JJ Abrams: “Cool” Star Trek Sequel “Worth The Wait” + Is Paramount Already Planning Delay?

There is more from JJ Abrams about the Star Trek sequel, with the producer talking about a "cool" story as well as discussing decisions on the release date and his directing of the film, saying it will be "worth the wait." Plus another report adds to speculation that Paramount may already be planning for a delay on the Star Trek sequel. Details on all that below, plus analysis on a new possible release date.    


Abrams on ‘super cool’ sequel story + (if delayed) will be ‘worth the wait’

Another comment on the Star Trek sequel has emerged from JJ Abrams Super 8 publicity tour, this time coming from HitFix where Abrams talks up the story for the next Star Trek, and again keeps the questions of the release date and his directing open:

We are still working on story. Some super cool stuff — but I won’t be able to make a decision on directing until we have our script and I know what I’m being asked to direct. As for release date, that is not a concern of mine. Perhaps we could still make the date the studio wants. But we are focusing on making a great movie: the guys I’m collaborating with are the best and we all want the same thing

And in speaking to CNN, Abrams noted that if delayed the sequel will be worth the wait:

I’m not so sure, but I know that we’re trying. We’re working on the script and story and doing everything we can to make it well. I would just so much rather make a movie that’s worth people’s time than make a movie that’s on time…I’m not inclined to push it. I’m inclined to make a movie that’s good and if it works out in that timetable then we’ll all be thrilled. If it doesn’t, when the movie comes out it’ll be worth the wait.

JJ Abrams still can’t say if he will direct Star Trek sequel or when it will be released – but does say it has a "super cool" story

GI Joe 2 progress another hint that the Star Trek sequel will be delayed?

Today also has another tea leaf to read regarding the release date of the Star Trek sequel. In an article about casting for Paramount’s G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes, Deadline has a throw-away line that casually implies that a decision may have already been made internally at Paramount that the sequel will be delayed:

"[G.I. Joe 2] has become an important one for Paramount, which will have to scratch the Star Trek sequel from its summer 2012 schedule and will likely put this film in its place." (Emphasis added)

The casual way in which this comment is presented certainly leads one to believe a decision has already been made. But it’s important to note that Paramount Pictures has not confirmed any change in plans for the Star Trek sequel, which is currently set to release on June 29, 2012. However, as TrekMovie.com has been reporting, rumors persist that the film could be delayed, possibly to a Holiday 2012 date.

Analysis: Is Holiday 2012 an option? If not, when?

While a move to a Holiday 2012 release is the prevailing rumor, that period is already crowded and leaves Paramount with few options. Here are the films already scheduled for the Holiday 2012 season:

  • Bond 23 (November 9)
  • Ouija (November 9)
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (November 16)
  • 47 Ronin (Wednesday, November 21)
  • Rise of the Guardians (Wednesday, November 21) — Paramount DreamWorks
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (December 14)
  • Hunter Killer (December 21)
  • Life of Pi (December 21)
  • Superman: Man of Steel (December TBA)

Another option could be for the Star Trek sequel to swap spots with G.I. Joe 2 which is currently slated for release on August 10, 2012. With Abrams’ Super 8 soon in theaters, the director can turn his focus to Star Trek and do pre-production over the summer and start shooting (as scheduled) in September. In theory Abrams could make the original release date of June 29, 2012, as it is a few weeks less than Abrams had for Super 8. But if it proves not to be, then the extra six weeks could make a difference, and that way Paramount doesn’t lose a Summer 2012 film.

If neither of those options pan out, the next likeliest option would be summer 2013 which at the moment is mostly open. Here are the films currently scheduled:

  • Iron Man 3 (May 3, 2012)
  • The Dark Tower (May 17, 2012)
  • Turbo (June 7)
  • Monsters University (June 21)

POLL: When do you think Paramount will release the Star Trek sequel?

We polled on this over a month ago, but now with the latest hints and comments, when do you think the Star Trek sequel will be released.



