Clip: Star Trek Reference In Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third live-action film in the Transformers franchise comes out in a few weeks and will feature Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy’s voice as Sentinel Prime. But it will also feature at least one Star Trek reference. Check it out in the clip below.


Star Trek ref in Transformers 3

Transformers: Dark of the Moon comes out June 29th (recently Paramount moved it forward from original release date of July 1). Here is the latest theatrical trailer.


Thanks to Chris for the tip

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Yes… The Starship Enterprise … is always AWESOME … hmmmm!

:-) :-)

Gotta love the Enterprise. Can’t wait to see this movie.

Well, it is white and shiny, now if only there was gratuitous amounts of lens flare :P

I’m usually the first to squee at Star Trek references but that one sounds rather forced.

I really HATE that Apple IPad doesn’t support flash player. Get with it Apple!

Wow – what is with American studios spending (hundreds of) millions of dollars on fictional stories that show your US cities be partially or totally destroyed by…aliens, natural catastrophes, human armies etc. Seriously, what is THAT about?

I’m not sure any other nation’s television or movie industry is so intent on showing the devastating destruction of their own cities as the American movie industry is. The only series lately that has shown part of London being destroyed has been in one or two of the Dr Who episodes. Otherwise, if other movie or television studios have shown any destruction, it has usually been to do with the events of the past, often referencing the second world war and events like the battle of Britain, where London did get seriously bombed – FOR REAL.

I didn’t really like the delivery of the reference.

6 – maybe it is prophetic?

Why are you expecting some level of authenticity or integrity from Michael Bay? You’re getting a loud, obnoxious, hunk of elephant droppings masquerading as a feature film.

Watching that clip gave me an idea. Why not cast Shia LaBeouf in the next Star Trek film he could be a very annoying red shirt or something. I bet that would draw a crowd.

@Keachick okay, so we have aliens and you have zombies… at the end of the day they’re movies, mostly popcorn movies and writers feel that it causes tension to put ordinary people in dire situations. “earth is being attacked, but no it wouldnt be fun if it was in the middle of a corn field. hmmm why dont we put it in a big city. miami? no too beachy…chicago? eh too clean and not as recognizable. new york? sure everybody in the world knows what new york city looks like.” is it repetitive? yeah. but when done right it makes for great drama to see how characters react to that type of situation and in turn making you ask yourself how would you react. cloverfield was the great last success at doing that. (in my humble oppinion)

Three posts in for the first shot at JJ.

Yeah, it doos look like the jjprise. However, not the real Enterprise. Plus it’s only white and really shiny, but no panels or anything, so does seem kinda forced.
Also, his name is Gould? kinda like the SG1 baddies?

@Phil …i counted that too. i love my extended family of trek fans (all of you and so many others) but i’m getting sick of the jj & crew bashing, and the 09 enterprise design bashing. i’m not even trying to say that you have to like the new alternate timeline because you dont. i get it, its the same way tos fans decided they could not ever watch tng because it wasnt kirk and crew. but you dont have to bash in the childish way that some have been. trek 09 wasnt bad, i REALLY enjoyed it and watch the bluray a lot but i also love all of the “prime” universe still. its what i was brought up on. maybe people wanted more nemesis and insurrection quality films but without new interest i think that wouldve spelled certain death for the franchise. my young nephew fell in love with trek09 and because of it i got to really help him dive into all of the trek that’s come before. it’s something for a new generation like tng and ds9 were for so many others. and im sorry but lets be real, for those who complain that the movie glosses over alot, it’s not a television show. we sunk our teeth into tos, tng, ds9, etc because they gave us so much material to do so. the films were an added bonus, so dont expect a film to roll on and go so deep that it loses interest. leave the books and tv shows to do that. (besides, the film had a lot of connections to the human condition.) sorry for the long post but this has been bugging me for a while now and as a fan of trek, i hate seeing us all being put into a box of you either like the movie and dont like tos, or you like tos and you’re a traitor if you like the new timeline. lets all chill out.
okay i’m off my soap box.

@14. Glad you got that off your chest. Here’s to a successful Trek 2012!!

#6 – GODZILLA, MOTHRA….Japan. It’s a country in the eastern Pacific. The one that had the large earthquake/tsunami last March. You may have heard of it. Decades of those movies where giant monsters rip up the countryside. The movie “The Sinking of Japan” where the entire country is destroyed. They remade it too!

Americans do it because we have places like Industrial Light & Magic and Digital Domain who do that sort of thing VERY well.

My God, I just like I lose 50 IQ points just looking at the Dumb Blonde.

I miss Megan Fox. :(

@6. US cities are safer targets. You don’t have to worry about offending some population that feels slighted if you do nasty things to one of their cities on screen. . Second, suppose you are an alien in orbit, and intent on doing harm to mother earth. . How to proceed, you ask? Evaluate our capabilities, then take out the top two or three countries on the list. Like it or not, the US is in the top three, to be be charitible. Pound the snot out of the US, and the rest of the worlds countries will be falling all over themselves to wave the white flag and begin their new life serving the alien overlords…..

#14 PEB

Thank you.


I second that. He’d make an awesome redshirt.

