First Look At Star Trek: Infinite Space Ship Of The Week

This summer Gameforge will release their free browser game Star Trek Infinite Space. To build excitement they have been releasing a number of 3D ship renders and today TrekMovie has an exclusive first look at the latest one. Check it out below


Infinite Space Vulcan Transport

Star Trek: Infinite Space is the new free-to play role playing game set during Star Trek: Deep Space 9’s Dominion War comes out this summer. Here is the latest 3D ship render for a Vulcan Transport.

(TM 2011 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved)

And here are a couple more shots (click to enlarge).

You can find more ship renders (including the Danube Class released last week) and more info  at

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The ship looks very Vulcan based on past designs, and definitely from the TNG/DS9 era.

The game looks kind of cool, but without actual ground gameplay it is just half of a Trek game. I know people will be able to run around on stations in social areas, but it needs actual away team missions that you control to really capture the feeling of Trek.

I like this ship!!!!. It’s Exciting!!!

Looks better than anything the guys from STO have created so far. Go on, Gameforge!

Mark my words, this game is gonna be lame compared to STO.

All the assets in the tiny STO zones are also on a 2D plane. There is also a remote away team mechanic in ST:IS that will be very Trek. The devs have also stated more ground options may be added after launch.
The ship looks amazing!
It’s OK STO fanboys, you can stop bashing a game that isn’t even tested yet. Enjoy your Chinese overlords.

Hey, lets argue about a game that isn’t even in alpha yet because we just CAN’T have two Trek games. No No No.

You guys are laughable!

There’s room for both STO and this game, no bashing or comparison’s needed.

If it captures the feel of BOTF, or even comes close, it will be a good game for me.

Plus you can’t have too much quality Star Trek, so Bring it on!

@7. STO may not give complete control over the Z axis, but you can definitely navigate along it which is something that it appears you cannot do in Infinite Space.

I think STO has a lot of problems with it, but it does take place in 3D space.

Yup, room for both “good” games. I agree.
Maybe the Chinese will help them finally finish the half baked STO and make it good. Maybe it will actually, finally, begrudgingly have two actual factions. Maybe it will finally, after more than a year, get some endgame, or some content in general. Maybe the unreal amount of gamebreaking bugs will get addressed. But hey, who needs a cloak that actually stays cloaked?
I hope you are right fanboy and the Chinese do pour some money into that game. It’s been sitting like a lump and getting little more than it’s MT store filled up for over a year now.
Foundry content? FE’s that never come? Reruns for God’s sake? With a lot of work and polish, maybe there will be two “good” Trek games. We don’t even have one right now imo.

Bitter much?

And, there are cloaked ships in STO?

I’ve been playing for a while now and haven’t seen it. Oh! the Klingon side I guess.

I haven’t made it there yet, too much to enjoy on the Federation side.

I’ll get there some day…….

Bitter? Not at all.


When you do actually play the game more, you will find the Defiant. But, don’t try talking or getting popups in missions. Cloak goes poof. Lots of fun in PVP. Well, what PVP there is left that is.

I started playing the game at launch, quit at VA out of sheer boredom.


I think it is not fair to compare a FREE browser based game to a subscription based large install.

I agree Duncan, but that is all that will happen. As bad as it presently is, there are those that think there should be no other game than STO and must bash anything that comes along. Even if it isn’t released yet.

I say the more the merrier, but I won’t sugar coat what I’ve seen and experienced.

Almost a 500 day veteran (15 more days), been playing since beta.

Can’t get enough. Rear Admiral-LH 5 at the moment. More playing isn’t going to make it a bad game for me.

I don’t play PVP at all just enjoy the missions and customizing my ship & crew with different weapons & equipment.

This “IS” game looks promising though. I’m hoping for a BOTF feel, but we will see. With the Okuda’s on board it will have all the details, that’s for sure.

So, MagicDan, I don’t get it. You are almost a 500 day veteran and you didn’t know there was a cloak in the game? Seriously?