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I really don’t care when it comes out, if people keep pushing to meet a release date then we’ll end up with a crappy movie. I think JJ and friends know better than to rush things, so let them be and let them give us another movie we’ll be proud of!!

I don’t get why they waited nearly 2 years to even start on the script. As far as I’m concerned they should have started the second the other movie went opened in the theaters. I’m not saying it should be rushed, but it shouldn’t have been delayed without any progress at all either.

I’m ready to bet real money at this point on Summer 2013.

Any takers?

PS: JJ I better not see any stupid lens flares in this movie.

early spring 2013. I never understood why there are never blockbusters in spring

Take your time guys, I don’t care how soon or late it is, as long as it’s a great movie. The first one proved the wait was totally worth it, best of luck!

Come on!

They already know it’s going to be delayed…That’s why there is so much talk of it. They should just hurry up and make it official..
Let’s face it, Star Trek isn’t a priority. Should have been worked on a while ago.

I think when abrams really means is he wont be able to make a decision until after he see’s how super 8 opens and he knows what kinda money to ask for

Ok, so all this post tells us is, the movie is “cool”, and it will be delayed. Kinda pointless, but I’m thinking the company will swap times with g.i.joe.

I wish it would come in Summer 2013 though.

They’ll probably end up delaying it to the summer of 2013 so that it can make the most money.

Five posts in for the first shot at JJ. It never ends… :-(

Nov 9th is looking a bit crammed because of Bond and Twilight the next week, but I don’t think there’s much crossover in there (however it would take away casual viewers, probably). I say Nov 21st. Neither look to imposing (and one is even a Paramount release) and it’ll have a good long while to itself (relatively speaking) until Hobbit lands mid-Dec.

As long as it has a great story and a new and more real Engine Room then I am ok with waiting a bit longer.

I think the best thing for Trek is to switch with GI Joe. That is what they should do to give them more time to get everything perfect as Christmas will be simply to busy.

If JJ Abrams says that they are working hard to keep the date that the studio wants to… My vote is still June 29… after all, JJAbrams still not giving definitive information about anything… keeping the “Top secret thing”!

:-) :-)

Glad to see that somehow this just sneaked up on everyone involved??? You would think they would have wanted to capitalize on the momentum the first movie created. Two years later they just getting around to working on the script. No decision on if you are or or not going to direct. Sound like a big mess… Hope this gets straigtened out and a good movie comes out of this. I am a die hard Star Trek fan but am getting tired of all this.

I’ll definitely see it when it comes out, but oddly, I’m not on pins and needles. It’ll come out when it does. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I don’t think August is a good idea. It won’t do as well.

To coin a phrase: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

So at some point the film will be ready to be released. Then, like before, they will delay release until a suitable date is agreed on. Brother! Here we go again.

I am willing to wait. Let’s just hope that the actors in the film are willing to wait, also. I would rather wait for quality storytelling and production than have a half-baked mess foisted upon me. I trust JJ.

Hollywood is a fickle place. I knew that setting a ‘solid’ date was setting things up for disappointment. But that’s the breaks.

Do it right…but 2013, I hope not.

Any release date picked is going to depend on the degree of progress they have actually made on the script and production–which none of us really knows. Given the implication of Abrams’ statement that even the original June 29th is still possible, I’m thinking a long delay is not really necessary. I’m hoping, the release date chosen will be August 12th–swapping places with G.I. Joe 2. A Holiday, 2012 or Summer, 2013 is just a hugh mistake. TREK will get murdered with that degree of competition.


I personally would hate to think that Star Trek would become less of a priority than G.I.Joe considering how much more money Star Trek made for Paramount than G.I.Joe at least domestically. I would think if anything that Paramount is just working around Abram’s schedule as well as Orci and Kurtzman because all three of them take on so much more upon themselves than they can possibly handle. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong but right now that is the way I am seeing it.

Verano de 2012 No mas / Summer 2012 No more.

