Teaser Trailer For 2012 Star Trek Video Game + PS Move Phaser Attachment & Download Prequel Announced

Last week we reported there is a new game coming in 2012 tied to the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie universe. Today at Sony’s E3 press conference the first teaser was shown, plus a special phaser attachment for the PlayStation Move and a downloadable prequel were announced. All the details below, plus watch the new trailer. [UPDATE: replaced vid w/ HD Version]


Star Trek game teaser trailer

Last Friday we reported that Paramount Digital Entertainment announced they were developing a new co-op game (for PC, PS3 and Xbox360) that "continues the adventure of JJ Abrams Star Trek" (see previous article). And on Monday night at the Sony press conference at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles PDE showed the first teaser for the game, featuring pre-alpha gameplay. And here it is (via IGN):

Looks pretty good for a game set for 2012, complete with lens flares, ground combat, space jumps, shuttle flying and more. Hard to tell anything about the story, but it seems to involve some aliens who are doing something bad to a star.

Phaser attachment and prequel announced too

At the press conference Sony and PDE also announced that the PS3 version of the game will include a Phaser attachment for the PlayStation®Move motion controller. They also announced there will be a downloadable "prequel" to the game available before release exclusively on the PlayStation®Network. This prequel will also work with the PlayStation Move. 

Star Trek will be coming to the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC in 2012.

TrekMovie.com will be providing updates on this project so stay tuned.


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Looks like bob orci is trying out the exploration theme. Possibly forshadowing the Trek sequel ?

I’m wondering if the game has anything to do with the sequel or if it’ll be a standalone title…. Anyone know?

Wow, that looks awesome!

Its seems to be a Mass Effect meet Star Trek.

I can’t wait, but I’d love to know more about this “prequel”

Great character likenesses!

Glad I own a PS3. We get all the cool stuff (prequel, move). This basically proves (to me) that the sequel’s comin’ out in ’12.

#4 I think I could live with that :D

what about the Mac version!

looks great, hope it’s as good as Mass Effect or Drakes Fortune! Give us real action adventure guys!!

looks bloody good, mght have to get a ps3 for the prequel and phaser attachment!

#7 I could live and would love that

Yikes! That shuttle pulled a Star Wars move on the poor Enterprise! Let’s hope that the ol’ 1701’s helm console is bolted down better than the 1701-E’s was.

Story takes place between the first and upcoming abrams’ movies. Only pre-alpha and already looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it polished!

I’ve loved a lot of the previous Star Trek games, including the violent, action-oriented ones. What made games like Elite Force make sense was that you were part of a security/away team squad specifically formed for violent and hazardous encounters. There is something that feels wrong about Kirk and Spock racking up kills with big bazooka phaser-things. The game itself looks awesome, and I’ll most likely still buy it. I just hope there’s sufficient story-explanation for why Kirk and Spock are running around killing stuff.

The real question is … do they have the actors playing their roles? This, I feel, is a must.

I’ve always thought that a Star Trek game in the same vein as Mass Effect would be amazing since Mass Effect 1 and 2 were so close to what Star Trek 2009 felt like (lens flares and all!)! I hope they don’t mess it up. One of the worst things in the world is when you shell out $60 for a game you hope to be good and then it’s not. Making good games is like making art, you cant rush these things. Take your time and it’ll pay off in the end…but finish it before the world ends, Mmmkay?

Did you guys see that space jump into the Enterprise airlock?! Eff Yeah!

So massive damage to the big E? Will this mean we’ll see some changes to the Abram-prise after a refit between this game and the new movie?

Regardless, I’m looking forward to this game. It will be a much needed “gap filler” before the new movie comes out.

Heh, if it’s gonna be Star Trek meets Mass Effect, the dialogue wheel is gonna have 20 options, Spock is only gonna have one emotional state for all of his responses, and if you go to Engineering and talk to Scotty, he’s gonna ask you if it could wait, coz he’s “in the middle of some calibrations.”

If this game happens between the two movies, I hope they destroy the brewery, I mean, the engineering, in the game so we get a new one in the next movie… :)

I am totally looking forward to this! As a lover of games such as this, this looks very promising. I like the co-op idea kinda like like Army of Two…except this is with Kirk and Spock!

Okay, it looks cool. It has a Mass Effect kind of feel but those are big shoes to fill. I love action just as much as the next guy but this is Star Trek, isn”t it? The game won’t have the two hour time limit like a movie so the writers can certainly expand the dialogue and put in that old fashioned Star Trek intelligence. And before anyone says there’s no such thing as an intelligent science fiction videogame, check out Mass Effect 1, 2 and Half Life 2.

By the way, I wonder if the Playstation Network will be completely up for the release of the extra DLC. If not, how about letting us XBOX owners have it? :-)

As I’ve noted before, videogames tied in to movies can be bad. See E.T. for the Atari. But there are exceptions. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. (2004) Interesting thing is that I’ve seen nothing of the Star Trek game until recently. Not even a rumor. Boy, they kept it top secret. Anyway, I’m very excited to see this game come out, espcially since Star Trek 2 is probably not going to come out in summer of 2012.

This is awesome :):)

It honestly looks choppy to me, like they put some cool cut scenes into an average game. Granted since its in Alpha that could be the problem. I’ll read the reviews after its out and consider picking it up for my 360.

Mmmm, do want.


Is that an actual warp core? Like a “zhum zhum” warp core? Have they done away with the Bud Light Drive?

