Great Links: James McAvoy Wants Sequel Role + Star Trek Ragefaces + Picard Engage-ring + more

There is so much Trek linking to report this week, starting with another movie star who wants in on the Star Trek sequel (James McAvoy). We also have new Star Trek lists, Star Trek comics, Star Trek crafting and even a Picard engagement ring cameo. Check it all out below.  



CelebTrekkie of the Week: James McAvoy wants sequel role

This week the big movie is X-Men: First Class, a reboot/prequel that lots of reviewers are comparing to JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. The film stars James McAvoy (who was reported to be up for the role of Scotty in ST09). In X-Men: First Class McAvoy plays a young Charles Xavier, taking on the role which was played by Star Trek: TNG’s Patrick Stewart in the previous X-Men movies. While promoting the film, McAvoy has talked about what a big Star Trek fan he is, telling TimeOut:

I’m a total Star Trek fan. You have to stop yourself doing your Patrick Stewart impression! I managed to get the line, ‘On my mark,’ but I couldn’t get ‘Engage’ or ‘Make it so’ in there. But he did say ‘On my mark’ a lot in The Next Generation.

And in talking to, McAvoy said that even though he didn’t get to land the part as Scotty, he is still aching to get into a Star Trek seqeul, saying:

Are you kidding? I would love to do that!

So you can add McAvoy’s name to the other big stars who have expressed an interest in appearing in the next Star Trek, including Rosario Dawson, Rachel Weisz, and Paul Giamatti.
James McAvoy in "X-Men: First Class" – wants to be in "Star Trek" sequel

Lists of the week: io9’s Top 10 & UGO’s Wanted Treknology

Topless Robot has taken on the task of picking The 10 Greatest Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes, and they did a pretty good job. Here is their list (counting down):

10) It’s Only a Paper Moon
9) The Search, Part I
8) Our Man Bashir
7) Crossover
6) Far Beyond the Stars
5) What You Leave Behind
4) In the Pale Moonlight
3) The Way of the Warrior
2) Trials and Tibble-ations Part 2
1) The Visitor decided to come up with a different kind of list, picking The 10 most badass Treks (but isn’t that redundant with the 10 best episodes featuring The Sisko?). Anyway here is their list:

10) Stormfront, Part II (Enterprise)
9) Shattered Mirror (Deep Space Nine)
8) “Equinox Parts I &II” (Voyager)
7) “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (The Original Series)
6) “Starship Mine” (The Next Generation)
5) “In A Mirror, Darkly Parts I & II” (Enterprise)
4) “Year of Hell Parts I & II” (Voyager)
3) “Blood Oath” (Deep Space Nine)
2) “The Best of Both Worlds Parts I &II” (The Next Generation)
1) “Mirror, Mirror” (The Original Series)

Star Trek also shows up on some other lists:

Comic of the week: Treknobabble on Dilbert

Once again the nerdy webcomic xdcd has gone all Star Trek.
Darmok and Jalad hook up?

Nerd Love of the week: Picard engage-ment

Do you want to propose to that Trekkie girl of your dreams. Well Obvious Winner has an idea on how to do it.
Nothing says I love you like Jean Luc Picard

Craft of the week: Star Trek Cubecraft

Want to make your own Star Trek "cubecraft" figures? Well Cyberdrone on DeviantArt has already created a dozens of Star Trek templates for you.

Make your own cube-Worf (and many more Trek characters)

Bonus craft of the week: How to make your own Kelvin salt shaker

Earlier this year TrekMovie featured the "Girls on Film" teams recreation of a scene from Star Trek 2009. This week Ashleigh Harrington from GoF released a video showing how she made the Kelvin salt shaker prop they used for their scene.

Internet art of the week: Star Trek rage faces

If you don’t know what rage faces are, then you don’t hang out on Reddit and other internet forums enough. Some were featured in Wil Wheaton’s hilarious A/V recap of the TNG episode "Justice" shown here on TrekMovie last week. And now Jagged snail on Deviant Art has created some Star Trek faces to show your Trekkie rage.

Trek gets ragefaces – even Vreenak!