I would hope that the story is far enough along now that he would KNOW what he’d be directing and be able to make his decision NOW for crying out loud! Jeez! I wonder what has to change before he decides!

Is Nick Meyer available?? LOL

Well, of course he’s going to say the story is “cool.” He’s trying to placate the fans who will be pissed about the delay. It’s a meaningless quote. What is cool to one person isn’t necessarily cool to another. To me, it’ll be “worth the wait” if they can get engineering out of that damned brewery and onto the Enterprise. The brewery was very recognizable as a 20th/21st century place, and really needs to go away. It wasn’t “steampunk” at all, it was just lazy and stupid. It looked like they’d run out of their budget and had to go down the street to Budweiser and finish the film. Pathetic. Otherwise, a pretty good movie, really. But I’m expecting a lot more this time. We’ll see if they deliver. WIth all this extra time they better really make it “cool” and “worth the wait.” We need more than platitudes.

#25 – Joe – the biggest challenge is improving audience attendance in the international markets. GI: JOE performed better than STAR TREK in 2009 overseas, but both movies’ performance was medicore in that perspective – especially when you look at the amount of marketing that was set-out in the different countries. Paramount had to be disappointed in the returns of their investment, internationally.

I can see GI JOE 2 moving up because Paramount wants a summer blockbuster going into the holiday weekend but can they deliver a movie for a late June start I don’t know. But GI JOE script is completed, I understand, and has been since February,and filming supposedly starts in August.

Looking at the slate of movies for Holidays 2012, Trek would have an awful lot of competition. The Hobbit and Superman? Yikes.

If they can get the project off the ground soon enough, why not swap dates with GI Joe? August 10th gives an extra six weeks for them to finish the movie.

I’ve noticed that Bob has been conspiculously absent from these boards since his “big f-ing mouth” comment. I wonder if perhaps he’s been muzzled by Paramount (or JJ)?

Summer 2013, please! Switching spots with “G.I Joe” would only doom the “Star Trek” film to summer crap purgatory. By the time August rolls around, everyone has spent their money already. And as Anthony mentioned, the fall of 2012 is too competitive.

Therefore, Summer 2013 is the only logical time for the sequel to be released. Afterall, these movies aren’t being made exclusively for us anymore. Its also for the mainstream audience, who aren’t necessarily starving for more Trek at the moment.

It would be nice if they stopped talking about writing the script and actually wrote the flipping thing.

Star Trek 12, Bond 23, and The Dark Knight Rises are the 2012 movies I am anticipating the most.

They must do what they have to make this movie great, I am all for it.

Since it’s not really an option available…I’d say November.

This isn’t the old Star Trek. This is a Star Trek that can compete with the big boys. Release it whenever. Against whoever. It will do fine.

I don’t need a crystal ball to figure out that they are lost. They don’t know what to do. This spells failure. I will go to see this movie only four times instead of five or six. Pathetic!

I’m fine with whenever. Take your time! We’ve seen what happens when Trek movies are rushed and….uugggghhhh bad memories.

Though, an August 10th date would be really cool for me, best b-day EVER!

#33. Red Dead Ryan

“Therefore, Summer 2013 is the only logical time for the sequel to be released.”

Really? … only if you were Spock, I would buy this idea as a “logical time” … don’t be afraid … think more like Kirk … “I don’t believe in no-win scenarios” … LOL … sorry, but I do not understand your fixation about Summer 2013 …

:-) :-)

NO, ITS THE LEGEND OF ZORRO ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!! Stop the writers before Uhura and Spock have a smart ass, overly athletic, child that spews out lame one-liners and destroys the franchise!

Someone will have to reboot this reboot.


I’d rather wait an extra year for a GREAT Trek film as opposed to seeing a crappy version in July 2012. Paramount is treating “Star Trek” as a summer tentpole franchise now. Fall 2012 is too crowded so therefore summer 2013 is the best bet.

Just release the movie when it is ready to be released! There is always competition, always will be.

