, in the series.

Yes, I wish that jerk in NY hadn’t stolen my winning lottery ticket, so I could buy some of this stuff. One day!!!!

#6 Who says the bidders won’t cherish these things and do their best to keep this them in the best condition possible?

5. Most of it (maybe all of it) was already purchased and is being resold.

6. Virtually no one would go to see such an exhibit. It would be a money loser for sure.


Incorrect statement.

In Seattle ther is this little thing that Paul Allen runs called the EMP and Sci Fi museum. You see, Pal Allen is a billionaire who just happens to be passionate about a couple things: Rock music and Science Fiction. His Experience Music Project is an intense look at the foundations of rock and roll from the 40’s and 50’s all the way up to today with exhibits like the history of the guitar (name a legend and his guitar is there). Videos, live music, all sorts of rare and cool stuff.

And for the same price you get admission to the Sci Fi museum.

He purchased items from the last big auction and they are on display. From TNG you can see prop replicas and unis and of course the 6 foot filming model of the Enterprise D. From TOS you see many pieces from the original bridge. Including Kirk’s captain’s chair. The real deal. Also Kirk’s and Spock’s uniform’s. But it’s not just Star Trek. There are items from Blade Runner, Alien, Forbidden Planet, Star Wars (Including the Deathstar from A New Hope! The friggin’ Deathstar!). Every time I hear of an auction I pray for Mr. Allen’s health as I know he will probably have some cool new item on display. as it is I have listed only a few things. There are hundreds and hundreds of iconic pieces that will truly make your jaw drop.

BTW, the attendance is usually quite good. I don’t think it matters as Paul Allen is passionate and would keep the doors open. The place is a mecca for sci-fi enthusiasts. And no, this is not a paid endorsement.

12. I said virtually no one. I am well aware of Paul Allen’s museum. But there is no way that he is going to purchase the thousands upon thousands of Star Trek collectibles and put them on display.

How many costumes have been made for all of the series regulars, from TNG through Enterprise? Hundreds. Is Mr. Allen going to buy and display 30 nearly identical Captain Archer costumes? The 200+ Janeway costumes? Does he really want 300+ Tribbles made for Deep Space Nine?

All I am trying to say is that there is no good reason why these items shouldn’t be auctioned to fans, and comment number 6 seems to think there is a problem with it.


OK then. But where do you get your information about most of the stuff already having been purchased and sold off? And why would anyone actually need to see 30 Archer uniforms when one would suffice?

Comment #6 seems to think that “junk collectors” are the ones that made most of the purchases. Where does that information come from? What constitutes a “junk collector”?

According to the EMP’s figures attendance was at about 1/2 million people last year. It’s a little difficult to track how many went to the science fiction museum or the music exhibit or both as your admission get’s you into both museums. But 1/2 million attendees is not a bad number given Seattle’s population and that certainly the museums might be of a somewhat niche interest. So I guess when you figure in the earth’s population at 6-8 billion it might seem like 500,00 would be “virtually no one”. But where I am from, that’s the entire population of my hometown.

Anyway, it appears to me that these items are being auctioned to fans. And businesses. And “junk collectors”. And anyone else who wishes to participate. There seems to be nothing exclusionary here, save for the prices. But that’s what you get in a free market.

I have an original Star Trek Federation Officer’s pin (not a replica) and I was wondering how I wold go about selling it.