Lindelof Tweets Planking Pic From Star Trek Sequel Writing Session w/ Orci

There has been a lot of talk about the status of the Star Trek sequel and its script in the last few weeks. We are all still waiting for JJ Abrams promised "announcement soon" on the status of the sequel, but we did get a little tidbit today in the form of writers Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof joining the latest fad…planking.  


Star Trek writing break for a Star Wars planking

This afternoon Damon Lindelof sent out a tweet and a picture of himself and fellow Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci, taking a break from their Star Trek writing to join the latest fad "planking."

Lindelof (L) tweets planking with Orci (R)

What have we learned?

A. Damon is a nerd*

B. They are still writing the sequel

C. Bob is a nerd too


* not that there is anything wrong with that

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D) All of the above!


D. All of the above.

In regards to next years release date…I find your lack of faith….disturbing.

Back to work, guys.

Agreed very nerdy.

Also why a Star Wars reference in Star Trek? Plus could it mean someone will be dying and comes back to life like Han Solo or Spock from TWOK? Would fit the sequel idea or I’m over thinking this photo

Hmmmm…bowing down at the SW Idol while working on the ST script. Me thinks the true believers will find this disturbing, too.

i just dont get planking i guess its harmless just seem pointless well unless you do from a building like some poor soul did and fall to his death

What is “planking?”

… Damon is a nerd … They are still writing the sequel … Bob is a nerd too … And both are doing tricks for us …because they love to torment us with doubts … 2012 or 2013? … 2012 or 2013? … 2012 or 2013? LOL

But ,hey boborci and Lindelof … FUNNY!

:-) :-)

I prefer Geek, and we are all very fluently in Geek (-:


Number one, that’s *retract* the plank, not *remove* the plank.

And people will start talking about the reference to “Star Wars”… here we go again… LOL

:-) :-)

#5 – Phil …

They have their feet pointed towards the idol … what is the meaning of this? … hmmm

:-) :-)

I hope this doesn’t mean Jabba the Hut or some Sith lord is the villain in the ST movie sequel.

I wish I had a suspended Harrison Ford! Nice!

Whoah, whoah, whoah! What if carbonite Han Solo came off the wall at that moment, crushing both of you? You geniuses ever think of that???

Finish the script before practicing dangerous stunts.

Why do I have a strange feeling that the ending scene of Trek 2012 will be Spock being frozen in a blank of….ahhh….”Vulcanite,” to be rescued from an evil bounty hunter in Trek 2015, while Pike and Kirk join forces to blow up the Klingon Death Star…..

get to work,I whant to go see this movie december 2012

No wonder they are not making progress on the new movie. Agreed, get to to work guys — enough is enough — please stop clowning around with Star Wars and get the Trek 2012 script done.

Anyone here read Nick Meyer’s account of how he managed to put together a pretty decent script for Trek II in a matter of days, with almost no knowledge of the franchise to speak of and after even Harve Bennett was having grave doubts that the film would ever get made at all? Funny thing: he sat down, and worked, until the thing got done.

Why is a Tweet news?

1. They are both nerds.
2. They are both geeks.
3. They are still writing still.
But. That’s ok. They are great writers and great Trek Geeks.

Re: #4 — “Plus could it mean someone will be dying and comes back to life like Han Solo or Spock from TWOK?”

Han Solo didn’t die. He was alive and in perfect hibernation. Or didn’t you listen to Lando?



“T-t-t-too much time on my hands…”

“Planking” is pretending to do a back stretch, while really taking a nap or is it the other way round? Anyway, where are the planks? All I see is carpet!

Actually, in all seriousness, being stretched out and flat like that could be quite therapeutic, especially if you have spent many hours sitting and typing on computer keyboards, reading stuff etc. It would allow all the back muscles to stretch and relax and be a good way to clear the head. If you did end up napping, so what? It just means that your mind and body needed that little time out. In fact, having a 20 minute afternoon nap has been shown to improve a person’s overall productivity and make them less likely to make mistakes and/or have accidents.

Okay, looked up planking. I’m hoping the script is done.

Wait a minute, who’s taking the picture….

lol…Kind of funny.

Maybe this is their way of telling us that Harrison Ford is going to be in the new movie?…I’m only kidding by the way.

2 – That’s what I said when I saw it.

4 – “Also why a Star Wars reference in Star Trek?”
Did you see Star Trek 09?

Spock will be frozen in a block of Corbomite!

26 – there no lens flare so J.J. didn’t take the picture.

Someone has writer’s plank….

N U R D Z !

But then again so is everyone online

Comes with the territory yanno


I don’t get it.

Cool house. Can I come over?

35. Its actually K/O offices at DreamWorks


Flying R2-D2s!!!!!

I thought about doing this one time. Only I was in Hollywood, and God knows how many people stepped, spit, and other things on the ground there. So I’m saving it for later…

This is my favorite line from the Wikipedia entry on planking:

. . . The game has been described by some as “pointless”. . .

Would you agree, boborci?

Those two could have planked anywhere, but look where they chose to do it. They are giving us a right royal stir up, knowing what good loyal trekkies that we all are… If you, Bob Orci, would like to confirm my analysis of the planking situation, you know that you are more than welcome here.

I wonder if they are in JJ’s office building. As long as they know which book to read, which lever to pull and/or nob to press, when nature calls…:)!

OK, now to that Trek sequel – it is now 3 June (here) – you two have a week before that director man makes that all important announcement. Better impress him, so that he can impress US (ie us fair minded, non-critical, loyal, good natured, neat and nerdy people – you know – trekkies!)

37. I have R2D2 in the back of my truck. Really….

Oh, so they are your K/O offices.

Now, people, note that these two did have their feet directed at the “frozen Hans Solo”. Generally, when people bow or lie with their heads pointed towards something, it is usually done in reverence or as a form of worship towards what the person or thing represents. So what could the opposite mean?


No mas referencias de SW en Stra Trek…¿por cierto Orci cuando se termina el guion? oye tembien te pido una entrevista via mail para Mundo Star Trek ¿se puede?


hahaha thats funny! Nothing like having well rounded geeks leading this!

#36 – boborci …

Hi! … :-) :-)

Meh… The Dark Side is gonna pwn the entire “supreme court of trek”.

Pure Pwnage. Pwn3d. Bob and Damon especially. Pwn3d by A marriage of Borg and The Dark Side. Pwn3d.

#10: Good reference.

What have we learned?
They’re writing a Star Wars movie.

Boborci… Bob, you’re wearing a reddish shirt compared to Damon’s blue. Ummm, dude, quick, get out of the RED SHIRT!!!! :)

36: OK: Cool offices, can I come over?

BTW: What is on that Fringe poster? Cells in mitosis? I’ll admit I never watched Fringe and wonder what the mitosis reference is about.

Is this a picture of them planking? Or rather one of them both being bombed after a hard nights writing and a bottle of gin? :]