Interesting to note – if Star Trek gets released around Holiday time 2012, it will be at the same time as The Rise of the Guardians does, an animated movie, another Paramount production and starring the voice of Chris Pine as Jack Frost. Then there is Welcome to People – who knows when that will be released, but the main character is played by Chris Pine. What if that gets released at about the same time as the other two Pine (ST and RotG) movies? Could be countless numbers of breathless Pinenuts about, come late next year…:)

My feeling is that any delay in release will be the result of Paramount deciding to do it in proper 3D. Another good reason why it is better to be done in 2D, the most likely director’s preferred medium and less post-production to do.

Dee@39 – RDR has this belief that STAR TREK cannot compete against other franchises and high-profile films and has made the argument often that it should be released in some type of safe harbor period, which doesn’t exist. But STAR TREK can compete because in the end people want to see a good film and will go and spend their money, obviously, if they know they are going to be entertained.

Hate to say it, but it’s going to be summer 2013. As I said in another post this may not be a bad thing in the long run.

2012 will be the biggest year for blockbuster films in many years. If Star Trek 12 comes out next year it may just be another blockbuster in a sea of blockbusters. If it comes out in 2013 it will absolutely crush the weak competition. It could put up Star Wars type numbers and bring the series to the next level.

Also, if there is another year gap Paramount may feel the need to give the animated series that Bob Orci was talking about the green light to keep the franchise on everyone’s mind.

I would be as disappointed as anyone if ST 12 were to miss it’s 2012 release date, but I would prefer they take their time and make a great film rather than rush and give us a half baked film like tptb did with Generations.


Yes, but most people only have so much monney to spread around on different movies, that often they have to pick and choose which films to go to.

Which means they’re going to go with the safe bet, which is NOT “Star Trek”, but is “Superman” or “James Bond”.

Yes, “Star Trek 12” will have to face some tough competition. But I’d rather see it during a summer with less heavyweights than 2012. “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Avengers” are just two films that have a chance at breaking some box office records.

2013 will still have competition, but at least there is (so far) enough room for Trek to find its niche and make a ton of money.

This isn’t the old Star Trek. This is a Star Trek that can compete with the big boys. Release it whenever. Against whoever. It will do fine.

I’m not sure of my facts, but did TREK ’09 really perform any better than the biggest grossing TREK films before it? If adjusted for inflation, TMP, TVH and FC did pretty well also. If so, I doubt TREK ’09 made all that much more. I still don’t see any evidence that TREK can perform and compete with the big boys… especially internationally, which is becoming the true measuring stick of how the “big boys” are judged.

Today I had the unusual opportunity to wander around a closed movie theater. It’s going to be torn down in a few weeks or months, and they left the door open, so I thought I’d go see how it felt to be inside of a “dead” theater. If anyone saw me I figured the worst they could do is yell at me.

The seats had all been removed, the projectors were all gone. There were some movie posters hanging in some of the projection booths. Samuel Jackson’s “Shaft” was one of the posters.

Even though it was a closed theater, I could sense the echoes of laughter, of screams, of cheers created by all the movies that had been shown there. And I had the sense that there — in the theater — is where the magic really happens. Hollywood is a factory. That’s where they do the work that makes the movie. But the magic, the real magic happens in the theaters when the lights go down and we in the audience settle into our chairs to enter a different world and live for a little while in someone else’s shoes. It’s in the theater where we tell our stories to each other, where we share our fears and dreams. That’s the magic of the movies.

And it’s a magic that is strongest for the movie that is best.

So I don’t care how long it takes. JJ is right. The experience makes the movies memorable and keeps us coming back to watch them over and over.

That’s WORTH waiting for.

Magic does not come from rushing something nor does it come from overthinking either. It has a transcendent, spontaneous quality – a hook on the heart. I guess it is about allowing everything to unfold as it can and should and the magic will work itself. It really doesn’t matter when the movie is released – all it needs is that magical “hook” and people will be drawn in by word of mouth.