#16 There is no need to rude or sarcastic. I am certainly aware of Japan and what has recently happened there. I was asking about fictional movies made in the US about things that happen to US cities. I do not know the movie “The Sinking of Japan” and I assume those other monster movies were Japanese films, apart from Godzilla and Mothra (don’t know Mothra either). Perhaps I should reword my previous post to include Japan in my observation about countries making movies from fictional story lines where they are destroying their own cities and/or countryside.

BTW, we also have places here which can also do this sort of stuff very well – a refurbished warehouse in Miramar, Wellington, NZ.

#18 Phil, your post does make sense.

Thank you for your thoughtful replies.

Is it my bad eyes or imagination, but this is the second “blonde” female I’ve seen recently in photos, who looks *plastic* – a sort of blow up doll?

Dee, you know which pics I am referring to…LOL

Fight, fight, fight!! All ‘us loves us a good fight.

Today’s fight: WHICH, exactly, Starship Enterprise, hmmmmMMMMM????


Seriously, though — always nice to see a Trek reference.

Any Starship Enterprise would be considered advanced in light of today’s technology. (The aesthetics of bright oranges and blues, on the other hand….)

@14 I totally agree. I’ve been with Trek since I was born, parents were fans of TNG, grew up with TNG and all of its spin-offs. have seen all movies and every episode and I’ve loved all incarnations of Trek, even Enterprise, though some more than others and Enterprise was the weakest imo (a shame because I love Bakula! Especially after having recently watching through Quantum Leap, wow what a diverse actor!). I have the utmost respect for JJ & crew and what they’ve been able to do with Trek – introduce it to a new audience. Hopefully as they mature their version of Trek, the new audience will get re-introduced to some of Rodenberry’s ideas behind the TV series. I loved the design of the new Enterprise. It looks great on screen.The TOS enterprise wouldn’t look as good, as much as I like that Enterprise. The people who made The Motion Picture realized this as well with the TMP refit and I’m sure if the Internet had existed back then like it does now and pictures had been leaked online that it would have received the same backlash from hardcore fans.

Between scenes like this that have nothing to do with the Transformers themselves and all this talk about wingsuit base jumping being the highlight of the production, it comes to no surprise that they would bring up something like a Star Trek reference for no reason other than for Paramount to remind us that they own Star Trek to.

The only entertainment value that will come out of this movie is’s FAQ. Sure, you’ll most likely get on your knees and worship every moment when Leonard Nimoy’s voice is heard, but I’m willing to bet that Patrick Dempsey’s character gets way more development and screen time than Sentinel Prime.

That scene was definitely filmed at the Milwaukee art museum — the lenses used make it appear larger than it actually is. But cool reference nonetheless.

My only question is why did McSteamy or whatever his nickname is agree to prostitute himself to M.Bay? Oh, wait, nevermind, his whole career has been one long payment for services rendered . I will ALWAYS see him as the nerd/geek from Love Potion #9 getting milf action long before it was part of the national discourse.

#6 How many times did Godzilla destroy Tokyo in films?


I seem to notice a somewhat veiled (maybe not so much) antipathy towards the U.S. in some of your comments I may not be the only one to notice this, hence the sarcastic tone of some responders. My first inclination was to chide you on your choice of topic given that the clip in this article has nothing to do with a U.S. city being destroyed.

Transformers 1 had various middle east towns being destroyed (OK, one was a U.S. base, I’ll grant). Transformers 2 featured a fictional Asian city being destroyed along with one of the pyramids in Egypt. Independance Day showed the destruction of cities all over the world but focused on the American ones since it was, well, an American film. And of course, there are the Japanese monster films. Perhaps you only notice the American city destruction because of the popularity of American films?

#6: two things: #1, american movies tend to be very american-centric. just look at movies like battle LA and war of the worlds – two movies about world invasion with barely 10 seconds of screen time devoted to any other nation dealing with the problem. actually, war of the worlds had 0 screen time and just a brief mention of europe and japan.

#2: people get some kind of vicarious satisfaction out of seeing the destruction of society, something to break away from the mundane boring daily life and maybe find a new meaning or purpose like in the postman or terminator salvation.

30, #1 Bollywood movies tend to be very India-centric. French art films tend to be very Franco-centric. German movies tend to be very Allemano-centric. Woopdeedoo. Dr. Who acts as if the UK is about the only country of consequence, and we can handle it in the US just fine. (Some days it’s rather true!)
#2 People have been destroying the Earth since antediluvian times! Noah, Gilgamesh, the Greek gods, etc. ad infinitum. It’s the oldest story ever told.

@26: I love that building so much… every time I visit I have something akin to a religious experience just because of the shear grandeur of Santiago Calatrava’s design. An excellent landmark for Milwaukee and a fantastic filming decision on Michael Bay’s part.

Actually the better Star Trek reference was when Nimoy used the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” line….

Star Trek References:
TV scene with Spoc going nuts (perhaps a metaphor for the xformer 3 movie with Leonard Nimoy as Sentinal Prime going nuts on the human race)..oh ya…Leonard Nimoy as Sentinal Prime….I have been and always will be your friend (Bumble Bee prior to blast off)…the needs of the many, out weigh the needs of the few (Nimoy’s line/Sentinal Prime to Optimus)….

There were others, only saw the movie once, can’t remember them all.

“the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few”

Also when Bee is talking to lebeuf “my friend” is a piece of the quote “you are and always will be my friend”

Both from search for spock.