“Fight together.Survive together”.



Yes! Phasers and the Move! And can we choose between the Sh at and Pine? Maybe a morph of the two :)

yea great lots of action, but is there a story? could they maybe hire some of the bioware writers , or the guys from witcher to do a half decent story please.

oh well will get this for the pc, as thats where the mods are at.

Judging by the trailer I imagine something like this:

-The Enterprise receives a distress call from the Helios (a research station that is observing the nearby star). Kirk, Spock, and no doubt a red-shirt, beam over. Things go wrong from there. The red-shirt dies at the hands of a mysterious new enemy (my guess its from outside the galaxy, perhaps the weird space phenomena we see throughout the trailer are breaches in the Galactic Barrier or some dimension). Once the away team is on the Helios, the space around the Enterprise goes all screwy. The Enterprise’s teleporter is knocked out or jammed in the ‘attack’ (think V’ger Cloud not an actual ship yet, judging by the trailer). Shuttles are out of the question too. Kirk and Spock fight there way through the station, including a section on the outside of the ship, and escape out the airlock, flying to the safety of the Enterprise.

The Enterprise warps out with the two safely on board. Starfleet is of no use (probably gets destroyed again :D) so the Enterprise is at it alone. They visit some of the most varied planets in the galaxy in search of a way to stop this new menace.

The Enterprise will take some damage, making sure that they get an excuse for a new engineering. Besides, it was one of the most heard complaints and the Star Trek 2 will have a bigger budget. There will be a new engineering.

People seem to liken this game to Mass Effect. Judging by the trailer where not a word or dialogue is spoken I imagine it’s not going to be a main focus of the game. I’d put my money on a third person cover-based shooter version of Elite Force. As in it will have a good story and varied gameplay but no RPG elements or different dialogue options. It might have more than one solution to a situation but not on the scale of ME.

Still I’m excited.

Look epic, do want. I hope they give spock and kirk kung fu also.

looks great-wonder if they will have a pottable version for their new portable next year?—it does look a bit too heavy with bfg guns action–hope it also has a story n quieter moments where u dont die in 3 secs-unlike most games these days-they also mentioned it will be another 3d enabled game for ps3–vizio has a new tv out for 45 and 47 inches with 3d built in uses regular real 3d type glasses not the expensive lens shutter ones that hurt yer eyes–and they are around 800-900–sounds good for an apt–its on demo at many walmarts–with a ps3 with an update they will play 3d also—

Still love the Star Trek Generations game, I want more of that!

Yeah. Looks totally like a Mass Effect/Star Trek mixture.

^^^ What are you rambling about #32? ^^

almost as off topic as karate pencil case

that’s the most impresssive star trek game i have ever seen

Awesome. I just hope that in this game (and preferably the movie coming out next year too) Engineering doesn’t STILL look like a brewery (which, of course, it was, because that’s where it was filmed). For the love of God, please make Engineering look more like it did in all the other Trek franchises!


Well, at least there will SOME kind of Star Trek coming out next year…

I can already tell what’s gonna suck about this game…….waiting for it. Lol ..wow

#32 – Vizio? Ugh. And get used to 540p: their 3D cuts the available resolution in half.

Samsung, Sony ,Panasonic. They know reliable and good performing sets.

Looks pretty good. For a game of this sort, the story will likely serve to tell a story in which the gameplay action can play out.

I suspect the big, bad star they are next to was influenced by the beginning of the Star Trek movie.

It’s been a while since they’ve tried a Star Trek game that focused almost entirely on people and not starships. Looks cool.

I couldn’t tell…did it look like it might have a multi-player option to anyone else? Those are the games I like the most because I can play them with my husband.

downloading Mass Effect to play tonight :)

#33 cleverclogs “Still love the Star Trek Generations game, I want more of that!”

Wow! I thought I’d never meet anyone else on this planet who likes it! :D It was my first full game and I still play it from time to time. The day I finally finished all missions… ultimate happiness.
They had so many good ideas… the living Planet Antilios, or Data strolling under the sea (seen later in INS), and you could even explore an entire Bird of Prey… loved the Klingon base on Halee II, cursed the cave on Veridian III, first loved, then hated Arvada II… XD

If I had to guess, it looks to me like Enterprise gets damaged so bad the crew has to abandon ship, and then Kirk and Spock are sent on a mission to retake the ship. Then the adventure takes off from there with just Kirk and Spock running the show. Perhaps a clever plot device to limit the characters to just Kirk and Spock and save some $$$.

Sounds like the usual save the galaxy from mysterious alien taking over story. The visuals look promising. I love the idea of a new Star Trek game. Not as excited by what appears almost exclusively as shoot ’em up game play. Hopefully some exploration and adventure. Star Trek is perfect for open world gameplay.

I got chills watching it!

Wooooo eeee Look at all the lens flare!

@21: Good points, BB. I love ME myself (still gotta finish up Part 2!), and if this game does take elements from ME, hopefully it will be a great story and gameplay.

” And before anyone says there’s no such thing as an intelligent science fiction videogame, check out Mass Effect 1, 2 and Half Life 2.”


” As I’ve noted before, videogames tied in to movies can be bad. See E.T. for the Atari. But there are exceptions. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.”

TCOR:EFBB has to be one of the best videogame/movie tie-ins. The sequel to that was also quite good. I would go out on a limb and say that the video game based on the Wolverine movie was great (even if the movie was not all that).

I don’t buy video games, but I will buy this.