Now I think you are just disingenuous.

Only to the STO haters……:]

So, you admit you lied? Why did you feel the need to do that? Look, dude, if you have to lie to make a point, you don’t have one.
And btw, you are typical of who is left over there. Say ANYTHING to deny what is in front of you.

Good luck.

Wow. If this post is any indication the IS crowd seems pretty unwelcoming. Maybe I’ll avoid it after all.

I am not going to play this game, ¿have any of you test the BSG online game? Welll, its similar to this one, and its bad.. beacose its brouser base its a slow as hell..
I stay on STO, i am near to be 500 day vet! And the STO Vulcan ship its better than this one, ¿or can the IS vulcan ship lounch a craft?

Sarcasm eludes the haters & bashers I guess……

Spock, don’t feel unwelcome, I think this IS game will be a good quality, free to play game and worth a look.

Looks more like a Star Wars vessel to me…

Yeah, right…sarcasam. You just don’t know when to stop do you. ROFL.

IS is going to be a great game and it’s free. If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask for it when it comes to STO.

And no, I don’t think anyone wants this game of brinkmanship to continue. Perhaps keeping the subject on ST:IS would do that. These constant comparissons to STO to try and minimize IS in some way are getting very tiring.

You guys are bringing it. Just stop.

Right colour. Detailing on the hull. A nod to the ringship, with the broken circle propulsion at the back.

Consistent with the few Vulcan ships seen in Star Trek. Actually only ENT and the movie First Contact properly showed any. A shuttle in TMP… although that might’ve been on loan from Starfleet.

Ships!! YES!!

It would be nice to have a known scale to compare the size to. The lit windows (portals, or whatever you want to call them) suggest a small vessel, which I would not expect for a transport ship.

I played STO, and quite frankly it needed work, it still needs work, it’s better then it WAS, yes, but it still needs work, it’s not ‘Perfect’ but then when it come to Star Trek games what was ?

Yes all the single player games over the years were good, some better then most, but not one was a perfect recreation of what we call Star Trek, some came real close 25th & Judgement Rites both had an episodic feel to them, a nice balance ‘tween battles & diplomacy

The perfect Star Trek game would be a Shooter / Puzzle / Role Play / Ground Combat / Space Combat / Social / Single Player / Multi-Player / Every kind of game that’s been made before, all rolled into ONE game

What game company has done anything remotely like that before ?

I can tell you who’s come close to that kind of experience

MAXIS, however they’ve never done a Star Trek game, ever

So continue arguing over what Online game will be perfect , as there is no such thing, nore will there ever be one at this rate, less you have your own server w/ a bunch of computers networked together in a circle ( the bridge of the Enterprise, duh ) running the actual Koybiashi Maru simulation 200 years before it gets invented by Spock himself


The forward section is a little bit too Ferengi.

This ship totally appeared on “Enterprise” o.O
Don`t know the name of the Episode, but it was about some refugee-vulcans that tryed to feel emotions (a T´Pol-Episode of course). It docked with the Enterprise, and there were some cool scenes when these two ships flew in a blue nebula…
So, yeah, that´s why it looks soo cool: It was designed by John Eaves or so and appeared on TV;)

the STO v ST:IS fanboy battle is getting really annoying. The world is big enough to accommodate many Star Trek games, it is not one or the other. Both have merits and limitations, but they are different things. Browser games are a whole different type of thing.

Now stop the silly sniping

The ship appeared in “Fusion”, “Storm Front”, “Awakening” and “Kir’Shara”. There’s no point in criticizing the game developers for using a canon design.

Unlike the STO designers, these guys haven’t felt the need to spoil a perfectly nice existing design by adding loads of useless bells and whistles until it looks like Homer Simpson’s ideal car, so I have a lot of confidence in this game. I’m guessing the end result will be similar to the BSG one that’s been out for a while, which is decent enough. Obviously not as sophisticated as STO or other MMO’s that you download and pay for, but not bad at all considering it’s free.