Homemade Treknology of the week: Voyager casemod

An intrepid Voyager fan (see what I did there?) from the Netherlands decided to create a Voyager shaped water-cooled computer case to enter into a case modifying contest, which he dubbed the USS Eurisko. He came in second place, check out the video of how he did it.

Video of the Week: Space Girl

This charming music vid (from Charmax76 on YouTube) takes music from The Imagined Village about space girls and combines it with clips of space girls from all sorts of sci-fi, including many Star Trek girls.

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James McAvoy would be good in Star Trek.

Yes… but how actors who are already in the movie are doing to organize their schedule to make the sequel?… with producers getting ready “sooner or later “… so … what about the actors who would love to be in the film?… just wondering!

:-) :-)

James McAvoy is a good actor. He was great in both “Wanted” and “X-Men: First Class”. In case you haven’t seen “First Class”, go check it out. Great movie. Best since first “X-Men”.

He would be great, but who would he play?


Scotty’s drunk younger brother who comes for a visit?

By the way, love the cubeecrafts!

#6 Maybe a redshirt :D.

First Class is great, easily the best of the X-Men films.

“It’s a faaaaake!”, will always be hilarious. Best Trek meme ever.

Everybody wants in. I’d make room for Nick Frost, and Dichen Lachman. No offense to James McAvoy. Maybe he could be the next incarnation of Picard some day.

If a TNG prequel were ever to be done, James McAvoy would make a good younger Picard. Possibly as captain of the Stargazer. But I doubt that it will happen, and McAvoy wouldn’t want to typecast himself taking a second Patrick Stewart role.

James McAvoy was great in X-Men: First Class. I’m glad to hear he’s a Trekker and wants in. Maybe he could be in a new TV series. If CBS would only do something about a TV show.

I have a Nurse Chapel cubecraft figure. It’s sitting on my desk right now. Spock, however, is still stuck in a book, waiting to be cut, folded, and pasted together.

Rachel Weisz in ST12? MAKE IT SO!!!

10. dmduncan – June 5, 2011

Nick Frost over an actor? And McAvoy at that?

Throw in McAvoy as a relative of Picard from the 23rd century, Picard’s Great Grandfather. In ST: Generations Kirk did say “I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was in diapers.” So this might work.

Weisz, McAvoy, okay, cool, but pleeeeeease: Paul Bettany! :)

I’m a big fan of McAvoy. I think JJ missed a trick by not giving him the Scotty role.

Ummm….. “Trials and Tribble-ations … PART 2”???

I expected x men to be crap. Main reason they seemed to be going over the exact same character issues they have in the last three.

Indeed it does that and borders on painful in parts “you mean… i’m not alone” yet despite all of that the film is fantastic.

I’ve seen it twice, will no doubt see it again in the next week or two.

19. Agreed. It was a little, er, talky in parts (yep, the repetitive us vs. them, superior, etc. stuff) and the first half was better than the second. And it had the required destroy the worldl Evil Plot, but that was handled cleverly, mostly. But it was still great, and better than Singer’s first film (and gave women, at least Mystique, a little more depth than Singer ever did with his female characters), at least as good (although not as weird) as the second, and better than the third. One hair joke would have been enough, though. And I kind of wish they hadn’t rushed to get the pieces in place at the end, because I would have liked to have seen more of those relationships…

And I dug the 60s bondness, I’d love a sense of that, at least in art direction, in the next Trek.

“I’ve got my bits, and I’m gonna let you watch as I get going here”…


If Star Trek: TNG ever got the “Reboot”-treatment, i’d definitely cast my vote for James McAvoy as a younger Jean Luc Picard. Patrick Stewart proved you don’t need a french actor, to play a french character :)

FYI, I’ve seen X-Men First Class, and thought James McAvoy did a great job portraying a young Charlies Xavier.

Loved the rage faces, hehehehe

I have no doubt that TNG will eventually get the re-boot treatment, perhaps when McAvoy gets into his 40s.

#4 – Never fear, Riley’s here!

Yes! Do it JJ!

James McAvoy As Lt Riley. That would be perfect.
Tom Hanks as Commodore Decker. Come on.

They really should add some big stars in the sequel.