^ Wow I hope not. BSG ONline was a huge disappointment.

STO has come a LONG way since launch. If you are no longer playing, you really don’t have much room to talk. Yes there were issues and many have been fixed and still many more will be addressed in the upcoming Season 4 update and beyond. That’s why I continue to play. Cryptic has been constantly adding and tweaking and STO continues to grow and expand.

I will say that some of the ship designs available are a bit…odd. But more than likely Cryptic had to figure out a way to allow players the ability to assert their own style into the game, especially a game as wide ranging as this. Sure, some of the designs are ugly but some are very interesting. For example, the Imperial Class (I hate the name choice there). Not a big fan of the secondary hull or pylons but I like what looks like neck armor and the saucer section on a Sovereign secondary hull, pylons and nacelles . That is an individual choice. Some like the Imperial while others hate it. That is an individual choice and should not be judged. (Personally I think the Star Cruisers are beautiful designs)

What I see in game is that same sense of style exhibited by all players. While it doesn’t really mesh with real life, as it would be too costly and confusing to have so many ship and uniform designs, certain concessions had to be made to appeal to a large audience of individuals. (And keep in mind, even the actors hated the uniform/costume of the 1st season of TNG.)

Cryptic has stated the several of the more popular fan designed ships will make it into the game. We all know what a ‘fun’ event the Enterprise F turned out to be but most already know the CBS had a hand in choosing that design too, not just Cryptic.

I think many people were just disappointed that STO didn’t live up to their expectations right off the bat and have since written it off. I feel that any company that listens so closely to their customers and makes changes directly from feedback deserves kudos and patience. Paramount and CBS certainly have a thing or two to learn. I’ve written to Daniel Stahl (a head hancho at Cryptic) and he responded directly to my question. If only more companies did the same.

I’m not on a pedestal to peddle or paint Cryptic as ‘The Best Thing Ever’ but only to give the haters, well something to argue against I suppose as all this amounts to just so much noise. But wherever you stand on it, STO has its good points and bad as I’m sure Infinite Space will as well. I enjoy playing STO as I’m sure I’ll enjoy IS. Maybe.

My goodness,

What the hell is going on………. try and find some info about an upcoming trek game and all i get is people slamming one and tards getting hyped about how bad this one is….. COME ON SERIOUSLY!

I’m a Trekkie and all i can say is this…… The comparison between 2 Trek universes is POINTLESS! What happens in DS9 has nothing to do with STNG or Enterprise, or even one movie to another why…..BECAAUSE EACH OF THEM IS some how a slightly adjusted timeline because in every seperate branch some one has gone back and changed something…. altering the course of each timeline individually. Now to the reality of it…… STO is equal to the fact it is set far in the future and has nothing to do with any of the timelines we see or have seen but it does have very few characters recognizable from the series’ IS on the other hand…. yes is being completely tru to the ST timeline changes…. traditionaly set in a known timeline and part of an alternate time considering some of the thing “Rumored” to be going on.

I love sto i love the idea of IS, now children stop acting like on ST is better than another, they ARENT, the point of ST is that no matter which franchise you like any of the ones that have done remotely well have each taken on life and soul in their own right.

Cribbing over things like the ships different than that or better in this are just well dumb, different universes timelines different designs.
All i want from trek games is the ability to go explore and have diplomacy missions, firsst contact missions the lot with out it feelnig like a ture and more of an adventure, why should i be restricted to fighting space battles ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time in ALLLLLLLLLLLL the games, none of them live up to expectations or hopes and so we generally should just let those who have done something and let them do what they are going to do, if they listen to our input as well as the “EXPERTS” brilliant if not, well then its the same as it always been….

BIG UP STO AND IS FOR BOTH OF THEM BEING TREK AND NOT ST 1 and ST 2 PUUUUULEASE stop being kids and be more vulcan in your thinking THAnkyou