LMAO at these rage cartoons!

Just to say, I acted and stuied alongside James Mcavoy and as we were back then, huge trekkies. Obviously, his acting career flew, whiles mines stalled but nevertheless, I hope he gets his part in the sequal, as i know no bigger trek fan!

@22: I’ve always privately theorized that, at some point during WW3, Britain invades France, hence all the French people with British accents. :P

@20, very good point about the bondness. I thought Fassbender looked a little bond like at time.

I thought his transition to magneto was very believable. They managed in one move what Lucas could not credibly manage over three with Anakin Skywalker.

@22 Stewart showed you don’t need a frenchman to play a french character like Kevin Costner showed you don’t need an englishman to play Robin Hood.

Not that Stewart was bad but at no time did he come across as french.

Nothing against Simon Pegg, who’s obviously a talented guy, but just as an matter of continuity I would have preferred McAvoy in the role of Scotty. He’s a fine young actor, and would believable in just about any role.

Meanwhile, if the “Supreme Court” manages to snag Rachel Weisz all would be forgiven for 2009, and Trek 2012(?) would receive my much-coveted full endorsement.

#24 no way. TNG’s story has been well and truly told. Add to which I detect no great desire to see any more of those characters.
They are done.

#22 but do we need a Scottish actor playing and English actor playing a French character? :-D
As a pround Englishman I was somewhat perturped recently to find one of my ancestors was William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace. Allegedly. I haven’t seen the Tree yet but I am assured it is so.
Why couldn’t it have been Nelson!?

I absolutely love McAvoy, but sorry, he didn’t convince me as Professor X. Too flighty.

I enjoyed the movie (especially the 007 touches) and thought it was better than the last couple of X-men flicks. But yeah, the first half was better than the second. And that first class of baby X-men were so irritating!

Also: At one point will X go bald? I can’t imagine McAvoy hairless. Sorry.

X Men First Class was a good film, better than the last two X Men films.

Some cool stuff on here.

Most of the issue with Stewart not being a convincing frenchman was the way the character was written. Would it have killed them for Picard to have a passion for Proust, Voltaire, Camus, or Sartre instead of Shakespeare?

I like Simon Pegg, but I had Dougray Scott cast as Montgomery Scott in my head since MI2.

I TOTALLY agree with the DS9 ranking for number one!!!! The visitor was the best single DS9 eppisode ever. It had tears rolling down my eyes. I am so glad that there are others who agree with me.

@37 Loved MacAvoy since Dune. And Xmen was good. I just there were far less irony in the way the way the black mutants were treated, especially given that the Civil Rights Movement inspired Stan to create them in the first place.

wish I am forever skipping words.

@38. True, it was like they said he was from france then nothing that would otherwise indicate that. Poorly thought out.

Oh, i did see him in a vineyard in one episode. Where else in the world would that happen.

Those ragef aces are hilarious!

I never knew anything about these “memes” until I accessed the “memebase” websites. Pretty funny stuff, but Trek makes it even better.

BTW, “meme” isn’t just associated with that website; it’s a legitimate word that is known to those in the field of hermeneutics, for example. But Memebase has made it its own.

Y U no read Memebase????


^^ “rage faces,” even. D’oh!

recast McAvoy as Scotty and get rid of Pegg please.

McAvoy in Trek, yes–I like to see true fans get there. Paul Bettany–also a good idea! He could alien it up quite well. Prime Vulcan material, in fact. Paul Giametti–eh, not so much.

A fore-bearer from a later show might be nice, if it weren’t such an obvious one as Picard (already did it with Worf…) A Tom Paris ancestor–RD McN has already played multiple (well, dual) Trek characters. The older T’Pol is a cool idea (better than an aged Archer, much as I like Bak), too. And Dax has already revealed to have been around this time period.

I like all the X Men films really, though I’m iffy on the first one it seems a bit gimmicky at times.

@47 I would love a Dax to feature in ST XII that would be a beautiful touch

James McAvoy is next ST film??
YES! please please please please

@5. I can honestly say the thought of that made me lol

Im so excited for X-Men First Class! havent seen it yet, and its been a long while since I’ve been excited about X-men anything!